The Accident- Sonic and Amy's Mistake

By InuSonishaUnlimited

Disclaimer: I don't own SEGA. Rated M or MA for the following: Sexual Content. Yeah, that's it. Standard Sonic x Amy fanfic here, went back to basics.

Final Chapter: Epilouge

A Month Has Passed: Sonic's POV (The whole way, FYI)

I wake up and head out early, with a notion to go see everyone before the sun went down. No particular reason, just felt like it was a nice idea. I kiss Amy, who is asleep, and Araes, who is asleep in her room, before heading out the door. I head over to Club Rouge, where Shadow was staying with Rouge. I enter and notice that the club is empty and head upstairs, where Shadow and Rouge are busy with some love-making. I just knock on the door, since I can hear them from outside the room. "Coming!" I hear Rouge saying, opening the door with her bed sheets wrapped around her. "Oh, Sonic. What brings you here?" she asks as Shadow stands beside her. "Just wanted to say Hi and I wanted to know how things are going." I tell her. "Hey." Shadow says, pounding my hand. "I interrupted your moment, right?" I ask, recieving a laugh from Rouge and not much from Shadow, which is typical. "Well, that's all. I'll catch you guys later, okay?" I tell them. "All right, take care, Sonic." Rouge tells me. "Yeah, catch you later." Shadow says before I'm out. I can already tell that they got right back into it after I left, I can see the shadows from the window.

My next point of interest is with Knuckles and Liana, his girlfriend. They were both sitting near the Master Emerald, smiling to each other and then to me. "Hey guys." I tell them. "Sonic, you guys came back! We heard about what happened up there." Knuckles says. "Yes, are you all okay?" Liana asks. "Yeah, we're all okay. It wasn't an easy struggle, but...we had no other option." I tell them. "Must've been hard, but you knew what you had to do." Knuckles says. That thought alone is what helped me do it, the fact that I knew what needed to be done and so did everyone else. "Yeah, that's true..." I tell him. "So what brings you around?" Liana asks me. "Just visiting. I'm going everywhere today." I tell her. "Well, I hope everything can be all right for you." Knuckles says. "I'm sure things will be okay now, with that threat gone." Liana says. "Probably. Well, I'll catch you guys later!" I tell them, waving to them as I run to my next stop, over to Tails' place.

I saw Silver and Strike hanging out, not doing much, by the waterfall. "Hey, Silver! Strike!" I yell, the both of them turn and wave. "Hey there, Sonic." Silver says. Strike simply smiles to me, since she doesn't talk too much. I know what she means by it, so it's no big deal at all. "Strike is looking well." I tell her. "Yeah, she's been pretty good nowadays. She must've learned something pretty good from up there." Silver says. "Probably the lesson of family and friendships. Since she's basically a collaboration of all our skills, that makes her a part of us...a part of our family." I tell him. "Our family..." Silver says. "Yeah, it seems weird, but we are all a family, in one way or another." I say to him, to which Strike nods in agreement. "Off to see the baby?" Silver asks. "Yeah, I'm a little curious as to how Cosmo faired, I know that Tails was a little down when I saw him last." I tell him, entering Tails' house shortly. The absence of any sound makes me nervous, but I still go in.

"Tails? Cosmo?" I asks, looking over to see the two of them sitting on the couch, happy faces on them as they look at their child. They said it was a boy, a two-tailed light-green fox with a hairstyle similar to Cosmo. His tails have flowers at the end of them and the fur on his chest is golden. "Wow, he looks great. How'd you do?" I ask them. "Sonic, hi. Barely noticed you entered." Tails says. "Hi, Sonic. I'm all right now." Cosmo says. "That's good to hear. What did the doctor say?" I ask. "He said that the baby is a special child, but that Cosmo will need to be inside for a while." he tells me. "He said the procedure was a little different, given my species." she says. "Must've been a nerve-wrecking experience." I tell them. "It was a little scary, I wasn't sure how either Cosmo or the baby were going to pull through...but they did." Tails tells me. "I'm glad to hear that. Oh, what's his name?" I ask them. "Grove, like the places in nature." Tails tells me. "Nice name. Well, I gotta get going." I tell him. "More visitation?" Cosmo asks me. "Yeah, two more places, then I'm going back to Amy and Araes." I tell them before heading out the door.

