Chapter 11

Next day at Scott Baldwin's law office.

Once alone in the hallway, Jason turns Carly to him. His warm blue eyes are clouded by so much uncertainty between them. He smiles anyway.

Carly releases the breath she didn't even know that she had been holding. She always felt lost, but when she looked in his eyes…she found her way home. She shivers, she hopes it's just internally and that Jason didn't noticed, as he reaches to push a wayward strand of her golden-brown locks behind her ear. She always cherished those moments.

Jason loved touching her. It was to his surprise and probably to the surprise of others, more a touch of security and comfort than one of sexual desire. Yeah, sure he desired her, but more than that, he received a feeling of understanding and acceptance. It was a feeling he craved since Jason Quatermaine's accident. He rarely received it and it was only given unconditionally to him by Carly. So the habit of tucking her hair behind her ear and away from her cheek was born.

He leaned in rather close…closer than the two have been in a long time.

"I want to kiss her," he thought. "So do it," was his next thought.

"Oh my God, he's going to kiss me," Carly panicked. But her heart still fluttered with excitement and anticipation.

Instead Jason whispered, "I'm really proud of you, Carly. This is our family. You, me, and Michael. Nothing is more important. No more schemes, no more lies between us. We fight together; we'll win. It's all that matters. Us together…forever." Catching her off guard, he leans in for the kiss that should have taken place earlier. It was bittersweet. It was cleansing. It was a new beginning. And they both knew it.

Carly breaks the kiss, "Jason what about…"

"Carly…never mentioned that again. I don't want anyone to use it against you. As for us, we have history…If we…"

"So this is just about the custody case?" she said obviously sadden.

"No Carly…it's not. And I know I want Michael and YOU in my life. I want you and more than a friend and a co-parent. I want you! I need you! I LOVE YOU!!"

Carly's heart fluttered at that declaration. Her eyes became misty. She wanted to interject, but the determined look in Jason's eyes persuaded her to keep her peace for the moment.

"Carly, I've wanted to tell you that for so long. Every time I was ready to, life just kept knocking us off our feet. We have a past…it hasn't always been great, hell it hasn't even always been good. It's been tense, stressful, heart aching, and disappointing, and hurtful. But it's ours. It's our past. And with all that, I also know it's been suffocating…it's been suffocating because mind, my heart, my soul won't let you go. It never will. I've tried to get you out of my life…oh, God, there's been times that I told myself that I never wanted to see you again…but I CAN'T LET YOU GO. Others taught me how to live. You taught me how to FEEL. I'm happy with you. I think about you when you're not around. I miss you when I tell you to stay away from me… I'm not saying this right."

With tears streaming down her face, "You're doing just fine."

Taking a deep breath, "Carly, I'm hurt by everything you've done to me. From your stupid scheme with AJ…to what happened between you and Sonny. But I never can let you go. I know and you knew it. So why fight it? I'm tired of pretending that you are not the only one for me. The moment I forgave you…I knew I loved you. I knew I'd always forgive. I just hope you forgive me."

"Oh Jason, of course all is forgiven between us. I love you and only you Jason. Do you know how I prayed to hear those words. I've wanted to hear you say them before I even knew it was you who would say them. When I was little girl living in Florida with my Momma Virginia and her husband left us when I was about 7 or 8 because he didn't have enough love for her and me together. I always wanted a man who would always love me…no matter how many times I screwed up. I learned early that I'd always screw up. Even though I didn't say anything, I knew you where that guy. So I did the only thing I knew how to do…FIGHT. I fought for you because I loved you and I even fought against you for the very same reason.

"Well it paid off. You got me now. I just ask three things from you."

"Okay Jason…"

"You haven't heard the three things yet."

"It doesn't matter, I love you and now I have you."

"It matters to me, Carly," Jason pauses, "Carly, I need you to trust me…trust me enough to not lie to me, to not scheme. Trust me to know that I will do everything humanly possible for Michael, you, and me to be family. Trust me enough to believe in my love for you even when I don't say it. Secondly, I need you to love me like you always have, unconditionally. Thirdly, we fight together here on out. You and me as a family…to loving parents who love their child and each other. And a reasonable time after you're divorce from AJ and the custody issue, we make our family legal and whole in front of God."

"Jason, are you…?"

"Yes I am." He pauses, "I was going to say all this after today…later, you know after this custody situation was cleared up. But today was right." Jason handed Carly a ruby ring with diamonds surrounding the stone, "For now Carly, I know you can't wear this on your finger, but you can wear it close to your heart." He put a gold chain through the ring and the he place it over Carly's head. She tucked it in here blouse and reached up and softly caressed his stoic face. His happiness was only evident to those who really knew him, fore it could only be seen in the small twinkle of brilliance in his ice blue eyes.

"Yes, Jason…yes." She gave him a tender passionate kiss.

"DING!" The elevators opened. Out walked Edward, a team of lawyers, and finally AJ.

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