Disclaimer: As you might expect, I don't own the characters or anything associated with Final Fantasy VIII

Disclaimer: As you might expect, I don't own the characters or anything associated with Final Fantasy VIII. Those all belong to the people at Squaresoft.

Chapter 1 – The Return

It had been nearly a year since the end of the Sorceress War against Ultimecia. Ever since then, I'd been living in Fisherman's Horizon. It was the only place I could go that I wouldn't get kicked out of. That didn't mean that I was welcomed with open arms though. Mayor Bryant Dobe had approached me several times in the past year, telling me he wanted me to leave, but he'd never force me out. That guy was nothing but a whiner that wouldn't do a thing but get on my nerves. There were plenty of times I wanted to punch that guy right in the face, but everyone there hated me enough as it was, so I resisted.

To them, I was still the Sorceress' Knight, a villain, a criminal, and many other things. They never said it to my face, but I'd heard them whispering as I pass by. I think they were all still afraid of me. I'd attained the notoriety I'd always dreamed of, but it was bittersweet. Sure, I was famous and all, but what good was it if no one wanted to be anywhere near me? I had expected countless loyal followers, but instead I got countless enemies.

The only exception to all of that was Master Fisherman Greene. He didn't care what I'd done. It was all in the past, he said. So I spent a lot of time with him fishing. That was basically all he ever wanted to do. Greene taught me all there was to know about the town and fishing. I enjoyed fishing, but it was nothing compared to the heat of battle. Even though some of the fish put up quite a struggle.

I missed it all, but there was no fighting in Fisherman's Horizon. I hadn't fought since me and Squall faced off in Lunatic Pandora. Since then, I hadn't seen Squall or any other SeeDs I knew. Balamb Garden and SeeD had been on top of the world since the end of the war. They were called saviors, heroes, and just about anything else that completely contradicted what they called me. Even some of the residents in town had called them those things.

They had taken all the glory and the goals that I had reached for, partially at my expense, but I wasn't angry at them. I knew I didn't deserve anything that I had dreamed of for as long as I could remember. I had turned against my old home, and aided a sorceress in trying to conquer the universe all throughout time. Although I didn't know that was what she was after. She had lied to me the whole time; anything it took to keep me loyal.

Now Squall had become a hero and I had become a villain. It didn't turn out at all like I had hoped. I wanted to have another duel with him. Nothing life-or-death or anything like that; just sort of a sparring session to see how far we'd come along. Kinda like the fight that ended up with both of us getting scarred.

Speaking of which, I remember Master Fisherman Green telling me about a guy who had a scar just like mine. I just smiled as he told me; I knew it had to have been Squall. He had told me all about the time Balamb Garden came crashing into Fisherman's Horizon, and he had to flee for his life. I still had the Hyperion gunblade that had given Squall that scar. There weren't many times I could take it out of my trenchcoat and practice, but I took every opportunity I got.

On that day, we had gone out onto the ocean on Greene's ship – aptly named Fisherman's Horizon- to do some fishing. It was just him, me, and my posse. Fujin and Raijin followed me everywhere I went. They were my only two loyal followers. They didn't have as big of a part in the war as I did, so they weren't as hated or well known. Those two were almost exact opposites. Raijin was a tall, strong, bronze-skinned man, while Fujin was a fairly short, slim, pale woman. Raijin had short, dark black hair, and Fujin had shining silver hair down to the bottom of her neck. Raijin always seemed light and never serious, while Fujin always appeared cold, calm, and calculating. Raijin loved to talk about anything and everything, but Fujin was a woman of few words, barely ever speaking more than one word at a time in her low, raspy tone. Their only common bond was their unwavering loyalty to me.

I had always wondered why she always talked like that because I had heard her speak normally before. Maybe she just felt like she could say all she needed to say in a couple words. But I never asked her why, so she never told. I never asked what happened to her left eye either. Fujin just spectated silently as me, Raijin, and Greene continuously casted our lines out and reeled them back in, hoping to catch a fish.

Raijin had gotten ecstatic about catching a fish when something else caught his attention. "Hey, look! I got one, ya kn…" he trailed off. The three of us followed his fixed gaze. I saw something on the horizon, but couldn't tell what it was. "What is it?" I asked.

"I'm not sure. I can't see it good, ya know," Raijin replied.

As it came closer, we were finally able to make out the giant jewel floating through the sky. We were all at a loss for words, and amazingly, Fujin broke the silence. "GARDEN."

That was when Master Fisherman Green began panicking. "Oh no! Not again! Hurry! We gotta get back before it crushes us all!" he yelled. He quickly turned the ship around and started sailing back to the docks.

Before we made it back, Balamb Garden passed overhead. Me, Fujin, and Raijin looked up at it as Greene continued to steer the ship and freak out. Garden came to a stop at Fisherman's Horizon as the ship pulled into the dock. Greene sighed with relief and wiped the beads of sweat off his forehead as we stepped off. "Whew, got lucky this time. Wonder what they're here for?" he mused. "Well, anyway, I need to go relax after that. I'll see y'all later."

"See ya later!" Raijin shot back as Greene walked off.

It was only the third time since I'd seen the Garden since it became mobile. The first time was the battle between Balamb and Galbadia Gardens. The second time was immediately after the end of the war as they passed over us when we had first come to Fisherman's Horizon. My gaze hadn't left it since we caught sight of it. If Fujin noticed, she didn't say anything, but I didn't think she would. My muscular comrade spoke up instead. "What's up, Seifer?" he asked.

"I was just thinkin'. It's really dull here and I miss battle. I haven't had a real one in about a year. Maybe we should go back," I said.

"What?! They probably don't want nothin' to do with us, ya know!" Raijin protested.

"Maybe, but I'm dyin' to fight again. We'll see how it goes and if they reject us, we'll leave. Agreed?" I proposed.

"AGREED," Fujin simply accepted. "Sounds good," Raijin said. (Maybe this will give me a chance to clear my name.) I thought. Then we all headed toward Balamb Garden.

Author's Notes: This is my first attempt at a story from first person P.O.V. What did you think? Good or bad? Give me reasons to back up your claim please. It doesn't matter if it's bad. It'll help me improve as a writer.