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Path of Power and Destiny

Chapter 1

" YOU SHOOT ME IN THE HEART SON!!!!" Screamed John Winchester in unbridled agony where he lay on the dirty floor of the cabin, with a bullet wound in his leg and The Demon still inhabiting his body.

" Sam no." Whispered Dean Winchester from where he lay bleeding against the fall wall, fighting with everything he had to stay conscious against the very grevious wound he'd suffered mere minutes ago.

" HE'S STILL IN ME, I CAN FEEL IT. YOU SHOOT ME SAM!!!" Screamed John once again.

Sam Winchester stood rooted to the spot, not knowing what the hell he should do. His hands shook where they held the Colt, the gun aimed at his father's chest.

" SAMMY!!!" Screamed John.

" Sammy." Whispered Dean.

Sam felt his heart constrict.

It felt like his soul was being pulled and torn in two opposite directions. His ears rung with the voices of his brother and father.

SAMMY. Sammy. SAMMY. Sammy. SAMMY. Sammy. SAMMY. Sammy. SAMMY. Sammy.

The voice kept churning and churning inside Sam's head, slowly growing in tempo and urgency until they reached a cresendo.


Then, Sam's mind went totally blank as that which was once dormant inside him, came to life.

John and Dean both watched as Sam's face went from terrified to suddenly and utterly blank.

They watched as Sam lowered the Colt away from where he's had it pointed at John. The weapon hung loosely at Sam's side as he stood there, just staring blankly at his father.

" Sammy?" Whispered Dean, his quickly fading mind at a loss for what was unfolding before him.

John stared up at his youngest son with confused and painfilled eyes.

What the hell was going on?

Then, for a brief second, there was only an utter and still silence. Nothing moved save for chests heaving in agony.

Suddenly, a low, primal growl rumbled through the silence.

John and Dean both felt their blood freeze in their veins when they realized the growl had come from Sam.

Then, John let out another scream of agony as the Demon still inside him tried once again to gain full control of the eldest Winchester's body.

It was then that the blankness of Sam's face was wiped away and replaced... with a look of pure, unadultered rage and hatred, all of which were directed at the being that had hurt his family so badly.

John watched with terror as his youngest son's eyes, which were moss green and filled with innocence, turn to an icy shade of blue, they stared down at him, cold and inhuman.

They were glowing.

" Sammy?" Whispered John, knowing that something was very wrong with his youngest child.

He let out a yelp of pain and surprise when he felt a pulse of some unknown energy crash through his entire body, pinning him to the floor.

Then, Sam's lips parted and he spoke words in a voice deep and so cold, the air around him lost all warmth.

" Get. The hell. Out. Of my Dad. You son of a bitch." Growled Sam throught gritted teeth and clenched jaw before his glowing, ice blue eyes widened as another pulse of energy shot from him.

This pulse was ten times stronger than the one that had pinned John to the floor.

" GAH!" Screamed John as the pulse passed through him. This time, he screamed no just in agony, but also because, the Deamon inside him was being brutally forced out.

The black mist rose from John's mouth and nostrils. When the black mist was completely out of John's body, it swirled around the ceiling in a dark cloud of malice and evil.

" So Sammy boy, you wanna take me on?" Came the mocking, demonic voice from within the cloud.

The Demon's answer was not in words, but in power and a look of pure hatred passed across Sam face before he let out a violent, earthshattering scream of rage, accompanied by a blinding blue light beam of psychic energy that shot forth from Sam's chest and careened itself like a torpedo at the black mist.

The beam made a direct hit into the mist, the crackling sound of electricity filling the already charged air.

Then, an unearthly scream shattered the air as the Demon now felt agony beyond words.

John and Dean Winchester watched in horrified awe at what was unfolding before them.

" LEAVE OR I WILL KILL YOU RIGHT HERE AND NOW! " Screamed Sam, his voice booming and enraged.

" THIS IS FAR FROM OVER SAMUEL WINCHESTER!" Screamed the Black Mist before it bellowed and sucked itself through the old and rotting wood of the cabin, disappearing into the night.

Then there was stillness once more as the Winchester's found themselves alone... but alive.

John and Dean both let out moans of pain as the severity of their wounds was once again remembered.

John looked up to see his youngest son stand with his head bowed, bangs covering the inhuman eyes that were not Sam's innocent, moss green ones.

" Sammy?" Grunted Dean as he tried to sit up, a pool of blood forming beneath him.

" Son?" Whispered John, feeling fear grip his heart once more as he stared at his child.

After what seemed a life age of the earth, Sam looked up to meet his father's very worried gaze.

John inhale sharply when he saw that Sam's eyes were still an unnatural, icy blue, but they no longer glowed and were brimming with unshed tears, his son's face was no longer twisted and marred with rage and hatred, instead, the expression could only be described as... utterly lost and devastated.

Then, a single, solitary tear escaped from Sam's eye, carving a river down his cheek before it slid off his skin, a tiny droplet that fell to the dusty floor.

Sam let out a small, shaky breath as more tears escaped his eyes.

Them, his face hardened in concentration and his eyes once again ignited in an ethereal glow.

John let out a gasp as yet another pulse of energy passed through his injured body. However, this pulse did not fill him with agony, it was gentle, almost a soft caress, it filled his abused body with a soothing warmth and he felt a deep, underlying emotion withing the wave of energy... Love.

It was then that John notice the pain from the bullet wound in his leg begin to discipate. John propped himself up onto his elbows to get a better look at his leg and was astonished to see that the wound was rapidly repairing itself.

