"Hold it, hold it! What is this? Are you trying to trick me? Where's the sports?" Fred Savage's voice came from the TV. He took a dramatic pause before he suspiciously asked his Grandpa, "Is this a kissing book?"

"Man I love that kid." Gordo said, "He says what all the other males in the audience are thinking but afraid to say out loud."

"Oh come on Gordo" Lizzie's voice came from beside him, "The Princess Bride is one of the most romantic movies of all time- you can't deny that."

Gordo made a face and sat back further into the couch, "Just because a movie is romantic doesn't automatically make it a good movie."

"But all good stories have romance in them" Lizzie protested, grabbing a handful of popcorn from the bowl sitting between them on the couch in Lizzie's living room.

"I beg to differ--" Gordo countered, "What about Moby Dick… To Kill a Mockingbird… Lord of the Flies? All are exceptional stories, yet have no romance."

Lizzie gave him a look and asked, "First off, I've never seen any of those movies," Gordo made a small snort at this comment, "And second off, do you always have to prove me wrong?"

He smiled and tilted his head at her with a nod, "It seems to be the recurring trend, yes."

Lizzie halfheartedly gave him a dirty look before flashing him a smile. He grinned back at her before something in his eyes changed and Lizzie felt her heart speed up. They looked at each other for a long moment before Lizzie hastily got up, her cheeks burning. "Want something to drink?" she asked nervously, shifting from foot to foot.

"No, um…" He uncomfortably pushed some of his brown curls out of his eyes before turning back to the TV, "I'm good."

Lizzie said, "Be right back" and made a hasty retreat to the kitchen.

Once there she put her face into the fridge, willing her cheeks to cool down and wondering if Gordo noticed how red she was. Ever since Rome more of these types of moments happened. She and Gordo would be joking about something like usual when things would suddenly turn serious and Lizzie would feel the simultaneous urge to run from the room or kiss Gordo again like she did on that rooftop. She took a deep breath, grabbed a coke from the fridge and walked back into the living room.

Lizzie took a double take, however, when she realized Gordo, who had before been sitting on the end of the couch, had switched places with the popcorn. Now he was sitting in the middle next to her and the popcorn was on the end. She stood there for a second and examined at Gordo, who was staring fixedly at the TV, now apparently engrossed with the film.

Not wanting to appear awkward, she kept walking and sat back down in her seat, now right next to Gordo. Did he do that on purpose so he could sit closer to me? she wondered, settling back in her spot. As the movie played on, Lizzie's mind was racing with thoughts. Does that mean he still likes me, even after how I treated him in Rome? I mean, he did respond to my kiss on the rooftop… but all he said was 'thanks' and we never mentioned it again. Maybe he just felt a draft or was more comfortable in the middle seat. Don't make a big deal about it Lizzie.

It wasn't until 15 minutes later, during the sword fight between Wesley and Victor Montoya that Lizzie realized that Gordo's left hand had moved from his lap down onto the couch and closer to her. Is he doing that on purpose? Does he want to hold my hand? She looked at it for a few seconds, debating on if she should move her own hand off her lap in the same position next to his. I'll just make it look natural, like I'm moving my hand for no reason at all…

Biting her lip and praying for courage, Lizzie slowly eased her right hand off of her own leg and onto the couch cushion next to his hand, but not quite touching it. She let out a deep breath and willed her heart to slow down. It felt like this was some sort of chess game they were playing with each other. If that is the case- it's his move.

All thoughts of the movie pushed aside, Lizzie sat very still, careful not to let her hand touch Gordo's. After a few minutes she glanced over at Gordo, who was staring down at their hands, biting his lip. Does he want to hold my hand? Is he scared? Less than a minute later she felt her heart leap into her throat as his warm hand slowly and tentatively cover hers. She let herself soak in the moment for a few seconds before taking a deep breath and turning her hand around and intertwining her fingers with his. He responded to this movement by squeezing her hand softly and Lizzie felt her heart soar. It seemed like such a simple movement to hold a person's hand, but it made Lizzie's whole body feel on fire.

She glanced quickly over at Gordo. He was watching the movie, a kind of sly grin dancing across his lips. She realized the same grin was spread across her own face. Its like we have some sort of secret that only the two of us know about, she thought with a smile.

They sat like that during the fight with the giant, poison scene, and where Buttercup realizes Wesley's true identity. When Buttercup and Wesley went into the scary woods Lizzie, without a second thought to her change in movement, wrapped her arms around Gordo's middle and whispered into his shoulder, "I hate this part. Those rodent things are scary."

Gordo laughed and hesitated for a second before he pulled her a little closer, "But we haven't even gotten to that part yet."

"I know that…" Lizzie protested, "But I know they're coming and that makes it scary."

He laughed and Lizzie took a moment to appreciate the new position they were in. Gordo was sitting towards the TV, his arms holding on firmly to hers, which were wrapped around his chest. She could feel his heart beating quickly though her hands. While her eyes were still on the movie, Lizzie's body was facing towards Gordo with her head lying on his shoulder. His shirt was soft against her cheek.

Lizzie stifled a yawn as she realized just how comfortable she felt snuggled closely to him. She took a deep breath in and let herself get lost in his scent. She wasn't able to enjoy it for long, however, because not a minute later her mom popped her head into the living room.

"Lizzie, its time for Gordo to go home, you know the rules since you've been grounded." She stopped in middle of the doorway as she saw Lizzie and Gordo wrapped together on the couch. Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open a bit as her eyes washed over the pair of them.

Lizzie and Gordo pulled apart hastily and both stood up quickly. Mrs. McGuire looked at both of them as if she couldn't quite believe her eyes.

There was a long pause as they all stood there in the living room, the movie still playing in the background. "Okay well, we can finish this later" Lizzie said, wringing her hands together, but stopping as the implications of her own words hit her. "I mean, the movie… we can finish the movie later." She grimaced at her own stupidity.

"Yeah, that'd be good." Gordo said with a deep breath as he glanced up at the ceiling.

Hand it to Mom to create the world's most embarrassing moment ever! Lizzie's inner monologue screamed. There was a long silence as they all continued to stand there, Mrs. McGuire still standing between them with a shocked look on her face.

"O-kay…Well, I'll see you tomorrow…" Gordo said awkwardly, heading towards the hallway. Lizzie followed him into the hallway and gave him an apologetic glance as he looked back at her before he closed the door on his way out. He shrugged his shoulders and gave her a half grin before shutting it firmly behind him.

Despite the incredibly awkward ending to the night, Lizzie stood there smiling for a moment, his grin still lingering in her mind. "Lizzie?" her mother's voice sounded from behind her.

She turned around to face her mother. "I'm really tired Mom, I think I'll head up to bed" she said this quickly as she started up the stairs. The last thing she needed was her mother telling her she shouldn't be starting a relationship at such a young age.

"But, Lizzie--" she tried to continue.

"Goodnight Mom!" she called, running up the last few stairs and closing her door behind her quickly.

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