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You Don't Tell Them Your Name

It was something that could never be exchanged. You'd state you buisness collect your prize, then leave- That was it- nothing in between. It didn't matter if you were beautiful or not- all that mattered was that you had the body to satisfy your customer. Sometimes the customers would like to flirt- sometimes they pop out the question-

"Whats your name?"

You'd hesitate- you wouldn't want this complete stranger to know your name, customer or not. As a worker with your kind of job you had to do it right. Telling your name would ruin everything for you- especially if your name was handed out to those who don't know what you do for a living.

Sometimes you would find that person who's not really a customer but he 'knows' your customer so he's always around, you know? Maybe he'd have dark long hair, and if you use your imagination- really pale eyes. He'd look at you for a breath taking moment before giving a sad smile.

You frown. You know what that sad smile means. You know that, that smile meant that this person knows what you do, this person knows how far you would go to get money and he's...sorry for you.

You don't want his pity so you turn away and snort. You can feel those pale eyes staring at you from behind and you start to feel uncomfortable. You decide to take your attention away from that and look at your surroudings. You're in an exclusive infamous club. This is where your customer had asked to meet you. He's this high class man that really pisses you off everytime you see him on T.V. He's young, maybe the same age as you and thinks he can do aything with a little cash. You smile at how true that can really be. Its a fucked up world.

You watch the people dance together, having sex on the dance floor, and wish you could do it to- 'cept you gotta wait for your customer and he said not to draw to much attention to yourself. That jackass- he doesn't want people to know that he isn't the 'Good Boy' people think he is. You're leaning on a bar right now and you catch the bartender staring at you. He's got these glasses over his eyes so you don't really 'know' if he's staring at you- but you're pretty sure. Your frown depends and you find yourself wondering where the fuck your customer was.

As if on cue, you see the jet black out of place messy hair that defied gravity, and those peircing dark eyes that just moaned-'Fuck Me'. Since you've seen this before, and actually know what this man is here for, it doesn't turn you on like it should. You push yourself from the counter and follow him out. Lets say you don't know that the pale eyed non- customer was following you.


Thirty minutes later your already nipping and biting eachother in an old run down hotel that your customer said would be the best place 'cause his friend worked there. Your customer is not the type for romancing and he doesn't ask your name- Good. Your customer starts to rip your clothes and you find yourself thanking god you brought an extra pair in that black bag you bought with you to the bar.

Ten minutes later and you aready have your head between your customers open legs, and his hands are gripping your, lets say red hair, guiding your mouth to that place no ones been before- or so you thought. Your mouth has already enveloped his itself around your customers hard shaft and you hear the customer moan. You smirk and mentally add another grand to his bill.

His hands are gripping hard at your hair and you no longer control the thrusts in and out of your mouth. Your customer does it like a monster pulling you hard then pushing you away roughly, going as fast as thirty TPM (thrusts per minute). Your throat hurts like hell, but your customer continues to fuck your mouth mercilessly, moaning someones name you don't recognize. Its not really a name its just parts of his name like-


Like he's in so much pleasure he can't even finish his sentences anymore. Climax is coming and your customer is about to reach his peek. Again you begin to wonder - Should you pull away when your customer comes, or should you just take it? Should you spit it out? Swallow it, and add another grand to his bill? Tough choice. You realize that you've never actually swallowed cum before and it would be very disturbing to think back at this as the first time you swallowed cum. You figure you'd wait 'till a more...likable person decides to shove there dick in your mouth. You decide to take the cum- but spit it out. You won't let your customer see though. It might take away that 'Hot' feeling in the room.

After another few breathtaking seconds your customer comes into your mouth, luckily as your pulling out (that way you wouldn't choke), and grunts out that name you don't recognize again. You sit up straight and look at him. He's breathing hard and his hair is stuck to his face from the sweat on his forehead. He looks dazed for a moment before looking back at you. You blush seeing that you were nude and he had a shirt. His now limp dick lay with all its glory between his legs. You have the sudden urge to snort, but you hold it in. You wonder if he's had enough and if you would be able to go home without limping tonight.

Your wrong. Your customer fully unbuttons his shirt and grabs a hold of his limp cock, and starts to masterbate- you'd look away in disgust except...you're being payed to do this- might as well do it right. You crawl over to your customer and place your hand above his own, masturbating with him. Your customer grunts and you think he's about to cum again- but he doesn't. Instead he looks at you and smirks. He smirks a smirk that can rival your own and...scares you- but only in a weird 'what the fuck' way. You want to smirk back but all you can manage is a smile- a fake one. You always smile those fake smiles- Its part of your job- It turns most customers on. You know that. Its the first thing they taught you... how to smile those fake smiles. You were always the difficult one- you would stare people down or give them menacing glares-oh but they taught you how to smile didn't they? They taught you in a way you'd have it engraved in that thick skull of yours, what they would do to you if you didn't. Thats why you smile.

