Elayna walked to her locker, slowly. Sharpay was standing there.

Sharpay: What is going on, little sister?

Elayna opened her locker.

Elayna: What do you mean?

Sharpay: Don't play stupid with me.

Elayna: I'm not.

Sharpay: I saw you talking to Gabriella, Chad, and Taylor in Drama class.

Elayna: So?

Sharpay: That is NOT the Evans way, Elayna.

Elayna: So?

Sharpay saw Elayna put a picture in her locker. She snatched it off the door.

Elayna: Don't touch my stuff.

Sharpay: Who is this freak?

Elayna: The skater that caught me this morning.

Sharpay ripped the picture in half, and threw it on the ground.

Sharpay: Traitor.

She pranced away into the lunch room. Her skater stood next to her.

Skater: Sharpay's a major jerk.

Elayna: I know.

Skater: Wanna walk with me to my locker?

Elayna: If Sharpay or Ryan see us together, I'm dead. And Sharpay's already mad.

Skater: Yo, Elayna. Chill, babe.

A chill went down Elayna's spine as he said her name. She liked it.

Elayna: I, uh… never caught your name.

Skater: Shawn Michaels.

Shawn and Elayna walked to Shawn's locker.

Elayna: Um… Shawn?

Shawn: Yea?

Elayna sighed.

Elayna: Never mind.

Shawn: U wanna sit with my crew at lunch?

Elayna: That would put Sharpay over the edge.

Shawn: Do you like me?

Elayna: It would never work.

Shawn: Why do you let Sharpay boss you around?

Elayna: I want to stand up to her, but I can't.

Shawn: Elayna, what kinds of things do you like?

Elayna: I like skateboarding.

Shawn: You skate?

Elayna: No, but I watch it.

Shawn: Who's your favorite?

Elayna: Bam Margera.

Shawn: Whoa, dude. He's awesome. Hey, I got a board I don't want. You want it? It's singed by Brandon DiCamillo.

Elayna: I can't.

Shawn: Why not?

Elayna: I can't skate.

Shawn: I could teach you.

Elayna: I can't, Shawn.

Shawn: Why do you let Sharpay control you?

Elayna: I'm afraid.

Shawn: Of Sharpay?

Elayna: Yes.

Shawn: Why?

Elayna: I have to live with her.

They stopped at Shawn's locker. He pulled a Viva La Bam board out of it.

Shawn: Elayna, you're a beautiful girl. And you're nothing like Sharpay.

He closed the locker door.

Shawn: You're nice, and smart, and you don't care about what others say. Elayna, I love you.

Elayna: I love you, too, Shawn.

They kissed. Ryan saw them. He went straight to Sharpay.