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Chapter 35

The sun slowly peaked over the horizon, bathing the world in a soft, warm glow.

It signaled the start of a new morning over Lawrence, Kansas.

The lightly slowly seeped in through through the windows of Missouri Mosely's house.

A pair of blue-green eyes fluttered open as sleep left them. They blinked several times as the woman they belonged to became aware of her surroundings.

It was a new morning, she was at home, the werewolf hunt the night before had gone off without a hitch, and she was currently laying in bed with her bare back pressed against a solid, male chest.

Alkaya felt a happy little smile slowly spread across her face as she felt a still sleeping Sam's warm breath tickle the back of her neck. The arm he had wrapped around her tightened its hold as though out of instinct as Sam shifted closer to the woman sharing the bed with a small sigh.

The woman bit back a chuckle at the sleeping man spooning up behind her.

Here he was, Samuel Morgan Winchester, an all powerful hunter of all things supernaturally evil, with psychic abilities and powers that were constantly expanding and evolving... who was still a huge fan of cuddling before breakfast.

Alkaya allowed herself to enjoy the warmth enveloping her before remembering the pressing daily morning rituals that needed to be addressed.

With a small grumble, Alkaya turned onto her other side, the movement doing nothing to rouse the young man from his slumber.

Alkaya lay for a few seconds, contemplating the best course of action as she stared at Sam's sleeping face.

" Hmm, I wonder what would be the perfect way to wake Sammy Sleepyhead up?" Thought Alkaya as she carefully pushed herself up with her elbow.

She gazed down as Sam, contemplating for a moment before a grin spread across her face, the perfect idea springing to mind.

Alkaya leaned down and gently pressed her lips to Sam's.

At first, there was nothing, but after a few seconds, Alkaya smiled as she felt Sam's lips move against hers, deepening the kiss, his large hands seeking out the smooth, flawless skin of Alkaya's bare back, pulling her flush against him.

The two enjoyed each other for several long minutes before Alkaya minutely opened her blue green eyes as they ignited with power, glowing a milky blue-white as the woman made good on her vow of waking Sam up.

" HEY!!!" exclaimed Sam as he sharply pulled away from Alkaya, and her now ice-cold lips.

Best way to wake sleepyhead up: The Sub-zero Smooch

Alkaya collapsed backwards into the pillows laughing good and harty while an indignant Sam glared as her crossly.

But Alkaya paid him no heed as she continued to giggle at Sam's expense.

Sam sat, crossly at the frigid wake-up call he'd received moments earlier.

But, as he gazed at the giggling mother of his son, he felt his indignance rapidly being replaced by something else, something way better.

Alkaya's giggles were abruptly cut off and replaced with a sharp gasp as she found herself being firmly yanked up by her wrists in one fluid motion.

She collided with Sam's solid chest with a small 'Oof'.

Alkaya opened her mouth to make a smart comment about how her lips hadn't been that cold when she'd kissed him when the ability to talk was temporarily taken from her as Sam's mouth covered her own.

Before she could even respond to the kiss, she made a small, startled noise as a searing heat jolted through her entire body, eminating from where her lips were joined with Sam's and speading from there to the very top of her scalp to the very tips of her fingers and toes.

Sam was returning the gesture from earlier, his eyes minutely flashing blue-white, but instead of ice, there was only white hot fire as he kissed Alkaya deeply, using just a little more power than she had.

Sam felt happy satisfaction as he felt Alkaya go limp in his hold, his muscled arms having no problem holding all of her weight.

With a small smirk against the lips still pressed to his own, Sam moved his hands, carefully peeling back some of the bedsheet Alkaya had wrapped around her torso to cover herself. Sam slowly splayed his large mitts over the smooth skin of Alkaya's back beneath the many thousands of braids of ebony black hair.

Alkaya jerked away with a gasp, breaking the kiss as she felt Sam's hands radiate with an ever more intense heat that penetrated into the flesh of her back.

Sam watched is awe as the lovely woman in his arms arched into the smoldering palms of his hands that were gliding wantonly over her flawless back.

With a small exhale, Alkaya looked back to meet Sam's burning gaze.

" Didn't... D-Didn't you get... enough last night?" Asked Alkaya quietly, her voice hoarse, almost as whisper.

Before Alkaya could even blink, she found herself flat on her back with Sam looming over her, gazing down at her with a fiery hunger burning bright and well within his moss green eyes.

" Alkaya Duncan, that was a very stupid question to ask." Growled Sam, enjoying the way Alkaya tried, and failed to hide the tiny shudder that passed through her at the deep timbre of his voice.

Then with another low growl, Sam reached out with a hand, his fingers seeking out the bedsheet Alkaya was wearing.