The GUN HQ went under some pretty strange changes. For one, the place was bigger, but the interior had a mix of appearances. Probably based on White Princess's, Dark-Eyes' and Gaia's personalities. The soldiers had nicer, more appealing uniforms and better weaponry and the mechs looked more threatening, if not similar in scariness to the Lifeshotz. When I entered, I noticed a secretary that wasn't there before. "Uh, what happened to the regular secretary?" I ask her. "Oh...she's, like, somewhere else today, I'm just temporary." she says, not really looking to me at first. When she sees me, she already knows what to do. "Oh my god, it's Sonic the Hedgehog! Do you, like, want to see the bosses?" she asks. "Yeah, that's the plan." I tell her. Well, a fun-filled five minutes of searching and I head up to the top floor, where White Princess, Dark-Eyes and Gaia are discussing something. They stop talking and rush over to me, Gaia getting me with an NFL-style tackle before White Princess amd Dark-Eyes join in the fray. Playful fighting ensues and a few minutes later, I'm back on my feet. "It's nice to see you guys again." I tell them.

"Thank you for visiting us. We've been on a couple of things, recently." White Princess says. "We've increased the capabilities of GUN soldiers and outfitted them with better weaponry and uniforms. Also, we've been training them heavily so that they can be ready for any situation." Dark-Eyes tells me. "Wow, that sounds really good." I tell them. "They're able to respond to situations much faster, making your life a little easier." White Princess explains. "Big Sis is doing everything she can to give back to the world." Gaia says. "You guys...that's so wonderful." I tell them. "It's the least we can do, especially after that whole episode of bipolarity with Big Sis and all..." Dark-Eyes says. "Well, I got one more place to visit. Probably the hardest one..." I tell them. " shouldn't strain yourself to do this." Dark-Eyes says. "I know, but it's kinda a promise. Well, catch you all later!" I say, heading to the door. "Oh, Dark-Eyes! When you're free, let me know, okay? We can hang out!" I tell her at the door. "Okay, thank you! See you later, Sonic." she says, a nice smile on her face. "Sonic, I can't thank you enough for being so sweet to Dark-Eyes." White Princess says. "It's not a problem. Well, see ya around." I tell her, heading to my last stop.

The Final Egg base in the Jungle of the Mystic Ruins hasn't changed at all, except for some plant growth overrunning the structure a bit. The robots have that under control, but it does happen every once in a while. They let me enter, with a keycard to Eggman's last room, the room where he...where he died. I go inside and set a flower on the same, blood-covered desk where he sat. "Eggman...I...I don't know if you can hear me...but...but I'm a daddy now. Amy had a girl...and everything is peaceful now. There are a few moments here and there, but...but otherwise, problems." I say, choking a bit and trying my hardest to hold back my tears. " yeah, just...just wanted to drop these off here...and wondered how you've been...? I...I know you can't answer me directly, but if you're doing fine...then that's good to me. It''s funny...this guy...he...he tried to pull a similar act...that your grandfather did...I didn't know what to think except...that he was the same you..." I say, unsure how long I could to this before I broke down. "So anyway...I gotta...I gotta head home now...but...I don't want you to...forget your place here...and to not forget me...since I know I won't...Bye, Eggman." I say, walking out and exiting the base, wiping my tears before I head back to Station Square.

Once there, I enter Amy's apartment and head upstairs, seeing Araes dead asleep. There's very little that can wake her up, a trait she got from me. Amy looks to me with a smile as I enter her bedroom. "Hey, how did it go?" she asks me. "Pretty nicely. I visited everyone, including Eggman..." I tell her, still a little uneasy. " must be so hard going there like that." she says. "Yeah...but it's a promise...a promise I need to keep." I tell her. "Well, the baby is asleep..." she says, looking to me with an all-too-familiar expression. The both of us wanted it, we hadn't had it in a long while and now, while the baby was asleep, was as good a time as any. "Amy..." I say, my face moving closer to her own. "Come here already." she says, pulling me into her lips, a passionate, deep kiss beginning between us as we get each other's clothes off. I only had my gloves and shoes, she had her dress, boots, underwear, you know. For an extra sexy measure, she took her hairband off and let her quills flow through my fingers, still kissing me until she parted lips with me, holding my face with her hands. "I love your taste so much, Sonic...I've missed it." she says, smiling. "I missed yours too, Amy..." I tell her, smiling to her as well.

"Come it to me..." she says, laying back. I gently squeeze at her breasts, tweaking her nipples until they became hard. "Ahh...That's good..." she says as I start licking her breasts, sucking at her nipples after a while. She holds my head there, moaning with pleasure as I give her what she wants. I kiss down her body from there, kissing her belly and thighs before I reach her awaiting hole. When my tongue enters her, she lets out a slight scream. "That's good...really, really good...Sonic!..." she says as I keep her legs open, licking within her. She turns the tables on me afterwards, getting on me and kissing down my body until she reached my rod, already hardened from her mere touch. She starts licking it before sucking it, bringing sweet pleasure to me as she did so. "Amy...that feels...awesome...!" I tell her as she sucks faster before she takes it out. "Okay...Ohh!" she says as I push her on her front, onto the bed. I guide my fingers to her vagina, feeling within her. "Sonic...! Oh, that's...that's so good...!" she shouts, her bottom moving a lot as I keep feeling her. She positions herself on her back again and awaits my entrance.

