Bulma gazed out her window as the snow fell… "The first day of snow," Bulma whispered aloud to herself. She smiled at the scene before her, the area smothered with a beautiful white blanket. She snuggled into her thick blanket more before sipping on her hot chocolate with little marshmallows in it, watching thousands of snowflakes fall onto the ground.

Suddenly, on the window, Bulma saw the reflection of the saiy-jin prince. Happily, she turned around and smiled at him lovingly. He wasn't looking at her, but out the window.

"It's snow." Bulma informed, returning her gaze to the window.

"I know that." Vegeta said. "I've lived here for years." Bulma chuckled. She remembered the first day he encountered a day like this………

Bulma had just gotten home from shopping for clothes. She walked in through the door in layers of clothing, struggling at the same time to carry the bags in. Quivering, she took off two jackets and sweater and handed them over to a robot that quickly rolled away with the clothes to put away. Dressed in a long sleeve shirt with a thermal under that, and jeans with another thermal under that, she lovingly accepted the warmth of the house.

"What…is that?" a voice asked her. Bulma turned and saw Vegeta looking out the window, completely dumbfounded. He stared at the falling white dots from the sky with a slight opened mouth and concerned eyes. She stifled a giggle as his black coal eyes slowly followed a falling snowflake until it landed on the ground, then returned upwards and followed yet another snowflake.

"Vegeta?" Bulma asked incredulously. She ran up to him and stood by him with a grin. "You don't know what snow is?"

Vegeta's face changed back to its cold aloof one. "So that's snow. I've only heard of it, but I've never actually seen it. When some warriors and I were taught about some of the weathers of other planets, snow was one of them. Of course they wanted us to avoid planets with this because it would interfere with livestock and such." He shrugged. "Whatever, as long as it doesn't interfere with my training, it's nothing." He turned and walked to the entrance, ready to go out in the snow to get into the space ship where he usually locked himself in for hours.

Bulma realized he was only wearing blue spandex before he walked out the door. "Vegeta! Wai--"

Too late. The door opened automatically for him and he stepped out. A second later, he ran back in, his teeth chattering against each other, looking completely shocked. He began vigorously rubbing his arms. Bulma couldn't help but laugh at the scene. The door closed with a thud before Vegeta could recover himself. Shaking a bit, he walked up to her laughing form. And on his face was an evil smirk.

"Vegeta? What are you doing?" she asked, barely recovering herself from laughing. She was still chuckling even as she backed away, stumbling along the way, and stopped when she was backed into a wall.

He stood a foot away from her now, his evil smirk not once leaving his face. Suddenly, he reached out and grabbed her arms, flinging her body over his shoulder.

"Vegeta!" Bulma cried with a little laughter, struggling to get free. She already had an idea of what he was going to do. Although she was clothed more than he was, she still wouldn't stand a chance in the cold. She began kicking even more with panic as they neared the door. "You'll freeze, too! You're basically wearing nothing!"

The automatic door slid open and he stepped out. The freezing air embraced both their bodies in a cold hug as snow landed around them and on them. She felt Vegeta quiver. "You better bring us back inside, Vegeta! You're shaking!"

"No, I'm not." Vegeta denied, still smiling as his noise turned a little red. He threw her in the air and caught her in his arms. She clung to him for warmth.

"Mmm, Vegeta," she mumbled as she laid her head on his strong shoulder, but suddenly, she was thrown into the air, landing on snow. She gasped and quickly stood up, jumping around as she tried to get rid the snow that had gotten into her shirt. She stopped when she heard Vegeta laughing. Oh, he wanted to play a game, did he?

She bent down and picked up a handful of snow, forming it into a ball. Before Vegeta could stop laughing, she heaved it at him, hitting him in the face, some getting into his mouth. Bull's eye. She gave out a loud laugh, but her victory moment could only last a few seconds before Vegeta went after her.

She pivoted on one foot and tried to run away, but he was too fast. She had only taken four steps before getting tackled into the snow. She fell on her stomach with an "oof". A hand turned her on her back and she was able to see Vegeta holding a pile of snow over his head before dropping it on her face.

That day was filled with laughter as the couple spent hours in a snowball fight, oblivious to the stupid looks people gave them for wearing not a good amount of clothes when it was freezing…

Vegeta seemed to recall that day, too, because he suddenly said, "You know, I did win that day."

Bulma laughed. "Ha, yeah, sure. The only reason why you won was because you were able to track my power level down and find me, no matter where I hide. That was not fair."

"No way." Vegeta said, as he began walking away. "I didn't even need to do that. You were such a bad hider, that anyone could have found you with their eyes closed."

"You could've tracked me down with your eyes closed!" Bulma insisted as she followed him, the blanket still wrapped around her.

Suddenly, he paused, causing her to bump into his back. "At the time, weren't you dating that one human?"

"Who? Yamcha? Oh, him. Yeah, at the time."

Suddenly he gave a teasing smirk, as he looked down at her. "Didn't seem so at the time."

She was confused. What on Earth could he be talking about? It's not like they slept with each other. "What do you mean?"

"You were touchy feely that day."

Bulma blushed a bright red. Oh, now she remembered. She had clung to him for warmth before the fight, and sometimes she'd chase him with snow in her hands and just smear it all over his body. To be honest with herself, she had done it purposely just to feel his muscles. Unfortunately, at the time her hands were numb--

"Ha! Don't flatter yourself," she said as she turned around, looking at him with a funny face over her shoulder. She lifted the mug to her lips and sipped. She hummed out loud, as if she was about to have some great sex.

But she paused when he scoffed. "You deny these things aloud, but deep down you know it to be true. You had a thing for me then, and you lost in a fair game."

She spun around, determined to win. "Fair my arse! You saiy-jins have the power to sense power levels! I had to use human instincts to get you; therefore I win, because I didn't use any special powers!"

"Would you like a rematch then?" he taunted.

But Bulma was not interested in going out in the moment. She was too comfortable to be taken away. Quickly she stalked away. "No." she said, not looking at him.

Big hands grabbed her upper arms and lifted her body into the air. The mug of hot chocolate crashed into the ground, unfinished hot chocolate spewing around on the floor. Never before did Bulma feel so depressed to see such a wasted heart-warming drink become so misused.

When she turned her head to look back at Vegeta, as he held her in front of him, to give him a piece of mind, she noticed that he was taking them to the front door…the front door…


"Oh, no. Vegeta." She pleaded as she began kicking as they neared the door. "Please no! Vegeta!"

He plopped her over his shoulder, yanking the blanket away from her. She began pounding on his back with desperation to get away. "It's too cold! I don't want to!"

"If you insist on thinking I was cheating, we'll just have to do it again. And I assure you, I won't use my powers. Promise."

Bulma shook her head. "No, no, no! I'll take your word for it! You won that day! You did! Please put me down!"

But the sound of the sliding door stopped her. The cold tickled her feet, before she began to feel frost creep up her leg like thousands of spiders crawling up her body. Snow was falling around with the loud laughter of Vegeta.

She was thrown into the snow, landing on her bottom. She looked up at Vegeta, who looked down at her with a malicious--and at the same time teasing --smirk. And in his hand he held a snowball.