His digits curled around the cloth and yanked it away in one fell swoop.

" Hey w-wait a second Sam! We don't have time to- Mmphh!" Alkaya's protests were abruptly silenced by Sam's mouth covering her own. All Alkaya could do was respond in kind as Sam's solid body settled over hers.

" Just let me make love to you Big Mouth, Dad, Dean, and Missouri aren't even up yet, and it's still a good forty five minutes before Tristan's nursing time." Echoed Sam's voice through the psychic link while he continued to ravish Alkaya's lips.

" Okay Bean Stalk, half an hour won't hurt." Answered back Alkaya in the same way as her arms encircled Sam's neck, the long fingers of one of her hands stroking through the long, dark chocolate brown locks of Sam's hair while with the fingertips of her other hand, she drew random symbols over his shoulders as she kissed him back with equal ferver.

The two of them disolved into each other, the rest of the world temporarily fading away into the background.

Half an hour later...

" Quit it with the Octopus act Sammy." Commanded Alkaya firmly as she deftly extricated herself from Sam's long, clingy arms.

There was mild disappointment painted across Sam's face as he released Alkaya but the look quickly passed, knowing that a certain blue-green eyed baby down the hall would be wanting mommy soon.

Sam watched, laying on his stomach across the bed with the sheets covering his lower half as Alkaya, still beautifully naked, scuttled about their bedroom, quickly donning a flowing, deep red bath robe before grabbing a handfull of clothes.

Before she all but ran out the room to get to the bathroom for a mandatory and much needed shower, she paused at the door and glanced over Sam's sprawled form.

Sam gazed up at her with his chin resting over his crossed forearms, a boyish grin spreading across his lips.

Alkaya couldn't help but smile back before with a small duck of her head, she was out the door and down the hall, she did have only fifteen minutes after all.

" God I love that woman." Whispered Sam to himself before he decided on dozing for a little bit longer.

He and Dean had to go in to work today at 10:00, right now it was only 7:30.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Alkaya made quick work taking a shower and getting dressed thanks to a little supernatural intervention.

She was in and out of the bathroom in under five minutes flat, fully dressed in sweats and one of Sam's overly large button-up shirts.

She quietly made her way to her son's nursery and paused at the door.

" Vestri Muneris es Presto." She said quietly. (Your services are fulfilled.)

There was a small flash as the energy sheild that had stood guard over Tristan's nursery the entire night melted away for the day, it's duties done.

With a smile, Alkaya opened the door and walked over the threshold to her beloved son.

The mother's smile widened ten-fold as she came to stand beside the rail of the hand-carved mahogany crib and look down at the precious being it held within.

There lay Tristan Dean Ozzy Winchester, still serenely oblivious to the world in sleep as he lay on his back with his baby blanket cacooned around him.

Alkaya stood there, perfectly content to just stare at her baby for a while.

After admiring her little munchkin for a few minute, Alkaya reached out and gently cupped her son's head, her thumb gently stroking back and forth over the smooth curve of his baby forehead.

" It's time to wake up now Love." Said Alkaya softly.

Alkaya's soft smile turned into a full grin as she watched and felt Tristan stir beneath her hand.

Big Blue-green eyes identical to his lovely mother's slowly fluttered open and blinked away a good nights sleep.

Alkaya let out a small laugh as she watched her infant son yawn with all his might, a spitting image of his uncle Dean actually.

The woman watched her son stretch and move about, one of his tiny hands finding the side of her wrist where her hand still cupped his head.

" Hey there little man." Sighed Alkaya as she reached down and picked her baby boy.

In three short months he'd already grown so much.

Tristan gazed up at his mother and gave her his best toothless grin, one of his tiny hands reaching out and gripping a few of Alkaya's long black braids.

Cradling her son in her arms, Alkaya made her way over to the rocking chair beside the changing table and took a seat.

With one hand she unbuttoned her shirt and carefully guided her son to her breast.

Tristan immediately latched on and began to nurse, his appitite in full swing.

Alkaya merely smiled down at her son, enjoying this quiet moment before breakfast would be in full swing.

Half an hour later...

Alkaya and Missouri were both bustling around the kitchen getting breakfast ready for the five grown ups of the house.

Between the two of them and their fantastic cooking skills, these two women had the three Winchester men hooked.

And, getting the table ready was a snap thanks in part to a little thing called Telekineses.

After three months, inanimate objects suddenly taking flight had become just another occurance within the household.

Alkaya had just finished the last omlet when the first hungry man wanting breakfast made his presence known.

" Mornin' Ladies." Grumbled John with a yawn as he shuffled over to the table.

He looked to be still half asleep with a very severe case of bedhead as he sank into a chair at the end of the dinning table.

