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Chap. 1: Transformation

Lori ran out into the woods behind her home. By the time she stopped she was pretty close to the autobot base. She sat on a tree stump and rested her head in her hands. The girl had a lot to think about.

Today her and the autobots had arrived back from Jungle Planet. Their mission to get the Cyber Planet Key there was successful. LeoBreaker had placed it inside the Omega Lock already, and when he did a reaction occurred and Primus spoke to them briefly via Jolt. Lori had also been hit by a blast from the Omega Lock, but she assumed everyone had been hit by it and that she was fine.

Coby had also confessed to her that he cared a lot about her. Lori just wasn't sure if she felt the same way about him. She didn't know why, but she felt that there was someone else out there in the world for her, and that Coby wasn't 'the one.'

Sighing she looked up into the night sky. It was dark of course being night. All the stars were out and there was a full moon. It was getting late and Lori thought she should start heading home. She took out a flashlight she had brought with her and pushed the switch to turn it on. The light didn't come on.

"Damn it!" Lori exclaimed angrily. She threw the flashlight to the ground and began walking home in the dark. After a few minutes she stopped and decided where she should go next. She was in a clearing and could see lightning in the distance. She could also hear thunder.

Lori had just decided to go straight when a sudden pain traveled through her foot. It quickly passed and the unconcerned girl continued on her way. A few minutes later though the pain erupted through her foot again. This time it didn't go away.

Wondering what was wrong Lori stopped again and took off her shoe. What she saw startled her. Her foot appeared to be changing into what looked like a metal dragon's foot. Freaked out Lori tried to put her shoe back on, but it didn't fit. That's when a pain erupted through her other foot.

Lori screamed and began running for the autobot base. It killed her feet to do so, but she had to get there. The girl had a feeling that whatever was going on the autobots could help her through it. It became quite apparent to her just then that she was the only one who had been hit by the blast from the Omega Lock and that the blast was having an effect on her.

As the human girl neared the autobot base it became harder and harder for her to run. Lori tried ignoring the pain in her feet that was spreading up through her ankles and into her legs. She couldn't though, and she stopped and threw up in some bushes.

The girl collapsed on the ground after throwing up and just lie their looking up at the stars. Hoping she was close enough to the autobot base and that one of the autobots was outside she cried, "Somebody help me!!" She lay there a few more minutes feeling the pain slowly making its way up to her thighs and midsection.

Knowing she couldn't wait for help that would never come, Lori slowly and painfully climbed to her feet. The girl didn't have the energy to run and merely dragged herself along the forest floor trying to get to the autobot base.

Optimus had been outside thinking about his next plan of action when he heard a faint cry for help in the distance. He saw a storm quickly approaching and knew that whoever had called for help would not like to be stuck out in the storm. He went off to see whom it was.

Lori felt her stomach churn again from the unbearable pain. She told herself not to throw up again and it seemed to calm her upset stomach. Lori then solely concentrated on getting to the autobot base. She heard footsteps in the distance. She didn't know who's they were but she had a gut feeling that they were one of the autobots.

"Help!" she shouted loudly again, "It's me, Lori! Please, I need someone's help!" She didn't get a response.

Optimus heard the second cry for help as it echoed into his audio receptors. He quickened his pace now knowing it was Lori. He pushed aside a couple trees and then saw her.

"Lori," he stated trying to sound calm, "What's wrong?"

The girl looked up surprised to see him and then answered, "Something's seriously wrong with me Optimus. I'm turning into some sort of monster. Look at me!"

Optimus took her in his hand and lifted her up to his optic level. He saw her legs and feet were turning to metal and that her features were morphing into different shapes. He could tell from the pale expression on her face that she was in an extreme amount of pain. "Hold on, I'm taking you to Red Alert."

The autobot leader went as quickly as he could back to the autobot base. As soon as he stepped inside it began to rain. Optimus hurried to the med bay. Red Alert looked up as his commander entered, "Optimus, is something wrong?"

Optimus revealed Lori unto him and explained that she was turning into a different creature. Red Alert remarked, "Lay her on the examining table over there."

Optimus did as the medic said and Red Alert quickly ran a scan on Lori. Once the results printed out from the computer he read them silently. He gasped suddenly.

Lori was on the verge of tears when she asked, "What's wrong with me?"

"According to the results of this scan, you're turning into a transformer. At the rate your body is changing though, I'm afraid there is nothing I can do to stop this transformation from taking place," Red Alert explained.

"So I'm becoming one of you guys and you can't stop whatever caused this?" Lori asked frantically.

"I'm sorry Lori," the medic apologized.

Optimus spoke up, "Lori, were you exposed to anything that may have caused this to occur that we don't know about?"

"When LeoBreaker put the Jungle Planet Key into the Omega Lock, a blast came out of the lock and hit me. I thought the blast had hit everyone and when I didn't have any immediate reactions, I thought I was okay," Lori confessed.

Optimus could tell Lori was still in an extreme amount of pain and asked, "Red Alert, is there anything you could give Lori to relieve some of her pain?"

Red Alert answered, "I'll see what I can find." He walked over to a cabinet to see what he had that he could possibly give Lori.

The autobot leader continued speaking with the girl, "Lori, did your parents know you were out?"

"Yes, but they expected me back by now,"

"Is there any possible way in which you could call them and let them know what's going on?"

"No, I didn't bring my cellphone with me,"

"It's alright, when Coby and Bud come tomorrow we'll have them tell your parents what's going on,"

"They'll flip,"

"We'll deal with them,"

Red Alert came back over and said he didn't have anything that would be safe to give to Lori seeing she was still mostly human. He told her the best thing she could do was try and get some sleep.

With the pain she was suffering though, sleep did not come easy. The pain had spread completely through her body and her soft flesh was beginning to turn to hard metal. Her eyes suddenly rolled back into her head and were covered by glass optics.

"If your tired Optimus you can go recharge. I'll keep and optic on Lori," the medic offered.

"I'm not leaving here until I know Lori is all right,"

"As you wish sir,"

Just as Red Alert had gotten that out of his mouth, red sparks of electricity erupted from various areas on Lori's body. Both bots had to shield their optics as a bright while light emitted from Lori's body and engulfed the room. When it died away, the two autobots looked to see Lori asleep on the metal examining table.

Her transformation was complete.

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