Title: Fright Night

Summary: A 100 year old haunted village on the outskirts of town is normally well-avoided, until a case brings the CSI team a little too close. Chased inside and then trapped inside the village, the team find themselves at the mercy of not just ghosts and strange encounters, but at the hands of a crazed psychopath gone homicidal. Possible GSR and YoBling to come.

Rated: T

Disclaimer: I do not own CSI or any of its Characters.

Chapter 1


The small yet rural village was peaceful, filled with its own comings and goings of weary travelers and distant relatives. It all seemed so happy until a loud shrilling scream from the small barber shop. A young man from Norwegian decent turned and watched as an older woman with brown hair came running out. "My God, somebody please help!" she screamed.

The man ran up to the woman. "What's wrong Jorja?" asked the man.

"Oh Eric, I ran inside the barbershop and found Old Man Withers shot in cold blood," cried Jorja.

As Eric held her close, five people ran over. "What's the matter Eric?" asked the older man with a grayish beard.

"Well William, Jorja found Old Man Withers shot to death," explained Eric.

"Are you alright?" asked the blonde woman.

"I'm fine, thanks for caring Marg."

A Texan man, an African-American man and a stout man ran inside the barber shop. "Where are they headed?" asked Eric.

"George, Gary and Paul are checking the place out," replied William as three shots rang out. Suddenly, a man walked out of the barber shop covered with blood and a gun in his hands. "Howdy y'all," he yelled as he pointed the gun and shot.

Bullets flew, screams from the woman and children rang around the village, and dust flew from the ground. When the dust settled, the man looked about the village and saw every single man, woman and child dead n the ground. The man cocked a smile and walked into the horizon.


Five people sat around the break-room inside the Las Vegas Crime Lab. A young man that resembled Eric sat at the table, leaning back in his chair with his feet kicked up on the table as he listened to his iPod. Across from him sat a woman that looked very similar to Jorja who had her nose inside an issue of the Forensic Journal. Standing at the doorway was a woman who looked like Marg that was talking on her cellphone with her daughter. Sitting on the couch was a man that resembled George and another man that resembled Gary playing Slap Jack. Just as the woman on the phone hung up, the man that resembled William walked into the room. "Hey Catherine," said the man to the blonde woman.

"Hey Grissom," replied Catherine.

The Jorja-twin looked up and smiled. "Hey Grissom."

"Hey Sara, find anything useful in that journal?"

Sara shook her head as she turned to George and Gary. "Hey Nick and Warrick, Griss is here."

Nick and Warrick looked up and smiled. "Finally, we thought maybe we had the day off," said Nick.

"Alright, now that everyone is…" started Grissom as he looked at the Eric-look-alike. "Greg?" asked Grissom.

Greg didn't respond. "Greg?" asked Grissom again.

Greg didn't respond again. "GREG!" shouted everybody.

Greg jumped out of his chair and looked at Grissom. "Hey," he said, putting his iPod away.

"Now that we have everyone's attention, I have an announcement to make. We have a triple in Camino, so I need all of you to come."

"Camino? That's a ways out there. Isn't that by that haunted village?" asked Warrick.

Grissom nodded. "What haunted village?" asked Nick.

"You guys haven't heard the story?" asked Warrick.

Everyone except Grissom shook their heads. "Well, about 100 years ago, there was this small village that everybody in Las Vegas can trace their ancestors back to. Anyway, one day, a psychopathic killer came into the village and shot every living soul in the village. They say that the spirit of each person still lingers in the village and the psychopath still lives in the village."

"Well, that's 2 reasons why we should visit," said Greg sarcastically.

"Cool your jets Greggo. We're not going in there," said Nick.

"That's okay then. So when are we leaving?" asked Greg.

"In ten minutes. Get home and pack. Brass has made reservations out there. When you're done packing, meet back here. Brass will meet us out there," said Grissom as he walked out.

"Sweet! Road Trip!" shouted Greg excitedly as he and the rest of the team walked out of the lab.

The long 5 hour drive was finally over and the whole team walked up to the flashing red and blue lights and the yellow crime scene tape. As they approached, a man that looked just like Paul walked up to greet them. "Hey guys."

"Hey Brass, what's the news?" said Grissom.

"We have 3 DBs. We found their driver's license on them. Their names are Christopher Drake, Stephanie Drake and Ryan Compton," explained Brass.

"Coroner pronounce?" asked Nick.

"Yeah, he's inside waiting for your approval to release them from the scene." The team walked inside and saw the bloodiest sight they had ever seen. Blood spatter mixed with brain matter and bone fragments covered the room. Blood began to pool beneath the dead bodies. Grissom, Sara and Catherine each took a victim as Nick, Warrick and Greg examined the room. Brass walked in after them. "COD?" asked Grissom.

Brass looked down at his notebook. "Gunshot to the head. Dead around six hours."

"Explains these blood spatter patterns on the wall," noted Warrick.

"I'll take the perimeter," said Greg.

"Good idea, take Nicky with you," said Grissom as Greg and Nick walked out of the room followed by Brass.

Grissom snapped some pictures of the body and nodded at the coroners to take the body away. As he stood up, Catherine and Sara finished with their dead bodies and began to examine the room with Warrick. "So Warrick, what do you think happened here?" asked Grissom.

"What, you want me to play it blind?" Grissom nodded. "Okay, the 3 vics were having a little get-together when someone knocks on the door. One answers the door and backs up as the perp held a gun to their head. The suspect then puts a bullet in each of their heads and leaves."

"Seems logical," said Sara as she snapped another photo. When she turned and smiled at Grissom, 3 shots rang out, startling the CSIs. "Was that…" started Sara when two more were heard, causing the CSIs to drop their stuff and run.

When they ran outside, they looked around but didn't see anybody. "Where is Greg, Nick and Brass?" asked Catherine when more shots rang out.

"Just RUN!" shouted Grissom, pushing Sara away from the house. After running for what felt like forever, they finally stopped by an old gate to catch their breath. "Do you think we lost him?" asked Sara between breaths.

Grissom nodded as he bent over in exhaustion. "I wonder what happened to the guys," said Warrick when a rustle in the bushes caught them off guard.


Alright, tell me what you think! I don't know if Camino is even a city, so I just made it up, and think that I used the actor's real names in that flashback for the village on accident…? It's not a coincidence, but you'll find out why I did that later. Plz R&R and plz no flames.