Normally I don't write Family Guy fanfiction, but I need to get my frustrations out. Although I adore the show there are sometimes when I just want to wring som necks, so I decided to write short fics :P

I think this story will be a series of vignette I reckon, cuz I don't plan on writing a lenthly fic.

Here's the first!

Episode: Spring Break

About: Meg wanna go on Spring Break but is taken to a spa with her mom. She decides she don't wanna be there anymore and they go home. On their way home Meg falls asleep and Lois drives to the beach where there is a huge spring break festive going on.

This story takes place after Lois was supposed to go into a bar, find a girl who looked like Meg and lend the ID card and come out with it and give it to Meg, so that she could come in. But Lois got drunk instead and forgot Meg.

"Mum! You were supposed to find someone who looked like me and lend their ID card so I could come in too!" Meg yelled angrily. Lois staggered slightly and laughed in her drunk state.

"Don't be so dull, Meg! Live a little!" Lois started dancing around, making a few people nearby clap.

"I can't very well do that when I can't get in anywhere!" Meg replied furiously.

Looked at Meg peculiarly Lois said, "What?"

"It's like talking to a baby!" Meg turned on her heel and made to leave, but Lois held her back.

"Come on, Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg, don't be so angry, it's Spring Break!" Lois tried.

"Spring Break? And this is supposed to be fun for me? It never is! And you taking me here made me believe it would be different! But I was wrong," Meg pushed Lois out of the way and in her drunken state Lois fell to the ground. Lois stared up at Meg's retreating form before collapsing and falling asleep. Meanwhile Meg made her way home, where Peter, her father, had had the entire house taken from them because he was too stupid to read the fine print when he lent the money from the bank.

"Oh my God! You're such a fat idiot?"

"Shesh! Meg, don't be so hard on me. I will bring things back to normal, I always do," Peter explained.

"You moron, that is hardly the point! You ALWAYS screw something up! The point is not whether you get it back to normal, but that you should simply pull your fat ass together. I hate you!" And then Meg left her pathetic family (except Stewie and Brian) and went to live somewhere where she could live normally and develop. In the right surroundings (anywhere but near Lois and Peter) she learned that she was very creative and clever and soon became the president of USA and kicked Lois and pathetic Peter out of the country.

Meg then invited Stewie and Brian to come a live at the White House.

The End.

PS: Chris was eaten by the Evil Monkey that lived in his closet

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