John's gaze shot back up to meet Sam's tearful gaze. He was about to speak when Sam let out a small grunt of pain as his knees buckled beneath him.

Dean's dimming eyes suddenly grew wide from where he lay on the floor as he saw the tell-tale stain of red marring his baby brother's jeans-clad leg.

The wound that John had suffered was now being bourn by Sam.

" Sammy! " Cried out John as he tried to pull himself to his feet, but his legs felt like jelly at the moment.

Sam let out a small gasp of pain from where he knelt, trembling against the blinding pain that now radiated from his leg. With a small whimper he turned to face Dean where he lay, his eyes that were still the color of ice and now filled with agony as he stared at his dying older brother.

" D-Dean..." Whispered Sam before his eyes were once again alight, another wave of energy cascaded from Sam's being, the wave directed this time, at Dean.

Dean let out a small grunt as the wave passed through him, then like with his father, the pain slowly melted away. Dean watched with wide eyes as the many wounds the Demon had inflicted on him closed and vanished, leaving behind no trace of ever existing.

Dean felt a small, relieved smile tug at the corners of his lips, but that smile died when John screamed.


Dean looked up in time to see the blood erupt from Sam's chest like a gyser, his baby brother let out a gurgled scream as blood bubbled up from his throat and spilled out of his mouth as he crumbled onto the floor in a broken heap.

" SAMMY! " Screamed Dean as he used every ounce of his will to pull himself to his feet, John doing the same as both men rushed to their baby's side.

They watched as Sam's eyes slowly turned from icy blue back to their normal moss green, filled with indescribable agony as he stared up at the faces of his family looming over him.

Dean watched in horror as his baby brother struggled to breath through the blood clogging his throat.

John was at a loss for what to do, and he still had yet to fully comprehend what had happened.

He was snapped out of his trance when Sam's painfilled whisper caught his ear while Dean was applying pressure to one of the many bleeding wounds that now graced his body.

" D-Dad... Dad I..." Sam struggled with each syllable as he stared at his father's shell-shocked face.

" Shhh Sammy, just take it easy, you'll be just fine son." Said John with a fake smile before he looked to Dean.

" C'mon, we have to get him to the hospital."

" What the hell just happened? What the hell's goin on?" Yelled Dean before Sam let out another painfilled breath that ended in a moan as more blood spilled from his wounds.

" Now's not the time for questions." Barked John before he slid his arms under the bleeding form of his son, pulling the six feet and four inches against his chest before with a loud grunt, he climbed to his feet, craddling Sam as though he were still a young boy and not the twenty something year old man he really was.

" C'mon." Yelled John as he made his way out of the cabin, being careful not to jostle the precious bundle in his arms moaning and whimpering as he was carried by his father.

Dean sprinted past them, the keys to the Impala jingling lightly as he all but ripped them out of his back jeans pocket.

In an instant, the three Winchester's found themselve in the Impala, speeding down a deserted highway, Dean in the driver's sear, dividing his attention between the road and glancing at the rearview where his father sat craddling Sam's grieviously injured body against his chest.

John stared down at his son's tearfull, painfilled eyes and found his own eyes burning.

Sam coughed up more blood before he spoke, managing only a whisper.

" D-Dad... Pl-please don't be... Mad at... M' sorry." He paused as he coughed up more blood.

" Oh Sammy." Whispered John as he didn't bother to fight the tears that now fell from his eyes. He did bite back the nausea of having to feel his son's blood slowly seeping into his clothes as he held him close.

From where he sat driving, Dean had heard his baby brother's plaintiff whisper and found himself blinking back tears of his own. But he quickly swallowed them back, now was not the time to fall apart.

" Sammy, just take it easy. You're gonna be just fine." Called Dean as he continued to drive frantically.

They had to save Sam.

John gently hugged his son, carding a hand through the long, chocolate brown strands of hair.

" You got nothin to be sorry for Sammy, nothin." Said John.

" Oh god, my baby boy's dying." Was the thought that passed through the eldest Winchester's mind before he looked up at his other son.

" Dean, can you go any faster?" He barked.

" Dad, I'm goin as fast as I can... GodDamnitt." Swore Dean, frustrated that he could make the car go any faster.

Things were slowly beginning to fade for Sam as he loosely gripped the collar of his father's shirt with a shaky hand. The strength to stay awake was quickly leaving him.

As he stared out the window into the night with dimming eyes, he sensed something was very wrong.

As he continued to stare, he caught a small glint of something metallic and very big lurking in the moving shadows. He sensed a dark, manicing preassence.

The Demon.

" N-no..." Whispered Sam before he began to struggle feebly against his father's hold.

" SAMMY STOP!" Yelled John as he tried to gently restrain his son from injuring himself further.

" NOOOOOOO!!!!" Screamed Sam as his eyes once again turned the color of ice and ignited with power.

Everything seemed to become slow motion after Sam screamed.

The monsterous front of the Semi-truck with the driver under the Demon's control was almost on top of the Impala, ready to ram itself into the side of the car when an invisible force seemed to stop it dead in it's tracks.

Sam let out a violent scream as a final jolt of psychic energy erupted out from within him.

John and Dean watched as the Semi-Truck was literally bounced backwards, away from them, disappearing into the night the same way it had materialized.

Sam took a moment to smirk at his handiwork before he lost the fight to stay conscious, his eyes rolled up into the back of his head as he fell back against his father and lay limp and unmoving.

Utterly and totally still.

" Sammy?" Cried John as he gently shook the unresponsive body in his arms.

Dean turned in his seat to stare at his horrified father and the deathly still young man he was holding against his chest.

" SAMMY!!!!!"