Sorry that I haven't posted this story for a while, I've kind of been busy with other things. Anyway, I kind of forgot about this story until I picked up a notebook and found it in my room. I was like, "Oh yeah! I forgot about this story! Shit, that's not good. A lot of people like this story." So, I wrote this chapter and I remember where I was taking this. This is the final chapter, so I want to thank you all for your patience and for the support you have given me through this entire story. Anyway, on with the story!

Chapter 12

Phillip walked into the mayor's mansion, hoping that those meddling fools decided to stay there tonight. However, after searching everywhere, he didn't find them. Phillip was about to give up when he saw a piece of parchment sitting on the banister. Carefully unfolding it, Phillip read:

Hey Egghead!

I'm surprised you haven't finished us off yet. You must be ten times stupider than I thought. Well, Paul did say you had some mental issues in jail. In fact, I'm getting tired of chasing you. So, I'm going to put this into words you can understand. You, me, Graveyard, tonight. Did you get that? I'll be waiting.


How dare that idiot call him…well, an idiot! If he wanted to finish it tonight, he was going to finish it tonight. It was about time they had this stand off. He had been waiting so long to get this over with. He crumpled the piece of paper in his hand, threw it against the wall and quickly strode out of the Mayor's Mansion and towards the graveyard.

Meanwhile, at the graveyard, Greg stood in front of Phillip's grave, scared shitless. Hidden behind the other tombstones near the gravesite were the rest of the CSI team and the ghost doppelgangers. As Greg breathed heavily, he whispered loudly, "Why do I have to be the bait?"

"Because you and Eric are exact look a likes," replied Grissom.

"Yeah, but what if he drags me in there with him?"

But they didn't get to answer that question because just on the horizon of the cemetery stood Phillip himself, an evil smile spread across his face. "Hello, Eric."


"Heh, scared? You should be. Where's the rest of your group, hm?"

"The…they don't know I'm h…here."

Greg couldn't believe he was stuttering so much. Trying to get over himself, he heard Phillip reply, "You're a fool, Eric. Do you have any last words?"

Greg shook his head. With an evil laugh, Phillip started running at him. Greg knew he had to wait until Phillip was close enough before he jumped to the side, but he couldn't feel his legs. Oh come on, MOVE! Phillip got closer and closer…he was practically on him. Suddenly, Greg felt someone's arms wrap around him and then a feeling of being sucked into a vortex. When he opened his eyes, he saw that Eric had poofed him behind a tombstone and that Phillip had fallen into his grave. Quickly, the CSI team ran over to the grave and pushed the lid on the coffin, a screaming Phillip still inside. Once the lid was closed, everyone started burying him until the coffin was covered and the screaming died. Once the grave was restored, there was a red flash and the sound of the Earth cracking. Looking over to the grave, they saw the Earth had split apart and falling into the deepest part of Hell was Phillip. Watching with amazement, they saw him fall into an open mouth and once he was in, the mouth closed and the Earth rejoined. Once the ground was back in one piece, Nick said, "Well, that was weird."

Greg looked over at Eric and replied, "Thanks for that."

"No problem."

And then it hit them all. Phillip was gone. The old city would be rid of an evil genius and the ghosts could finally rest in peace. It was a joyous occasion and everyone started jumping and laughing in celebration. It was finally over. Grissom hugged Sara and Warrick hugged Catherine, happy they were going to finally get out just fine. Once the noise had settled down, William replied, "I've been meaning to show you something. I was going to wait until we were done with Phillip, and not that we have, I think it's a good time."

William led the gang through the cemetery to the farthest corner where six graves sat aligned, each completely unburied and the tombs open. Inside there was nothing. "These are our graves," stated William as everyone gathered around.

"Why are you showing us this?" asked Catherine.

"Now that we're done with what needed to be done, it is time for us to move on. However…" started William, a smiling creeping across his face.

A sudden chill went down their spines. "There is a way for us to become human. It's very simple, but it requires your help. You see, in order for us to become human, we someone to take our places in these graves and go to heaven while we inhabit their bodies. That's where you come in," explained William.

"Wait, so you want us to die so you can live AGAIN?" asked Brass.


"Uh, William…" started Marg.

William looked over and saw that Marg, George, Gary, Paul and Eric were standing with the CSIs with a look sending a message clear as day. "What! You aren't going to go through with it? We've talked about this. You guys were already on board with it," he shouted.

"Yes, but for the past 100 years, I think we've all come to terms with our fate. We had our chance, it's there turn now. I think I'm ready to move on," replied Paul.

The other ghosts nodded their heads in accordance. "But…we could be human again!"

"I'd rather live for eternity watching over everyone than have a limited amount of time here on Earth," replied Gary.

William couldn't believe what he was hearing. His plan…his PERFECT plan…wasn't perfect after all. Then he realized what he had forgotten over those 100 years. He forgot that even if they did become human, they would eventually die again. Nodding, he placed a hand on Grissom and stated, "Enjoy your life. You'll never know when it will end."

They all said their goodbyes and slowly walked into their graves where they slowly closed their eyes and embraced death. Before William walked in, he said, "Make sure to close the lids before you leave."

"But…the gate…" began Warrick.

"Should be open. Once Phillip was gone, everything returned to the way it should have been. The walls and buildings are eroding with time. You should be able to get out just fine."

And with that, he walked in and went to sleep. One by one, they closed the lids and bid goodbye. Once everything was done, Grissom stated, "Come on guys, let's go home."

When they left the cemetery, they saw that William was right. The buildings looked like a tornado had gone through and destroyed the whole town. The walls were significantly shorter…to the point where they could simply hop over them. Once they were out, they turned and said one final goodbye before walking into the forest and away from their adventure. "No one is going to believe us when we tell them what happened," laughed Greg, causing everyone to laugh.

As they walked, they decided that the events that had happened to them for the past few days should remain a secret and the story of what happened in that haunted city would always remain a secret to the world, but a memory to the CSIs.

The End