Kakashi goes Crazy

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Summary: Kakashi comes back from a mission and is badly injured, and thanks to Tsunade he is now delusional. Can Iruka come to the rescue? Kakairu

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Chapter One

Iruka had a girly-grin on his face all day. Kakashi and some other jounin were sent out on an A mission and were expected to come back today. It was about 2:00 and Mission Class was half way finished, but no Kakashi in sight. Iruka was worried but still hoped that his beloved perverted-scarecrow would come back before the day ended. Suddenly Genma and Raidou came bursting through the door. Genma spat out the toothpick he usually had in his mouth. It hit the floor with a 'clunk'.

After a long silence Raidou spoke up. "Umino Iruka?" He sputtered out. "MeanmanwithaHUGEswordandwithalotofchakracameatusandKakashisansavedusandswordhithiminheadandgutandnowheispassedoutinhospitalandTsunadewantedustocomeandgetyoubecauseyoureallyloveKakashiandshethoughtyououghttoknow!"Raidou said, out of breath by the time he finished saying this as fast as he could.

"Uhm…Raidou-San, what?" Iruka said, tilting his head in confusion.

"What Raidou here means" Genma said trying not to stutter as bad as Raidou had "Is that Kakashi is well…MeanmanwithHUGEswordandwithalotofchakracameatuas…and… what I'm trying to say is that Kakashi, bless him, saved our lives. But, in order to do that he took a sword to the gut." Genma found it hard to look into Iruka's eyes since they were filled with sorrow and swelled up with tears.

Iruka's mouth opened but no words were coming out. Has this been the end for his beloved Kakashi?

"Oh, and the reason we are here is because Tsunade wanted you to come and see him" Genma added.

"Huh?" said a confused Iruka.

"Oh, he isn't dead, of course not!" Genma and Raidou said at once/ "Um, sorry if we didn't make things clear"

"He called your name out 'ya know, well, before he passed out.."

Iruka had a glint in his eyes now. "He did?"

"Unless you know anyone else he would have called 'My dolphin, oh RuRu-san', so I think he was referring to you" Raidou said, watching a tear roll down Iruka's cheek.

Iruka grabbed the Raidou's collar, nearly gagging the poor man.

"Where is he?!?" Iruka demanded.

"H-O-S-P-I-T-A-L" Raidou said, gasping for air.

"Class dissmissed!" Iruka said as he jetted towards the door, heading towards the hospital.

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