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Dr. Thomas Oliver was standing in his kitchen, eating a sandwich while reading the newspaper. Budget cuts for his school...wonderful. He'd probably get dragged into some crazy protest by the other teachers yet again. Suddenly his phone rang, and he pulled the cordless off the base, looking at the Caller ID. He smiled when the name "Jason Scott" appeared on the screen. He hadn't talked to them in awhile.

"Hello?" he asked as he clicked the phone on, holding it to his ear.

"Tommy!!!" Kimberly Scott practically screamed through it.

"Kim! What's the matter!?" Tommy yelled, standing up straight.

"They...he...Jason..." Kimberly started rambling, not sure where to start.

"Kim, Kim! Slow down," Tommy cut her off, instantly worried when Jason's name was mentioned. His best friend still had a knack for getting himself into all kinds of trouble. Then again, he was pretty bad about that, too. "Start at the beginning, Beautiful. What happened?"

Kimberly let out a light laugh. She didn't even let her husband call her that nickname. "Alright...are you eating?"

"Yea," Tommy said, taking another bite out of his sandwich.

"Are you standing?"


"Well, stop eating and sit down," Kimberly instructed.

"Alright," Tommy answered, taking another bite while making no movement towards a seat.

"Goldar just attacked Jason," Kim said after a brief silence.

Those legs that had slain so many putties, tengas, cogs, and other forces of evil suddenly failed the veteran Ranger. They gave way instantly, causing Tommy to fall forward and hit his chin on the counter. After that he fell backwards, choking on his sandwich. Lying on the ground, he pounded his fist onto his chest, dislodging his food. He then stood up, spitting it into the sink while picking the phone back up.

"You didn't listen to me, did you?" Kim's voice said, sounding a tiny bit amused despite the news she had just given.

"What do you mean Goldar attacked!?" Tommy yelled into the receiver.

"I don't know. I came back with Katie and the house was completely trashed. There was a lot of noise coming from upstairs, I ran into the game room, and Goldar's standing right there with Jason and the kids! I thought I was going to have a heart attack right there!" Kim explained.

"Where are they now?" Tommy asked as he ran into the other room, throwing on his coat.

"Goldar's dead and Jason's unconscious," Kim explained, and Tommy gave a silent arm pump at the confirmation that the golden giant had finally been finished off. "The kids are looking at the damage all over the house...Katie! Stop jumping on the monster!"

"You're sure he's dead?" Tommy asked, worried about the family if Jason was out of it.

"Yea. Knife to the neck. Jason got him," Kimberly said, although she sounded extremely distracted. "Emma, what the HELL is this!?"

"...I'm on my way over. I'll see you soon," Tommy said, grabbing his keys.

"Hurry!" Kim replied, and Tommy hung up, tossing the phone over his shoulder as he hurried out the door.

"Emma! We need to talk later!" Kim yelled as she hurried down the stairs. She stopped by Jessica, who was on her knees next to Jason. "How is he?"

"Mom...what is that thing?" Jessica asked with a trembling voice, not removing her eyes from her father.

Kimberly sat down next to her daughter, pulling her close. "It's..." she trailed off when she noticed the other four kids standing there, watching her.

"Go on," Josh said, crossing his arms. "I think you owe us an explanation."

"Don't talk to your mother like that," Jason mumbled as he opened his eyes.

"Dad!" Tyler yelled as the four crowded around him. Jason tried to sit up, but only made it halfway before falling back again.

"I'm getting you to a hospital," Kimberly said, pulling Jason into her lap.

"No hospital," Jason said, shaking his head. "No police, no questions...I'm fine."

Kim sighed. He was right. The police and press would be all over the return of Goldar, and wondering why he chose this of all families. They wouldn't be able to get out of this one.

"You guys. What the hell was that thing!?" Josh repeated, this time a lot louder.

"What did I just say!?" Jason replied, getting to his feet. Josh was about to snap back at his father, but when Jason pulled the knife from Goldar's neck...he decided to just ask again later.

Kimberly just smiled as she and the other kids stood up, too. She put an arm around Jason to help steady him. "Let's at least get you on the couch."

"What the fuck is goin' on here, people!?" Chris said as he poked his head back in the broken door.

