A full moon shone down upon her as she struggled with slumber. The 'Last' Unicorn soon gave rest up and stood. "What is this...this feeling?" she asked herself as a pain in her stomach caused her to wince. Another pain brought her back down to her knees again, sweat soon coating her sleek body. Suddenly she realized what was happening. She had seen it too many times to count with the woodland animals, yet it had taken her this long to realize that she was giving birth. Distant memories, half faded in the months, of Prince Lir, her only love, flooded into her mind as pain ripped through her abdomine. "Lir..." she thought, pushing at the mind-numbing pain. She vaguely recalled his laugh and his voice, but she could remember his smile in a most vivid dream. Tears rimmed her violet eyes as she pushed with all of her might, expelling the foal from her body. Suddenly the pain was gone. She felt the relief of its absence and her mind cleared. She sat up and looked down at her no longer swollen belly. Directly behind her was a tiny foal, just smaller than a doe. "Who are you, little one?" Amalthea asked, nosing her and Lir's child. The foal whinied up at her, the shrill sound causing her to laugh. "You remind me so much of Lir..." she whispered. The foal stood, it's long legs wobbling with uncertanty. Amalthea stood with it, nudging it with her muzzle. Suddenly her head bolted up. "You''re a boy..." she said quietly. There has never been a male Unicorn in all of history. "How will the others...will the others understand this?" she thought. She stared at the baby as it struggled towards her, and she felt her heart melt. "I don't care what the others are my baby, and I love you," Amalthea said, laying her head on the baby's back. It whinied up at her, a small smile on his lips. "You need a name, little one," she said. The baby just stared up at her, as if he could understand every word that she said. "Your...your father...Lir...would want you to have a name...Derek...your name is Derek," she said. nuzzling her baby. It seemed to smile up at her, and she sighed, happy for the first time in months.

Derek trotted around Amalthea as she grazed in the meadow. She smiled at her child, then continued to eat the sweet grass. She closed her violet eyes and drew a long breath. Suddenly a young human child ran towards her, a large smile on his face. The baby had silvery blonde hair and ice blue eyes. In the very center of his forehead was a glowing circle. "Mommy," said the child. Amalthea stood back, shock written on her face. "'Mommy'? Derek?" she asked, staring at the baby. A blinding white light surrounded him, shielding him from Amalthea's view. Once the light disappeared, she saw that her Unicorn son was back, trotting around her again. " can change from Unicorn to human?" she asked the colt. He snorted up at her, his metalic blue eyes sparkling. Amalthea smiled, her heart beating with love for her son, her unique child. "Lir...our child...he is so beautiful..." she sighed as wind swept through her mane.