A/N: Blood, gore, and death ahead. You have been warned.

Chapter 21

It's the moment of truth (This is War- 30STM)

Gin wasn't sure if she was comfortable in the copper-toned silk and velvet outfit that Luthien had insisted she wear saying that it was a formal occasion. It's only saving grace was that it was not a full on dress like Luna, Tracey, and Daphne as well as many of the Fey women were wearing but had velvet trousers that tucked into lovely dark brown leather boots. She also was not entirely comfortable wearing what, in her opinion, was a crown though she knew its proper name as a naim-lann. It too had been non-negotiable. Apparently being the sworn daughter of Ilea had a few quirks no one had seen fit to tell her about until now.

Glancing over at Draco, who was all in grey and was wearing a simpler version of the maniacis worn by Vakko, she was grateful that she wasn't the only one. Blaise too, though he was dressed all in deep blue, wore a similar maniacis.

In fact, Luna and Theo were the only two of Fey blood not currently wearing some sort of status symbol - the crest on Luna's dress did not truly count as it was something worn by all healers. Hells, even Severus was wearing the crest of his station and a torque. She did not have time to wonder over why that was before the hall fell silent. Everyone turned to see Vakko and Ilea stepping up to the dais and sitting on the two black thrones, looking over the crowd silently. As one, the crowd dropped to their knees in reverence.

"Stand." Vakko's silky voice washed over and through them.

She swore she could feel him in her bones and blood. Not sure what was going on, she stood with everyone else who waited for him to speak again. There was anticipation heavy in the air.

"Today is a great and wondrous day. Today you will see the restoration of many houses we had once thought long lost. Lovegood, Nott, Malfoy, and Brocklehurst. You will also witness the formal naming of Heirs." He smiled at the low murmurs. "Additionally, We will bestow Lordships and Ladyships for a chosen few." He stood, looking joyous. "Fey magic is awakening once again in our children! Lady Black, Lady Davis, Lady Greengrass, Lady McDonald, Lord Zabini, and Lord Longbottom will rise above all but their First Ancestors."

The crowd cheered, abandoning their decorum at that bit of news. Gin's heart soared and her mind filled with good thoughts, positive thoughts and most of all Hope. Hope for the future and hope for happiness. Without even realizing it, she slid one hand into Draco's and one into Blaise's. Their joy rang loudly in her head.

But, apparently Vakko wasn't quite done. "It is they who will be our liaisons in the new world we shall rebuild after this war. Amongst them are Healers, Scholars, Warriors, and Politicians. It is with them that our world can be returned to us once again as our Forefather's meant for it to be. Rejoice!"

If she thought the gathered Fey, Lords, and Ladies had been joyous before it was nothing compared to now. There were cheers, shouts and many hugs and bussing of cheeks.

"Come forward," Vakko said, cutting through the noise easily.

They stepped forward, the crowd parting them and in what felt like only seconds she and her friends were standing in a line in front of the dais. Feeling faint, she watch by one each was called forward and formally bestowed titles and jewelry befitting their stations. When only she, Draco, and Blaise were left the crowd quieted again.

Ilea stepped in front of them grinning widely. "Long ago, Ginevra Black became my sworn daughter and Draco Malfoy became Vakko's sworn son. Today, along with Lord Zabini they are to be made our Heirs."

Vakko stepped forward and began to speak in ancient dialect Gin was not able to place. She did, however feel the magic building and growing, swirling around them before it sank into her. Gasping lightly, she realized just what had been done. All of their Fey abilities had been unleashed. It felt amazing. Giddy, she looked to Draco and then Blaise, seeing the same awe in their expressions.

"Our Heirs," Vakko said, motioning for them to stand and turn to face the room.

Everyone bowed down low. It was a bit much for her to take in. She still did not have any idea what the exact implications were.

Worry not, dear one, it simply means that Vakko and I can send you out to treat with other groups and that your words and actions at those times carries the weight of our own. You three are Blessed by the Gods. Your Fate is now great.