"Baby, not now. Not now!" Emma quickly said as she looked back and forth between her father and boyfriend.

"You son of a..." Jason said in a low voice, gripping the bloodied knife tightly. "Get out of here!!!"

Chris's eyes widened, and when Jason held the knife up, he turned and ran away. Kimberly just sighed and started moving Jason towards the couch so he could lay down there.

Tyler just laughed and looked at Josh. "Dad's so cool."

Tommy casually strolled into the Scott household with his hands in his pockets. His eyes first went to Goldar's body, then he silently looked around the rest of the front room...as if it weren't completely destroyed and he was just viewing it.

"Uncle Tommy!!!" Katie squealed in excitement as she ran in from the next room.

"Hey, little girl!" Tommy said with a big smile as he scooped her up into his arms. "How have you been?"

"Scared!" Katie said, hugging him tightly. "That big monster came...and it attacked daddy...then mommy..."

"Well, it's not coming back so you don't need to worry about it," Tommy said, hugging her back. Just then he noticed Josh standing in the hall with crossed arms.

"You seem to know enough about it," Jason's eldest child commented dryly.

"Your mom mentioned you were a little snappy," Tommy said as he moved past Josh into the living room. He'd gotten a flat on the way over and called Kim again to let her know he was a little slowed down.

"Sorry," Josh sarcastically said as he turned to follow Tommy. "It's not every day some giant monster tears through my house and attacks my father."

"You should have lived in Angel Grove back in the '90s," Tommy said. "It wasn't every day some giant monster DIDN'T tear through your house and attack your father."

"What?" Josh asked as they entered the room.

Jason looked up from the couch, where he was still resting. Kimberly had made room for herself on it and was sitting next to him, while Tyler was sitting in a chair across the room.

"You know, I'm a little jealous he didn't come for me," Tommy said, setting Katie down.

"Yea, I bet," Jason said with a laugh. "If anyone else stops by I'll point them your way instead."

"So how are you doing?" Tommy asked.

"He's alright...no broken bones or anything," Kimberly said. "I'm just forcing him to rest. It's been way too long since he's been thrown through walls and whatnot."

"What the HELL are you guys talk about!?" Josh screamed, unable to take it anymore. Jason's eyes narrowed, but Josh wasn't going to take it this time. "You owe us an explanation here! Why would that...that thing just attack you, dad!?"

It was quiet for a few minutes, before Jason finally sat up.

"Go get your sisters," he told his oldest, and Josh quietly left the room.

Kim looked to Katie and Tyler, then back to Jason and Tommy. "Are you serious?"

"Looks like we have to," Jason said.

"Yea, but we agreed to just keep it in the past," Kimberly said.

Tyler's eyes widened. What the hell was going on here?

"We don't have a choice," Jason said, shaking his head.

Kimberly sighed, looking to the other Ranger in the room. "Tommy? What do you think?"

"Well I, of all people, should know that you just don't get away from that life," Tommy said with a shrug, and Kimberly nodded in defeat.

Josh, Emma, and Jessica entered the room slowly. Emma and Jess took seats near Tyler, while Josh stood near his siblings. Jason looked down, in deep thought. Tommy sat on he arm of the couch while Kimberly started rubbing Jason's back.

"Well?" Josh snapped, unable to take the silence anymore. "Start talking."

"Alright...yea..." Jason said, nodding. "That thing's name was Goldar..."

Josh smiled a bit, feeling pretty satisfied.

"And if you ever talk to me like that again, just remember to say 'hi' to him for me," Jason snapped, narrowing his eyes. Josh's smile turned into a look of horror, while Kim just put her hand to her face. Tommy did his best not to just explode laughing right there.

"Oh...uh...dad, I'm sor-" Josh quickly recovered.

"And you!" Jason said, turning to Emma. "What ever the hell you do with your boyfriend...it's done. Alright? Done. You two are done."

"Dad!" Emma yelled, feeling her face heating up. "How...what..."

Jason wasn't even listening, though. Instead, he turned to Jessica. "How many times have I told you to clean up your room? It's an absolute mess!"

"I'm sorry, daddy!" Jessica quickly said, quietly angry at her oldest brother for setting their dad off like this.

