Videl stared at the frozen lake just outside her house. She wanted to ice skate so bad but she didn't want to do it alone. Her in-laws were somewhere gone, and Gohan was busy with some work…a non-stop scholar. But whatever made him happy, she let him do so…unless it involved another woman. Of course, Gohan was faithful to her just as she was to him.

She remembered how much a cutie Gohan was--and still is--back in high school. Her best friend Erasa had thought he was beautiful, other girls couldn't seem to keep their eyes off of him, and then that orange-haired girl had bribed him to go out with her or she'd tell everyone his big secret…that he wore teddy-bear underwear. Videl laughed at the memory----and laughed harder when she found the 'famous' underwear in the laundry just recently.

Her mind returned to the frozen lake, and the desire to ice skate returned. She remembered the last time she ice skated with Gohan…

"C'mon, Gohan," Videl encouraged on the ice, her hands on her waist. People skated by, eyeing the young teenage couple. Gohan only continued to sit on the bench, looking sheepish with the ice skates on. She threw her hands up in the air with exasperation. "Fine. I'm not going to ruin my day just because you don't want to skate." With that, she skated away.

As she skated along the sides of the rink, she watched Gohan from the corner of her eyes. He sat there with his elbows leaning on his knees, and his chin on his hands. Sadly he watched people skate by as they laughed and talked. For a moment Videl felt sorry for him.

Until two girls skated up to him and sat beside him on the bench. Videl felt the jealousy rising in her. As she neared them, she slowed her pace and tried to overhear the conversation they were having. The two girls were so into their conversation with Gohan that they didn't realize how slow Videl was moving.

"So why is a cutie like you sitting here all alone?" the blond haired girl said a little to close to his face. Gohan moved uncomfortably in his seat, but didn't move his head to the other side for if he did, he'd have collided with the other girl.

"I don't feel like skating, that's all." He said with a nervous chuckle.

"But you look so sad," the other girl said, her hair being pink and curly.

"Come skate with us," blondie said as she moved up her hands to take hold of his upper arm. She got up and began pulling on him. Pinkie did the same with his other arm. Of course, Gohan resisted.

The two perky girls began to giggle, fluttering their eyes as they looked at him flirtatiously.

When she couldn't take it anymore, Videl intervened. "Hey." She said in a dark curt voice. The two girls quickly looked at her. "You wanna let go of my boyfriend?"

Gohan looked at Videl. "Oh, hi, Videl!"

"Videl Satan?" the two girls gasped to each other. They quickly let go of Gohan. "I'm sorry, I didn't know he was with you," blondie quickly said as she and her friend began to skate away.

"Yeah, sorry! You two have fun!" Pinkie said. Just as they were skating away, Videl and Gohan could hear them furiously talking to each other. "The tournament is over. She should just grow her hair. She looks like a guy like that. How can she snag a hottie like that?" blondie said. Then they were too far away from hearing distance.

Consciously, Videl touched her short black hair. Gohan noticed how sad she looked. "Don't listen to them, Videl," Gohan said cheerfully.

She quickly brought her arms down to her side with pride in her eyes, "What makes you think I care what they say?"

Gohan shook his head, knowing full well she was a little hurt by their words. "I think you look great with your hair short."

She humphed. "You suggested it. You said it would be easier to fly so that hair wouldn't get in my face."

"True. But I like it short. I can see your face better." Surprise!

Videl was taken aback by what he said. Then she began to blush, completely flattered. Gohan noticed the silence and began to squirm in his seat uncomfortably again. Laughing, Videl reached out and pulled on his hand, bring him to his feet. "It's time to skate."

He slid into the ice, not once letting go of Videl's hand. He was very stiff, staring at the ice. "I don't know how to skate."

Another surprise! "You know how to fly, but not skate?"

"I never bothered to learn." Gohan said just as she skated away from him. His arms waved around him as he fell back on his butt. He blushed when people looked at him, but Videl only laughed. Skating up to him, she helped him up.

"Watch my feet and follow, ok? And you can hold on to me if you want." She giggled. "This will be like a payback for the time you taught me how to fly. Now I'll teach you how to skate."

Videl remembered how stiff and awkward he moved that day as they circled the rink. She had laughed every time he began to stumble when people whizzed by. But he had laughed when she got jealous every time women did beautiful techniques on the ice to show off to Gohan; to get his attention. He'd commented on them, not realizing she didn't like it until he turned and looked at her red angry face.

As they skated, it was probably basically Gohan holding onto Videl as she led him. Never before did Videl feel so happy because she had thought Gohan was almost perfect that he didn't need anyone. But then he had needed her to hold onto as they skated.

Now, as she stared at the frozen lake outside, she sighed miserably. Behind her, Gohan spoke, "What's the matter?"

Videl turned around and looked at him. He was holding onto a book, and on the table before him were large stacks of thick books. His glasses slid down his nose, and Videl smiled when he lifted his finger to push it back up.

"Nothing," she said simply, "I just want to ice skate."

"Then why don't you do that?"

"I don't want to alone."

"Oh." He simply shrugged then went back to stick his nose into the book. She sighed sadly then looked out the window again. A few minutes went by when suddenly, something landed beside her and she looked down. Pink ice skates. She turned around in surprise and saw Gohan holding onto blue ice skates. Excitedly, she grabbed them, and with him, ran outside.

She slid to a stop before the frozen lake and hurriedly put on the ice skates, first kicking off her boots. Just as she was about done tying the laces, Gohan sat next to her and started putting on his own skates. Not even waiting for him, she jumped onto the ice and skated.

As she skated, she started doing beautiful techniques on the ice as she jumped and spun that would dumbfound viewers into silence. She stopped to see if Gohan noticed her.

But to her surprise she saw Gohan skating around oh-so-very gracefully. It was totally different from when he was just a teenager who had clung to her the whole time they skated.

"Well," she said a little disappointed with the fact that he didn't need her anymore, "Looks like you learned."

He shrugged then did a quadruple jump and landed perfectly. "Show off." She said under her breath and she watched him.

"What did you say?" he asked when he came closer to her.

"Nothing." She humphed and then skated away from him. But it seemed that every time she did, he easily caught up with her. She kept moving, and he kept following beside her that it became a race of speed.

Annoyed, she stopped as he skated by her and stopped a few feet away. She stared at his feet, wondering how they had learned so suddenly to skate. "Did you learn secretly to skate?"

Her eyes were glued on his feet with disdain that she didn't realize how nervous he looked suddenly. "No." he said.

Suddenly, Videl squinted her eyes at his feet, as if she discovered something. Either she was imagining it, or she indeed saw it. She looked a little closer, and even had to skate a little closer when Gohan began skating away. Knowing what she saw to be true, she straightened her back and started laughing so hard that she fell back on her bottom. When she recovered, she pointed at him accusingly, her arm shaking with mirth. "You cheat! You aren't even touching the ice! You've been flying the whole time!!"