Having Ilea's voice in her head was disconcerting, but Gin figured she would get used to it…someday. If what she had said was true and this simply meant that they could act as ambassadors or representatives, then it would be okay. Surely neither Ilea nor Vakko would send them out without first training them…right?

It also means that it is you that will lead your friends in the rebuilding of Britain. The Gods will not interfere unless you three are in grave danger. If that should happen, my wrath would seem kind and gentle in comparison.

She nearly smirked; trust Vakko to leave that little tidbit for last.

"We must now see to the unforgivable actions of four who again and again were given the chance to change their fates but did not heed the warning," Vakko said, once again scanning the room. "Once the Justice has been served, we will celebrate!"

The doors at the far end of the room opened and the gathered people began filing out- lowest ranking first. It wasn't until Fury, Cullen, Claude and Pierre were the last remaining that she turned to Vakko and Ilea.

"Does all of this really mean just what you said or is there more?"

Ilea chuckled. "There is a bit more, but what I can say right now is that we do not expect you to

do anything drastic."

"We will run this new world and never would ask you three to do so," Vakko added.

"Don't you have children?" Gin asked frowning as the mere idea seemed wrong to her. Vakko and Ilea simply shone with love and devotion for one another.

Ilea shook her head. "No, we do not. Long ago we decided that it would be wrong for us to bring a child or children into such a world."

"We made a Vow. Once this war is over, that will be fulfilled."

Gin couldn't help but grin at Vakko who was clearly pleased by the idea. "Babies to cuddle. I like that idea."

Ilea shooed them to the doors and the waiting guards. "Oh, my darling girl, I do too. I can say with certainty that soon there will be a sharp rise in pregnancy around here."

Gin was still grinning as they were ushered outside to what she could only name a tournament ground like was only seen in ages past. It was situated in a circle, with stands running around the entire structure. It almost looked like a Quidditch pitch actually, what with the top box with five thrones situated with the two larger and more ornate sitting highest and the three lesser ones below. Their guards filed in and surrounded the thrones before she, Draco, and Blaise entered the box. Vakko and Ilea were in their seats a moment later. She did note that no one else sat until the three of them also settled in.

Pierre leaned in to whisper. "Normally we would have a tournament to celebrate all of the new lordlings and ladies as well as you three, but it was decided that what will come next would be excitement enough."

Her brows shot up. Surely the executions would not take all afternoon…would they? She had expected something short and sweet. From the looks of it though, it would be a long drawn out affair. She tucked her hands in Draco and Blaise's and then simply waited.

She did not have to wait long. Kieran entered the arena with Aine and Riada flanking him. She sat forward; surprised to see that this was where they had disappeared off to the moment they had arrived. They were used to the cooshies being with them every moment so it had caused momentary concern earlier until Fury had assured her that all was well. That still did not answer the question about just what the fuck was going on.

The crowd quieted quickly. Kieran bowed to the top box and then began to speak. He listed the charges against each of the four prisoners and then explained in detail what had been done to them under Lady Andromeda Tonks' instructions. Oddly, or maybe not so when one considered just who they were surrounded by, not one in the audience seemed upset by the events. In fact, she noted with a bit of shock, they looked as if they approved. Kieran motioned towards the doors he had entered from and two Fey that Gin recognized but couldn't name at the moment brought out the healers.

She stiffened with the memories the sight of them brought to the forefront. The mindlink flew open and she was soothed by Draco and Blaise's voices assuring her that she was safe and that those cows would pay dearly for scaring her. Over and over they told her how much they loved her and that she was safe here. Reassuring them that it had merely been reflex and that she was fine, they finally sat back and looked down once more to the group below. She was shocked to see Claude and Fury leave the box, leaping down to the ground a moment later. Even Kieran looked shocked. A moment later it was all clear.