Jason snapped his head to the next child down the line. "Who sold you a butterfly knife?"

Tyler's eyes widened. "Uh...it was...I..."

"They're illegal here for a reason. Do you take that thing to school with you? You can get expelled for that, no questions asked," Jason interrupted. "I'm searching every single one of your rooms."

The four kids all groaned.

"And you..." Jason said, looking to his youngest child, who's eyes were watering and her lip was quivering. "...I love you. Come here, give me a hug."

Jason picked up a very relieved Katie and sat her in his lap, looking to the other four kids. This time they were waiting patiently.

"Do you guys know the Power Rangers?" Jason asked them, after hesitating for a moment.

"Oh! We just took the test on the first team in history!" Jessica said, looking to her twin.

"Yea...I failed it," Tyler mumbled. "Those stupid Green and White Rangers always messed me up."

"You failed a test?" Kimberly asked, narrowing her eyes slightly.

"What's wrong with those two?" Tommy asked indignantly.

Jason sighed and took a deep breath. Here we go. "Those were your Uncle Tommy's two powers."

Silence. Dead Silence.

"WHAT?" Emma finally said, wide eyed.

"I was the first Red Ranger...and your mother was the first Pink," Jason said with a sigh.

Even more silence. Jason, Tommy, and Kim said nothing, deciding to let it all sink in for a bit. Obviously, this was a pretty big deal.

"So...you guys were Power Rangers?" Josh asked.

Kimberly nodded and the shocked kids began talking amongst themselves.

"This is so COOL!" Tyler yelled, jumping to his feet. "They thought the first Rangers were aliens that left the planet after all those battles! And the people who think the Green and White Rangers were the same people are considered nut cases! Nut cases!!!"

"Fighting monsters...piloting giant robots..." Jessica whispered. "Wow..."

"You guys can't tell anyone this. You understand?" Jason told them, and they slowly nodded. "We don't want the press, the police, and whoever else messing with our personal lives."

"Besides," Tommy said. "There's still a warrant out for the first Green Ranger after all the damage the Dragonzord had caused."

"Well, good," Jason said, standing up. "Tommy, you staying for dinner?"

"Might as well," Tommy said with a shrug.

"Emma, Jessica, and Katie, go set the table. Josh and Tyler, go get the groceries out of the car," Kimberly instructed them like always, but the kids flew out of the room to carry out those tasks faster than they ever had before. Kim's eyes widened a little bit as she looked to Jason and Tommy. "I could get used to that..."

Jason just laughed and helped her up, and the three Rangers went into the kitchen.

That night, Jason and Kim were lying in bed staring up at the ceiling. Jason, Tommy, and Josh had taken Goldar's body to Tommy's secluded house in the woods after dinner, drenched it in gasoline and diesel fuel, and burned it to nothing. Zack and Rocky had stopped by just in time to see the show, as well. That was the end of Goldar. Watching the fire tear away at the beast that had terrorized the Rangers so much felt like the passing of an era to the four men. After that, they'd all gone to their homes, agreeing a Ranger reunion was needed soon. This time Jason and Kim could bring the kids.

"So...you think things'll change around here?" Kim asked as she snuggled up against her husband.

"For a little bit," Jason said with a smile, putting his arm around her.

"I grounded Emma and Tyler while you were gone," Kimberly said.

"I beat you to Emma...but good call on Tyler," Jason said. "He did a crappy job putting the front door back up."

"Actually...I did that," Kimberly said, turning her head to look at Jason.

"It looks fantastic," Jason quickly recovered, and Kimberly laughed in satisfaction.

"That's more like it," Kimberly laughed. "I threw out the knife since it was broken, anyway."

"What about the whip?" Jason asked, not really thinking about it.

"I put it under our bed," Kimberly said, a little seductively. Jason cocked his eyebrows and looked to his wife. They locked eyes, and Jason smiled.

"I'll search her room extra hard," Jason said, turning to his side and pulling Kim closer.

"I beat you to it," Kim said, with a big smile forming on her face. The two of them started laughing, and Jason pulled her as close as possible.

"I love you so much," he whispered.

"I love you, too," she whispered back, before getting pulled into a deep kiss.

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