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You Never Tell Them Your Name



"Did you just pee in me?!"

Gaara turned his head around to face the man behind him. The man was gasping and holding on tight to Gaara's slim hips. He came just moments ago inside of Gaara, but seconds after the man came, Gaara felt something less milky invade his ass. Gaara quickly pulled out of the man behind him and sat down on the bed. He looked down at himself and indeed there was a familiar golden liquid running down his legs. Gaara put a look of disbelief and scowled at the man.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?!", he suddenly shouted. The man in front of him jumped and giggled hesitantly. He was drunk and his long white hair was a mess. The man's glasses lay on the floor near the bed, broken and forgotten.

"Shit!", Gaara cursed again looking at the annoying liquid still pouring out of his anus. "I could get some kind of fucking disease!", he shouted glaring at the man again. The man ran his dirty hands through his hair and giggled again.

"Sorry.", he said in that drunken yet nerdy voice. "It was...", he looked away for a moment. "...accident.", he said slowly. Gaara glared at the man and got up from the bed. He cursed again as he headed towards the bathroom. The white haired man jumped when the bathroom door slammed. He sniffed a bit before falling back onto the bed. He could hear Gaara shuffling in the bathroom. Turning on the sink then turning on the shower head.

The red head opened the door abruptly several minutes later. He was still in his nude glory, wet, and clean. He looked at the whie haired man on the bed. "Pay up so I can get the fuck out of here."

The man giggled again before searching the bed for his pants. Gaara scowled, picked up a towel nearby and began to dry himself quickly. A few minutes later he was wearing a long gray shirt and dark sweat pants. The white haired man on the bed was fumbling with his wallet on the bed. Gaara sucked his teeth and walked towards the man. Grabbing the wallet, he ignored the whimpering man and peered inside.

"You gotta be kidding me."




"You wanted Gaara, right?" Jiraiya looked up at the woman who spoke. "Yeah,", he said sitting up, taking a god look at the woman's cleavage. "Is he here?" The woman nodded. "It seems he would like to speak to you as well.", she said looking at the door.

In an instant, an angry red head burst through those same doors and marched towards Jiraiya's desk, slamming his hands onto the wood as he did so. Jiraiya showed to signs of surpise- he simply leaned back into his chair and crossed his arms, enjoying the comical steam oozing out of Gaara's ears.

"Is there something wrong, Gaa-"

"Don't give me that shit!", The red head suddenly yelled. "You know exactly why I'm here!"

"And why are you here?", Jiraiya said slowly - calm and collected.

Gaara gritted his teeth. "It's all those shitty jobs you've been giving me! You gave me a fucking wife beater, some random guy on the fucking street - and guess what? That so called vice, executive what ever the fuck man you forced me to fuck last night was totally broke- and you know what else?! He peed in me!!"

At that moment, a giggle/snort erupted from the side of the room. It was the woman who spoke to Jiriaya before.

"You think this is funny?!", Gaara shouted turning towards her. The woman shook her head ferevently in between giggles.

"Heh. . .seems like you've had it tough lately.", said Jiraiya slowly. Gaara glared at him. "Well,", continued the white haired man. "I have something to tell you as well." Jiraiya put a serious look on and half glared at Gaara.

Gaara twitched. "What is it?", he asked slowly.

Jiraiya sighed heavily. "Gaara. . .,", he said slowly. "I sold you."

". . ."

". . ."

". . .what?"

Gaara was confused. What did his boss say? He sold him? What did that mean? Then it hit him.

"What?!", he shouted suddenly banging his hands on the table. "You sold me?! How could -? Why would -? What?!"

Jiraiya sighed heavily once again. "Calm down Gaara and let me clarify.", he said slowly. "I sold you- yesterday. Don't worry, he's a good man- and he's-"

"You really sold me?", Gaara asked quietly. Even from where he was sitting Jiraiya could see the sudden glistening of Gaara's eyes.

"Yes. . .", Jiraiya said hesistantly. "Now don't worry! I wouldn't have sold you if I didn't think the man would treat you right-"

"What the fuck do you care?!", Gaara suddenly shouted again. "You sold me! You sold me!! Why did I work so hard to be where I am if you were just going to sell me?!", Gaara cried. "You know what?- Fine!- You know I'm the best fucking male prostitute here- your business will fucking sink without me!-"

"On the contrary,", said Jiraiya interupting. "That man paid more, than you will ever gain in your entire time serving us here."

Gaara stared at the man for a long time. Then he chuckled. "Heh. . . Ha, ha, ha! This is fucking great. . .", he said with a smile. "This is fucking great!!", he yelled suddenly and banged his fists hard against Jiraiya's table. With that he turned and walked towards the door."

"He's waiting for you in his limo outside the building."

Gaara stuck his middle finger.




A man with a dark trench coat, enormous shades, and dark gloves, walked through the hallways of a well kept building. Several security guards followed behind him.

"What is he doing again?", asked one of the securtiy gaurds to another. "I think he needs a prostitute- don't you know this building?"

"Oh yeah. . .Wow. He's never had one of those before- What's with his outfit?"

"He's never done this before."


After reluctantly asking for directions, the man in the trench coat found the man he was looking for.

"Jiraiya.", he said slowly upon entering a dark and large room. Jiraiya looked up from his desk and stared at the man. He squinted a bit.

"Is there. . .something I can help you with?"

Trench coat man nodded his head. "I'd like. . .to buy. . .someone. . .", he sais slowly. Jiraiya's ears perked up. "Really now?- and who is it you will like to buy."

". . .A red head. Male."

Jiraiya's eyes widened. There was only one male red head in the business. "You mean Gaara?"

"Gaara. . .", repeated the man in the trench coat. He said admiringly. "Ma I have him? I'll pay you-"

"Sorry. No can do.", the white haired man said suddenly.

"What?!", shouted the man in the trench coat. When he shouted his hood tipped over revealing long dark hair, and his shades tipped revealing pale pearl eyes. "Why not?!"

"I already sold him.", said Jiraiya going back to his paper.

"To who?!", shouted the man.

Jiraiya looked thought full for a moment. "It was...oh yes!", he said remembering.

"Naruto Uzumaki."


End of Chapter.

A/N- Yes, trench coat man is Neji.