Sharpay: Just smile and wave.

Sharpay and Ryan were showing their sister around East High. Elayna Evans was a freshman. Ryan and Sharpay started a song.

Sharpay: Remember. We are the popular ones. Geeks and nerds bow to us. We are the top of the food chain. Freaks and dweebs eat our dust. We are the superior. They are the inferior. We rule them. The can't talk to us. Got it?

Sharpay got in Elayna's face. Elayna back up, and tripped on a skateboard. As she fell, one of the skaters caught her.

Skater: Yo, be careful, doll.

Elayna: Thanks.

She stood up, and walked to class. In class she talked with Gabriella.

Gabriella: Talk to him, Elayna.

Elayna: Sharpay says we should stick to the status quo.

Gabriella: Ignore Sharpay. She's just spoiled rotten.

Elayna: As an Evans she expects me to be a popular girl.

Taylor, Chad, and Troy popped in.

Gabriella: Look at me. I was supposed to be the freaky math girl, but, instead, I was the star of Ms. Darbus' Twinkle Town Musicale.

Troy: And being the basketball guy, I starred in it with her.

Taylor: I was supposed to be the geek girl who wasn't supposed to talk to jocks.

Chad: And I was the jock who wasn't supposed to talk to geeks.

Taylor rested her head on Chad's shoulder, and Chad kissed her.

Elayna: I'm an Evans, guys. I'm a popular girl.

Troy: Since when did a name matter?

Gabriella: Who do you wanna be, Elayna?

Elayna: I'm not sure.

Gabriella: Tell me about the guy you mentioned.

Elayna: He was a skater.

Taylor: You could try that.

Elayna: What about Sharpay?

Troy: Ignore her, Elayna.

Gabriella: Make up your own mind.

Elayna looked across the room. Her skater was looking back at her.

Taylor: Go after him. You obviously like him.

The bell rang. It was lunch time.