It was hard to describe her; this water tribe girl. If he was forced to sum her up in just a few words, he supposed that they would be 'A walking contradiction.' In truth, that was what she was from the outside in.

Her skin was dark, impossibly so in comparison to the pale complexions of the women that he was accustomed to. However, her eyes were the lightest and clearest blue that he'd ever seen, not that he'd ever seen blue eyes before meeting her.

She was too quick to smile, too quick to frown. She laughed too hard and cried too much. She was as calm and soothing as the waters that she commanded, but she had a temper that could rival that of a fire bender. She was the kindest woman that he'd ever met, but she held grudges longer than anyone he'd ever known.

She was impossible to fully explain in words and absolutely horrendous to live with. In short, she frustrated him to no end.

It was why he loved her.