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Acumen and Disparity


Ginny spent the first week back home in a disbelieving stupor. It wasn't until Tonks quite literally yanked her upstairs and into her room that Ginny snapped out of it. Tonks talked long into the night about not letting someone else rule your life and second guessing everything about yourself. She took Ginny to task, asking hard questions about her feelings about Harry and if she truly wanted to sit at home pining away for a boy that obviously hadn't seen how lucky he was to have her. She told Ginny about how rough it had been waiting on Remus to wake up and realize that she didn't give a damn that he was a werewolf. Love had conquered his fears. But, then came the hardest question of all. Did Ginny truly love Harry and did he truly love Ginny in return?

Ginny had sat back; appalled that Tonks would dare go that far and ask that. She had to admit that part of her had asked that very thing over and over again. So, she answered honestly-before she could second guess herself. She's simply said no. It wasn't until she realized just what she'd said that she realized the truth of it. Harry had ignored her existence until this year and dropped her easily enough while discounting her abilities. Then came her disgust; with herself and Harry. She'd sat back and let him treat her like a cheap tart. All under Ronald's nose, the same Ronald that refused to accept that she'd been dating other boys for over a year. She'd nearly screamed, only the thought of her Mum coming to see what the problem was kept her from doing it. Instead she'd cussed, using every last word in her brothers combined repertoires. She'd learned many things from them over the years without their knowledge, bad language being one of those things.

Tonks hadn't yelled at her or even chided her. Instead she'd wrapped an arm about Ginny's shoulders and told her that now was the time to make a new start for herself. She could step out from underneath Harry, Ron, and Hermione's shadow when she returned to Hogwarts as the Trio was adamant about not going back. She'd promised to stop by as often as possible as Ginny truly couldn't open up to Molly or Fleur. She had added that she'd long thought of Ginny as the little sister she'd never been blessed with and if Ginny allowed it, she'd love to be her honorary big sister. She promised that nothing they spoke of would be repeated, no matter what it was.

Ginny had laughed aloud and immediately agreed. After having four of her six brothers and Hermione nattering after her for years, a decent 'big sister' would be most welcome.

Tonks had left with the promise to stop by soon.

Ginny's days were full of playing the part of house-elf for her mum and Fleur. If they didn't have her doing the hard chores she was tortured with hours of wedding planning. The only thing that kept her from whipping out her wand and hexing them both was her talks with Tonks. She'd been true to her word and made it a point to come by at least once a week.

Ronald disappeared the morning of Harry's birthday. He'd locked himself in his room busy planning and owling Harry and Hermione so only his nonappearance at breakfast clued anyone in to his absence.

It caused an unholy uproar.

Ginny snuck off to her room before her mum's wrath could turn on her. She had a bad feeling that somehow it would be blamed on her, as Ronald wasn't there to yell at. Her bad feeling was entirely too accurate as she was treated to a three hour rant that started out with her letting Ronald sneak out and meandered wildly to cover anything and everything that she could come up with. Ginny sat back and let her go to it, knowing it was useless to defend herself or try to leave. Her mum seemed to feel better when she was done, storming out to no doubt harass any of her other luckless children who happened to choose the wrong day to show up.

What the 'talking to' did create however was bad feelings, very bad feelings. Ginny had always forced herself to overlook her mum's obvious catering to Ronald, Harry, and Hermione and in the process overlooking her. Unfortunately, there were things said during the rant that Ginny couldn't seem to get out of her head, no matter how hard she tried. Her mum had gone so far past Ginny's point of reason than should ever be allowed. She'd spoken of her displeasure that Ginny had allowed Harry to 'get away'. She'd berated Ginny for getting involved in the battle, citing her young age and that fact that she was a girl as her reasons for disallowing her to fight any further. Ginny had realized, in that moment, that her mum didn't want to acknowledge that she was no longer a scared, naive eleven year old child. I had broken something inside her that gave her a new awareness, as silly as it had sounded when she explained it to Tonks the next evening.

To her surprise, Tonks had been livid. She'd paced the bedroom, mumbling under her breath. It had amused Ginny to no end. She finally had someone who was on her side and it felt wonderful. Tonks had finally collapsed back onto the bed next to Ginny saying that Molly was a fool who didn't see what a wonderful, powerful, and talented witch she had become. Ginny had hugged her, thanking her profusely. They'd had a good laugh naming her family's reaction in the event that Harry ever did try to win her back and she flatly refused him. They agreed that Ronald and her mum's reactions would be, by far, the most amusing. Tonks hadn't left that night until she was certain that 'the nattering' wasn't going to hurt Ginny any longer.

Two days before Ginny's sixteenth birthday, the Trio arrived. She did her level best to steer clear and did a damned good job of it, according to Tonks. It wasn't until Fred and George showed up with a case of butterbeer and a bottle of firewhiskey to celebrate her birthday that anyone in the house remembered what day it was. She'd been maudlin all day, causing many reprimands from her mum and Fleur that acting like a child wouldn't make Harry come running back. Ginny had scowled, grabbed the bottle of firewhiskey, and sat alone in the gardens until the twins found her and dragged her back inside. Regrettably, the Trio had been hitting the butterbeer and all three were almost as smashed as Ginny and the twins were.

That was when it happened.

Harry drunkenly propositioned Ginny and she'd drunkenly accepted; at least to the best of her recollections. Fred, George, Ronald, and Hermione were all passed out at the kitchen table by this time and there was no one to stop them.

The next morning Ginny woke to an upset stomach, raging headache, and an apologetic Harry. He told her, before she'd even had the chance to fully wake up, that it had been a mistake. He went on to say that he hoped she was grown up enough to know that the fact that they shagged didn't change their relationship, or lack thereof. He told her that he couldn't worry about a little girl like her while he tried to stop and eventually kill Voldemort.

He hoped she could understand.

Little did the little wanker know Ginny was horrified that she'd given her body to someone that obviously didn't give a damn. She was almost sick when she realized that they'd both been too drunk to remember any sort of preventative measures. After assuring him that she'd like to Obliviate the whole experience, she'd owled Tonks with the request that she come right away with a potion. Then she'd almost scalded off her skin in the attempt to erase any and all evidence of what they'd done. By the time she made it to the kitchen, the Trio was long gone. She was treated to another rant about them leaving because of her inability to realize that Harry didn't want her any longer.

When Tonks arrived, Ginny nearly took off her arm yanking her up the stairs. Once she'd taken the potion, Ginny explained what had happened. Tonks reaction, while amusing, showed just how much she indeed cared about Ginny. She'd been all for searching him out and hexing his pertinent parts off as punishment for treating Ginny like a slag.

That was when Ginny broke down and sobbed. She had come to the realization, during Tonks rant, that Harry had taken advantage of her in the worst way possible; as she knew he hadn't been nearly as drunk as everyone else. It had her rushing to the bathroom, throwing up her breakfast, and standing in the shower fully clothed trying to erase the bad memories. She'd stayed there until Tonks pulled her out, dried her off, and put her to bed. She was forced to endure a speech on Harry being at fault and that she wasn't to feel badly about being taken advantage of.

The next two days were hell on earth as Molly (as Ginny now called her in her head) ranted about Ginny's childish behavior and ruining all her and Fleur's plans. It seemed that without the Trio there, the wedding would be postponed. Ginny of course was to blame for this rather than actually ascertaining the truth of the matter. Ginny ignored it and waited patiently for Tonks to arrive as promised.