Your customer's smirk grows and your smile falters- just for a moment. Your customers smirk turns more sinister as he crawls towards you, and pushes you down on the bed. This is the wrong side of the bed so your feet are brushing against the pillow, and you head...your head wasn't on the bed at all! It was hanging over the edge while the rest of your body was just waiting to be assualted by your customer. Usually, people take you from behind but this man seems to be more interested in the front of your body. You can't see what your customer is doing-but you can sure as hell feel what he is doing. You feel something flicker across your nipple, then trace down your stomach and dip into your belly button. You make that sound- you know that sound when you're in pleasure- but not really in pleasure, you just want to make someone 'think' you're enjoying yourself- yeah that sound- you did it again. Its not a moan- its a sort of...sigh- except its kind of ...well there really in't a way to describe it.

You make that sound again- only louder, as something wet and long traces beneath your balls and dip into your ass. Your customer lifted your hips long ago and you wonder if he's had dinner yet 'cause he's just- 'devouring' your ass. You shudder, as that wet thing goes deeper into your ass- By now you're as erect as can be, and gripping the sheets with full force. You've stopped making that 'sighing' sound and now your moaning- yes! Moaning!- You're actually enjoying this!- Not that you haven't enjoyed sex before but this...this was...this was just unbelievable. Finally that wet thing slithers out your ass- you feel your customers lips put butterfly kisses on your privacy. You're cock is throbbing- just waithing- anticipating that moment to come when pain and pleasure cross eachothers boundary lines and colide in a harsh blow.

Your customers hands are on your thighs and you figure he's positioning himself- so you stiffen a bit.Thats when you realize your customer never lubricated you. The last time someone did it to you raw you had to stay home from work for a week, and hospitals always ask for your name so that was out of the question. You grip the sheets tightly when something big starts to penetrate your ass- you brace yourself for pain but surprisingly...it doesn't come. Your customer is wet and you wonder if he lubricated himself while you werent looking- then it hits you- You gave him head!- and now your saliva and his cum is smeared on his shaft, making it easy for him to enter you.

You start to do those sighs again each time he thrusts in and out of your now slick and wet entrance- yours sighs turn turn into small whimpers of appreciation, your small noises of apprecition turn into low sexual cheers for more, and now your screaming for more- faster- harder! Soon enough you're doing a combination of the three- sighing then moaning then cheering, the screaming then sighing then moaning then cheering then screaming then sighing then moaning then cheering until--


You're screaming even louder now as your customer pounds into you with full force, banging his hard cock against our swollen prostate- you're close- so fucking close...You don't see anything but blotches and your head is banging against the wooden part of the bed, but you don't feel it nor care 'cause that thing in your ass feels so damn good...

You know you're coming- and fast. You don't know how you- you just know- you know? You wonder if you should tell your customer that you're coming- would it matter? Would he care? The last time you didn't warn someone before cumming you almost got beaten to death for splattering cum on his 'cashmere' sweater.-(you still have the scar).

"I-guh I-guh-I'm guh- c-oming!"

Is all you can say before a sudden wave of you don't know what comes at you and that transparent liquid comes sperming out of your still hard but limping cock. Its too much this time...so much cum...You don't think you've ever cummed this much before. Your customer comes only a few seconds after you- and thats good because it would be pretty awkward if you were done and the person above you still had a ways to go.

Your customer doesn't bother to pull out of you and just collapses on your stomach, despite the fact that your head was still not on the bed but hanging on the edge instead. You hear your customer utter that persons name you don't recognize again. You two stay there for several minutes until you look up- only to find your customer sleeping on your cum filled chest. You surpress a laugh and sit up. Luckily your customer is a heavy sleeper and doesn't wake up as you push him over slightlyand let him fall on the other side, allowing you to crawl away.

You look under the bed where you hid your black bag, with the extra pairs of clothes in them. You clean up as much as you can first, using the sheet to wipe most of the cum off your body. You put on the gray sweat pants and shirt- there're both two sizes too large- just the way you like it.

You look around for your customers pants and find thm on the floor on the left side of the bed. You dig into the pockets until you find what you were looking for- a wallet. You open it, then smile. Its all there, and more. You snort at the Uchiha Corp. logo remembering the news broadcast about how the youngset Uchiha son had adopted the buisness. You remeber how they praised the Uchiha - straight A student, kind hearted, and all that good bullshit.

"If only they knew.", You say to yourself as you take enough money to last you four months of good food...- and maybe a nice party for you and your mates...

You walk out of the hotel room andand stop. You turn your head evr so slowly to the left. Theres that pale eyes dude- you know the one that isn't your customer but 'knows' your customer sohe's always around? Yeah- that guy. You stare at eachother for a minute before you frown.

"What the hell do you want.", you say rudely.

The paled eyes non-customer opens his mouth to speak but nothing comes out of his mouth. You roll your eyes and turn to walk away when-


You stop and look back at the pale eyed person. His eyes look heavy and tired.

'Did he wait by the door all this time?'- you think to yourself.

"Whats your..."

Your eyes widen as the pale eyes man starts to fall...


He falls to the ground with a soft thump and you're just standing there with a baffled look on your face. Staring at the pale eyed guy on the floor you scowl. You know whats expected of you. It's one of those tests that the so called 'God' gives you. God has a scence of humor...he knows when would be the best time to fuck up your life- when you least expect it. Thats why they call him God.

You only have one thing to say as you try to hoist the limp body on your back.



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