"As one sworn to Lady Black, sworn daughter and Heir to Lord Vakko and Lady Ilea, I wish to mete out punishment before the executions take place." Fury looked rather like his name at the moment.

"As one sworn to the Lords Malfoy and Zabini, sworn sons and Heirs to Lord Vakko and Lady Ilea, I too wish to punish these two before their executions."

She swore she heard Vakko laugh before he stood. "I recognize your claims and accept your request."

Kieran huffed and called the cooshies off to the side, clearly put out that his fun was to be held off even longer.

With a wave of Fury's hand, the healers were released and the two Fey joined Kieran and the cooshies. Though, she could see that those two just looked anticipatory.

"Run," Fury taunted.

"You can see the doors that lead to freedom," Claude added in a low, cruel drawl.

The witches did as bid, turning and running as fast as they could in their weakened conditions. They made it nearly to the door before Fury leaped over them, appearing between them and the doors- his hands now sporting long claws. He laughed low and dangerous before swiping at the first one, ripping her cheek open and spraying blood everywhere.

The second witch turned to run back only to find Claude there holding two small swords that Gin couldn't identify any more than that they were small- almost like daggers. Moments later, the witch screamed as Claude sliced her arms with his blades, dancing back with a laugh. It went on like that for a good fifteen minutes, neither man truly injuring the witches badly- just enough to have their fear coating the arena. They would taunt and maim, backing away and sometimes switching whom they attacked.

Suddenly, both Fey turned to face the top box. She nodded, making her pride in their skills clear. Draco and Blaise must have done the same because both men charged the witches one last time before turning on their heels and walking away. They hopped up into the stands and made their way back to the box.

"If only we could have killed the bints," Fury said when he reached them again.

Claude just grinned.

Vakko was truly amused now, waving for Kieran to continue.

But, it was almost anticlimactic after that little show when the cooshies descended on the witches and quickly ended their lives, though both were in need of a serious bath after rolling in the remains.

"Gin?" Draco questioned, leaning forward and into her line of sight.

"They deserved it," was her terse reply. She did not enjoy this, not really, but she did not object. The Gods only knew how many they had tortured as they had her. It was bloody, gory justice but justice none-the-less.

"That they did," Blaise said, leaning in to kiss her cheek.

"Now, the main event," Vakko said softly from behind them.

She braced herself, knowing that this was likely to be even worse than the last.

Draco couldn't help but worry about Gin. True, they had all been looking forward to the day in which Molly Weasley and Granger were no longer threats but even he had not expected the cheers from the crowd. What was happening below though, well it was a quick and dirty lesson in just why fucking with the Fey and those they held dear was the worst thing possible. He watched as Cullen and Kieran took their 'pound of flesh'- literally. By now he knew that he, Gin, and Blaise would need to show approval before they would step aside.

Oh hells! Was all he could think as Vakko stood. "Molly Weasley and Hermione Granger, for your actions I sentence you to life everlasting in Uffern. I sentence you to walk forever as your actions and the consequences of said actions are shown to you constantly. You will wander, knowing that the worst beings imaginable haunt your every step. All the while, you shall be shown the world which your souls will never again gain admittance too."

Ilea stood, her voice low and yet carrying. It was deadly and full of dark glee. "You will forever know hunger and thirst. Yet, you will see the ones in which you attempted to destroy living like royalty. You will see the new world we create and you will despair."

Granger's howl of pain and outrage merely caused him to smile. He watched dispassionately as she was ripped to pieces, her soul damned for eternity. The moment she fell, all attention turned on Molly Weasley. He knew that none felt pity for her- a witch who had turned her back on her only daughter- a daughter protected by the Fey at that.

He heard Gin snort as Molly attempted to crawl away. It did his heart good to know that she was not in pain because of what was going on below.

As Molly's lifeless body fell to the ground, he heard Blaise's voice in his head, Dead and Damned, I do love Fey justice, and he laughed.