" Morning John." Smiled Missouri.

" Morning Grampa Bear." Grinned Alkaya.

Both women were very amused by the oldest Winchester's frazzled appearance but, since he had the day off from work, it figured he was entitled to look as haggard as he wanted in the morning like any normal human being who hadn't had their first mug of coffee yet.

" I'm not a bear." Grumbled John as he sat absentmindedly scratching his bearded chin.

" No, but you sure do resemble one at the moment John Winchester." Teased Missouri as she sent the scruffy patriarch a goodnatured smirk.

John bit back a smart comeback to the plump woman's quip out of not wanting to end up being denied his breakfast as punishment.

Alkaya chuckled as she set down a freshly made pot of coffee, which John immediately pounced on, eagerly pouring himself a mug-full.

A couple minutes later, the sounds of someone coming down the steps was heard as another one of the Winchester men made his presense known.

" Morning all." Called Dean, dressed and ready for work in his mechanic's uniform, looking like just a regular Joe starting an honest day of living and working.

A "regular Joe" who also happened to be a member of a family of some of the best hunters within the world of Supernatural hunters.

" Morning son." Greeted John.

" Morning Hun." Greeted Missouri.

" Morning Dude." Greeted Alkaya.

Dean plopped down into his usual chair and reached out for the coffee pot, snagging a freshly baked blue-berry muffin as well.

As he sat there munching on said muffin, Dean couldn't help but think of all this as something somewhat surreal.

Here he was sitting at a table, dressed and ready for a day of honest work at an auto shop, eating a phenominally good blue-berry muffin. Beside him sat his father, looking frazzled but actually well rested while he sipped his coffee and grumbled good-naturedly at a brightly grinning Alkaya.

Some days, Dean Winchester felt like he'd been sucked into whole other demension that was a combination of the Twilight Zone and Harry Potter, just without the British accents or the creepy music at the beginning of the opening credits of every original episode.

Dean would've been lost in his thoughts for the rest of the day at this point but he immediately snapped out of it when a tiny, baby hand suddenly came out of no where and latched onto his nose.

Dean jerked a little in surprise as he sharply turned his head to the right, dislodging the grip on his nose as he came face to baby face with his baby nephew...

Who happened to be floating at eye level with him in thin air.

This was indeed a first, a flying blue-eyed baby in the morning.

" Tristan wanted you to snap out of your trance Uncle Dean." Came the deep, very amused voice of Sam Winchester as he finally joined his family at the breakfast table, bringing baby Tristan with him.

John had nearly choked on the omlet he'd just begun to dig into when he'd first witnessed the sight of his three month old grandson float past his head over to his uncle.

The oldest Winchester turned sharply to see his youngest son, dressed in the same mechanic's uniform as his brother, his long dark hair pulled back in a tight ponytail, a mirth-filled smile across his lips as he eyed his stunned older sibling and his at the moment, airbourne baby son.

" Well, that's a first." Said Alkaya flatly before she sent Sam a look.

The younger Winchester brother merely smiled at her and shrugged as he took a seat opposite Dean.

Dean was doing a very fine impression of a dying fish when the floating baby before him cooed and gave him his best toothless grin, his tiny little arms reaching out, wanting to be held.

Like any person with a heart, Dean melted at that little grin and immediately reached out with no hesitance, tucking his hands under the babied arms, his palms and fingers gently encompassing Tristan's tiny body.

With a small, breathless laugh, Dean plucked his nephew out of thin air and held in up with his own to hands, feeling the baby's light, almost none existant weight.

Tristan's toothless grin widened, and he made happy little baby noises as his baby boottie covered feet kicked in excitement where they dangled over Dean's lap.

Dean felt the shock evaporate from his being completely as he found himself grinning back at the little person he was holding in his hands.

" Well, you succeeded in snapping uncle Dean out of his trance Ozzy-kins." Chuckled Dean as he brought the happy, gurgling baby to his chest and held him closem pressing his smiling lips to the top of his baby nephew's bald little head.

The other adults in the room all felt content and smiled at the sight of Uncle and nephew as they all sat down for Breakfast before the start of another day.

Oh yeah, this was definitely a combination of the Twilight Zone and Harry Potter.

But, that was just fine, because this combination was one filled with light, filled with laughter.

Above all, it was filled with love and life.

Love and life that were the best weapons for a future that was still very much uncertain.

After all, beyond this domestic bliss and relative peace, there was still a world of the Supernatural and the hunters that fought against it's evil with everthing they had.

Sam, Dean, John, Alkaya, and Missouri were all still very much away of the demons and the darkness of this world.

They hadn't forgotten an old enemy with yellow eyes, who had yet to be vanquished.

They hadn't forgotten at all.