Fluff. Pure fluff. Sent to my by a fluffy little plotbunny that stared at me in an agonizingly adorable way until I wrote this.

"How did the two of them ever get together?"

"She's way too good for him."

"She's too happy for him."

"You'd think he'd be too intelligent to be with a girl like that."

"He looks miserable sitting there with her."

"Maybe he dosed her with a potion."

"He's probably regretting the decision now, she's crazy."

"She's crazy for being with him."

"He's crazy for being with her."

"She probably talks his ear off."

Severus Snape scowled as he heard the conversations going on all over the Three Broomsticks about him and his love, Joy Hart. Her parents had certainly named her appropriately, as she was the joy of his life and had stolen his heart. She noticed his scowl and smiled at him.

"Don't worry about them, Severus," she said softly, leaning over to kiss his cheek. "We can be crazy together if we want to be. It's not any business of theirs."

The scowl remained in place, but he was placated.

They finished their drinks, Joy happily carrying on a conversation that was mostly one-sided about their upcoming trip to Switzerland for him to meet her parents, who were in the midst of touring Europe for their vacation. She assured him they would love him just as much as she did, a knowing smile on her face. She knew he was nervous, though he would never admit it.

"I'm ready to go now, how about you?" Joy said finally.

"Yes," Severus said, standing up. He held out her cloak and helped slip it on, and allowed her to grasp his hand after he's gotten his own on. She pulled him out of the building and into the snow covered streets of Hogsmeade, and the two began to make their way up the sloping lawns of Hogwarts towards the school.

"Hogwarts is so pretty when it snows," Joy observed as they walked, smile dancing in her eyes. "But it's a bitch to walk in."

"I agree," Severus replied unhappily as the cold from the snow seeped into his boots.

"Oh, what's this?" Joy said suddenly, releasing his hand and turning away from him, crouching down in the snow.

"What's what?" he asked, trying to look over her shoulder, but she blocked his view.

"This!" Joy exclaimed, whirling around and throwing a snowball at him, covering his face. He blinked in surprise and would have been furious if she hadn't started laughing that magical laugh of hers that seemed to make the world lurch beneath his feet.

"That's how it is, is it?" he asked, bending down to scoop up some of the snow. He crushed it into her wavy blonde hair, grinning as she squealed and pulled back and ran away, picking up more snow on the way and tossing it back at him, hitting him in the chest. He gave chase, and they threw snow back and forth until Joy finally fell back in the snow, exhausted. Severus came to rest beside her, a grin firmly in place.

"Mm, now I'm tired," Joy said, reaching out a hand. He grasped it and helped her up, pulling her into his arms. She kissed him soundly on the lips, cold hands slipping just underneath his collar, causing him to shiver.

"Ready to go back now?" Severus asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yup. I'm satisfied with the amount of childishness I've forced on you for one day," she replied.


The two began walking back towards the castle again, hand in hand. Happy smiles settled onto their faces, the smiles of two people deeply in love.

Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall stepped back from the window they had watched the two lovers through. Minerva sat back in her chair before the fire in Dumbledore's office, while he busied himself with making more tea.

"They compliment each other well, don't they?" Albus asked, eyes twinkling.

"Yes, they do. But they're so different," Minerva replied, sighing.

"Opposites certainly do seem to attract concerning those two."

"How they ever got together is beyond me."