"Star, please, can we just-"

"Oh, you have some nerve, Robin. I must say of all of the mistrusting, insensitive, pig-resembling teenage males on this planet I expected you to be just a little bit above the norm!"

"I- what? Starfire, please tell me what's going on!"

"Ha! As if you would not know, Boy Wonder."

"What? No, actually, I don't!"

"I'm shocked! Then, Richard, let me spell it out for you. Batgirl!"

" How did you know my- Never mind. And what does she have to do with anything?"

"I do not understand reason to be playing the 'dumb' anymore Robin. It's obvious by the way you were all over her this morning."


"With the flirting and the eyes of the puppy dog and showing her all of the 'cool moves'- which I must add are not all that stunning- and then the Hey-Why-Don't-We-Invite-Her-For-Pizza-And-Ice-Cream-And-Every-Other-Fattening-Unhealthy-Disgusting-Earthly-Food!!! And not to mention, oh yes, I must have misplaced my thoughts, the WHY-DON'T-WE-ASK-HER-TO-STAY-FOR-XHAL-KNOWS-HOW-LONG!"

"I was trying to be nice! It's not her fault she can't get back to her house!"

"She is a superhero, friend Robin, just as we are. I am sure she is much able to take care of herself!"

"So that's it then. Every time a friend comes along in need we just ship them off saying, 'sorry, tough luck, have fun out on the streets'?"


"Star, what has gotten into you lately?"

"I should ask what has gotten into you!"

"What do you mean?"

"You are always being nice to me, helping me with Earthly manners, showing me the joys of your home planet and supporting me whenever I most need it. And yet every time another FEMALE superhero comes strutting along you ignore me and do all you can to please her!"

"Never mind, Star, I know what's wrong with you. You're just plain DELUSIONAL!"

"Well, yes, I suppose I am. I am delusional that there was anything but a platonic nature between us!"

"Well, obviously, seeing as you're so into all of the other guys."


"Aqualad, Red X-"

"How about you? Batgirl, Arella-"



"Kid Flash-"


"Red Star-"


"Beast Boy-"

"Wait, did you say RAVEN?!"


"That's completely absurd! I can't imagine even for a second that-"

"Beast Boy? That is impossible! Everyone knows that he belongs to-"

"-just plain disgusting that you would even consider! I mean-

"-And it would be much like dating my little brother! Oh, truly, you have some nerve, Robin, to even think that-"

"-How could I even like anyone but-"

"-You must know that the only one I admire is y-"

"---? It's crazy o think that there's any other one out there-"

"It must have been obvious that-"

"You really are delusional to think-"

"The only boy I am attracted to-"

"The only girl I've ever liked is-"

"-IS YOU!"







"Hey, Starfire?"

"Yes, Robin?"

"Wanna g-go for pizza…and ice cream, sometime?"


"Like a date?"

"…Yes, dear Robin, I would love to."

"Really? Because I wasn't really sure."