Title: Conversationally
Rating: PG
Pairing/Character/s: Makio, Jun (lightly, playfully Maki+Jun)
Word Count: 566
Warning/s: Spoilers for the end of the series.
Summary: Jun helps Makio practice his English.
Dedication: estoaria's request on my V-day/New Year's request thread!
A/N: LOL Makio's English is probably better than I make it out to be, but the idea was just too strong in my head for me to care very much. XD

Sakurakoji thought that Conversation Hearts would be a good—and properly festive—way to help Makio practice his English reading over the weekend before Valentine's, and given that they were determined for the yakuza heir to graduate high school this year, the college freshman brought over not just a single box of the things, but a whole bag. He figured that way they were guaranteed a wider range of sayings on the candies and thus, adequate practice in exchange for the sugar high they were both undoubtedly going to have to deal with afterwards.

"Will…yoo…marri…me?" Makio enunciated carefully, looking comically diligent as he bent over his first heart—a pink one—and painstakingly made out the words printed on its face.

Jun laughed because he couldn't help it. "Yes, Makki!" he declared, perhaps a bit more ardently than he ought to have.

Makio blinked at his friend, instantly suspicious. "Eh? What're you so happy about?"

He couldn't tell exactly what was going on in the younger man's eyes at the moment, but Makio's instincts were telling him that he was either being teased or strung along or a little bit of both.

To try and figure it out, the larger man shot Jun his most intimidating look, and figured he'd force it out of the kid.

But Sakurakoji simply gave a little toss of his hair to get it out of his eyes—it was getting kind of long—before primly taking the heart out of Makio's hands and popping it in his mouth, completely unperturbed at the other man's open posturing. "You read it correctly," Jun told him with a sweet smile. "So next one!"

Makio's intimidation face turned to something akin to a pout as he watched his hard-earned heart disappear into his friend's mouth. "Oi, that one was mine!"

Jun just snickered. "Come and get it then," he challenged, and stuck his tongue out, where the pink candy was sitting, already starting to melt away so that the letters were unintelligible.

Makio grunted and was tempted to actually rise to the bait just to show the kid that he meant business and that he was still a pretty scary mobster despite having to spend a whole Saturday afternoon sitting with his head bent over a table littered with pastel-colored candy hearts. But since he didn't really fancy snatching something off of another guy's tongue, he only grumbled a wary "Forget it," after a moment and moved on to the next heart. "Let's get…to…geth…er?"

"Yes!" Jun said again—giggling even more suspiciously this time— and if he hadn't been certain before, Makio was pretty damned sure he was being teased now.

Jun beamed at him as if to confirm, ever mischievous.

Makio sighed and thought that he might be pretty freaking annoyed at being made fun of in such a way if it was from anyone else, but since Sakurakoji looked so stupidly happy right now the yakuza figured he might as well let it go and do the practice anyway, even if it was kind of lame.

Though, as he popped his second heart into his mouth before Jun could snatch it away from him again, he made a mental note to ask Kuroi later, what all the stuff written on the damned things actually meant.

Because looking at Jun right now, Makio's instincts were telling him that maybe he ought to know.