Bella's Point of View

Slipping my short skirt on, I smoothed it over my legs so that the soft jean material lay perfectly over my thighs. Then I drew on my white camisole, followed by a sleeveless, deep V-neck blue cotton shirt over it. Cute, I decided. Making sure that my low pigtails was even and hung properly down to my waist, I used my fingers to brush my long bangs to the side of my face. I peered closer at the mirror in front of me. Dark, my eyes were dark. I needed to hunt soon so they would return to the golden shade I preferred.

Then Alice burst into my room, excited and energized. I growled at her as she began to rummage through my shirts. "What are you doing?" I demanded, as though I didn't already know.

Ummm… Borrowing a shirt obviously. Alice retorted mentally to my scowl.

"What happened to all those clothes you bought a month ago?" I asked.

"They are boring now." Like that was unexpected.

"Well, go shopping. Don't make a mess of my clothes!" Alice perked, a sly grin spreading across face.

"Great idea! I'll take you with me!" I groaned, throwing myself onto my black leather couch, pressing a pillow to my face and making a strangling sound. Knowing she'd won, Alice continued her expedition, finally emerging from the mess of clothes on the chair with a pink knit top. It was long-sleeved, and had a satin ribbon running around it under the chest.

"Ugh! You can have that shirt!" I told her.

"I don't know why you bought this shirt, if you don't even like it," Alice commented.

"I didn't. You bought it for me," I reminded her before adding, "And you're one to talk about discarding perfectly good clothes."

Jasper entered then, sweeping Alice into his arms and giving her a light kiss while she giggled.

"Please, leave, if you are going to get all irritating." They laughed and I stood, sweeping out of the room to sprint downstairs. I ran and plunked down next to Emmet. He put his arm around me and gave me a huge hug.

"Ugh! Emmet! Hair!" I pretended to care about my appearance. He released me with a laugh.

"You don't care about your hair, Bella" He knew me too well.

"Where's Rosalie?" I asked.

"Getting ready for another exciting day at Forks high."

"We're never going to leave."
"Don't complain. It's seven thirty! School doesn't start 'til eight!"

"You forgot something."

"What might that be?" he asked indifferently.

"I'm driving." Emmet groaned.

"Rosalie!" he yelled, even though it was unnecessary. "Bella's driving!"

Tell Emmet that I'm almost done and you guys can wait! Rosalie thought. I relayed the message, and Emmet started to protest. Then Jasper and Alice emerged from my room, and I glowered at them.
"You have your own room, you know," I reminded them sourly as they ran down the stairs.

"You managed not to trip," Alice pointed out, grinning at me. I didn't answer.

"Too bad," Matthew said as he too came down the stairs. "Now I can't catch you." I ignored him too, wishing I could lock myself in my room and not leave. Instead, I lead the way out to the car after Rosalie came down, stunning as usual in skin tight jeans and a blood-red tube top kept in dress code with a tight jean jacket.

Pulling into the school, I stepped out into the misty air, wishing it wouldn't rain so much, even though I enjoyed being able to go outside during the day. Matthew stepped out behind me and moved closer territorially. I stepped quickly out of reach, trying to keep my face clear of the irritation I felt.

"I hate driving slowly," Emmet complained.

"Seventy is perfectly fine," I sniffed, and started on my way to the sidewalk, ignoring the stares I received; I was getting somewhat used to them by now. Alice and Matthew kept pace behind. I slowed down to walk with Alice, but with my sister between Matthew and me. "I guess I'll see you guys at lunch," finally said as we reached the buildings. They nodded, and drifted away.

I sighed, and slipped into my seat in History. The next three periods dragged by, the way they always do when you've learned the material in the classes already, since this was my second year as a junior. Lunch was a relief to get to. My table was waiting for me the way it always was in the corner, Alice, Jasper, and Matthew already there. Emmet and Rosalie were probably outside alone. They occasionally did that. Without a word, I sat down and put my arms on the tables, each hand in the opposite crook of the elbow, and my head fell into the area created.

Bella? I tilted my head to the side ever so slightly so Alice would know I was listening.

Are you okay? An imperceptible shake of my head and Alice scooted closer, laying a comforting hand on my back.

Hey, Bella honey. Care to go out for dinner tonight? I know that it'll make your day. I lifted my head to snarl quietly at him, and he quieted, for the moment. I wanted our vampire visitor to disappear. With Matthew visiting from Alaska where he'd heard of us from the Denali clan, tension was high, as he asked me out and hit on me constantly. What our friends in Alaska saw in him, I had no idea. "He's so charming and sweet, and we promised him he could maybe visit you guys. Just for one year." I wanted to wring Irene's persuasive neck.

My head snapped to Alice in concern when I felt Alice stiffen. I could see her vision in my mind, and I paid close attention.

A shadowy group of four stood, sheltered and mysterious from the mist that swirled around their bodies. Then they were running. From a distance, they looked like blurs that sped across the plain, then through the woods. A single, golden eye flashed, along with several others that passed by quickly.

Alice gasped, and swayed from the force of the vision.

"What does it mean?" I asked. I knew part: four vampires were coming, apparently 'vegetarian'.

"They're coming tomorrow. They are friendly, and want to spend some time getting to know us," Alice whispered low and fast. At everyone's puzzled look, I cut in and explained. "Four vegetarian vampires are coming." Comprehension flickered across their faces. Alice bent low between Jasper and and me to hide from any prying eyes, and flipped over her cell phone, speed dialing Carlisle and informing him of the upcoming visitors. I wasn't paying attention to what they said, but tried to block out the voices of students, and they suddenly seemed to pound against my school in my apprehension and stress.