"Sonic...I want it now...Fuck me..." she says, smiling while blushing to me. I show her a similar face before I finally enter her, a slight hiss of pain escaping the both of us. I grab her thighs and start thrusting at a quick rhythm, much to Amy's pleasure. "Ahh!...Yes!...Ohh!...Fuck yeah...!" she yells, her breasts bouncing in rhythm to my thrusts. "You're as warm as I remember inside, Amy...! Ohh!...Ugh!..." I tell her. "Sonic...I can go...faster...please do...!" she says, clutching the bedsheets as I increase my speed. Her moans and my groans echo in the room as I keep going, until she wants to be on top. I lay back as she positions herself at my rod, opening her vagina to push it in. "Ahhh!..." she yelps as it goes all the way in. "Are you...okay, Amy...?" I ask her. "Yes...I'm going to...move now." she says. I nod and feel her moving up and down, watching her breasts move with her. She grabs them and starts squeezing them as she moves. After a while, she collapses to my lips, holding my head as she kisses me again, her tongue gliding all over my mouth as she did so.

I grab hold of her bottom as she keeps moving while kissing me, parting lips with me and licking her saliva back as she grabs my shoulders. "Sonic...I love you so much...Nothing will ever tear us apart..." she tells me. "I love you, Amy...and I'll always love matter what happens..." I tell her. She pulls my penis out of her and moves off of me, pointing her bottom to me while she bends down. " love...put it in there..." she says, grabbing her bottom and opening her cheeks to show her anus. I slowly put it in before I push the whole thing in her, a loud gasp escaping her. "Ahhh!...Ahh!...Ahh!...Ohh!...Ahh!..." she moans as I push into her anus, her hands grabbing the sheets tightly as I go. "Sonic...go faster!...I can...take it, ahhhh! Ahhh!...Yes!...Incredible!..." she says, my speed increasing to total ridiculousness. With all the noise we were making, I was glad that Araes inhertited my dead-sleeping trait, otherwise she would be awake by now. She brings her arms up and I grab them, helping me push into her even quicker.

By now, she gets me on my back and lets me lick into her recently penetrated anus, rubbing my penis as I did so. "That tongue!...It's so good!...Deeper...faster...more, Sonic!..." she says, rubbing me faster. For a second, I almost felt like letting go, but I knew I could go on for as long as Amy wanted. Her clock was in my eyesight and I could see that we were at this for about two hours and ten minutes by now. I wasn't sure how much longer she wanted to go on for, but I didn't care, as long as I could make her happy. She moves back and pushes my member into her anus again, going at it with her back to my face. "Ohh!...Oh man!...Amy...!" I yell out, her fast and hard movements getting to me. "Yes...Ahhh!...Oh, I love it...!...I love it, Sonic...!" she tells me, finally turning to me until I put her on her back, entering her one last time from her vagina and going from there. It's not long after that when I feel it coming more so than ever, a feeling unable to be contained.

"Amy...I can't go...on anymore! I'm...I'm cumming!..." I yell out, still moving. "Cum with me, Sonic...Cum with me!...Fuck yeah!...Ahh!..." she yells out, rising up and wrapping her arms around my neck. "Oh man, it's too much!...Amy, I...I can't!..." I tell her, trying to come out. "Cum with me, Sonic!...Let me have it!...Give me all...of you!..." she yells, never releasing me from her grip. She lets me come out but pushes me down and lets me cum in her mouth, her fluids going down my throat as she cums as well. "Oh man...that was...that was...good, Amy..." I tell her while catching my breath. A solid four hours of hard sex, but it was pretty incredible. "I know...I loved every minute of it...It was incredible...after so long...without it." she tells me, smiling to me as she licks up her mouth. "That'll hold us...until the next time we can do it..." I tell her. "I'll believe it...although I'm sure...we can do it the morning...while we shower together...hmm?" she asks, circling her pinky on my chest. "I'll think about it..." I tell her, smiling. "Good night, Sonic...I love you..." she tells me, kissing me deeply. "I love you too, forever..." I tell her, returning the kiss. Our lips do not part, even after we both have gone to sleep, as her arms wrap around my body. I never want to let her go from my matter what happens, we'll always be together.

-Their Eternal Love, Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose. Well, that's the end of The Accident: Sonic and Amy's Mistake. I hope you've enjoyed it and if you want a sequel of some kind, let me know in your reviews. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this story and your reviews are constantly appreciated. Let's hope their eternal love for each other can be a lesson to many couples of what must be overcome to truly be in love forever. Although, chances are most couples won't need to save the world or anything like that.