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Pretty Little Lies

Chapter One: Sickly Yellow

His stomach burned as the cramps continued. It felt as if something wild and furious had decided to take up residence just behind his ribs, clawing viscously to escape.

Sweat slid down his chest and back, beads forming on his forehead and soaking his messy bangs. The scents of fear and pain filled the air, coating the back of his throat as he groaned.

Behind closed lids, emerald green eyes flickered erratically. Words were murmured in a low, dreading voice as a flushed face tossed on the pillow.

Harry gasped.

The only point of cold in the fevered heat came from a famous point on the Elemental Veela's forehead.

From his lightning bolt scar.

'Something's wrong.'

Harry bolted up in his bed with a choked off scream. Beside him, sprawled out and snoring slight, lay his mate. Draco hadn't moved when his lover's tortured nightmares came to visit. His mate was safe, sleeping peacefully.

'Sweet Dreams Draco.'

Harry cast his Slytherin lover one last look before gracefully sliding out of bed and heading towards their bathroom. Malfoy Manor was unusually cool for a hot summer night.

'School will be starting up again soon.' He thought, shutting the door with a soft click. Immediately a small, bright torch flickered into life, letting Harry see his reflection.

It wasn't pretty.

Although being a Veela made his un-naturally beautiful, the messy haired wizard could see the signs. He was pale again- not the otherworldly glow of his kind but a sickly pale that spoke of death. His green eyes were glassy and distant, looking for too much like the blast of a Killing Curse for his own comfort.

The Killing Curse……

In his mind's eye Luna's body flew in a graceful arc, almost eerily similar to the one Sirius had taken on his trip through the veil. He could still see the flash of emerald light; still feel her cooling body as it lay in his arms.

A wave of pain rippled through his head, making Harry grimaced and grip the porcelain sink. The water in the toilet bubbled as frost began to creep its way up the mirror. A potted plant hanging in the corner shriveled up, turning brown and brittle before its healthy green coloring returned almost violently. Blooms grew quickly, as if the whole scene were on fast-forward.

The drain the bathtub rattled loudly as gravel and clogs of dirt pushed themselves up and into the room. Harry's shadow twisted as the light from the torch faded and brightened sharply.

The Elemental Veela hunched over, laying his head against the cold sink as his aura became visible. Silver and green whirled around each other before something made the colors jerk.

A trembling shot through the magic as another color began to force its way through Harry's aura. A sickly yellow, the invading lines blurred at the edges turning the silver it touched a faded gold and the green an unappealing yellow-green.

Harry let out a small groan as the pain peaked and suddenly vanished. The mirror slowly began to de-thaw. The plant in the corner drooped tiredly and the toilet was actually melted in places. The bathtub was nearly full of muddy dirt and rocks.

The Elemental Veela straightened gingerly, panting sharply. That was the third attack this month. Once a week- they were increasing, in appearance, length and the depth of pain.

Waving a had undid the damage to the toilet and vanished the mess in the tub before those shaky hands quickly turned on the tap. Harry's tongue felt swollen and his mouth as dry as he tried to steal a drink from the cool water in his cupped hands.

Only a few sips were downed before they came back up, cramping Harry's stomach muscles again.

Emerald eyes cracked open to see the swallowed water had a sickly yellow ting to it as well. Like someone had dipped buttercups in it- only buttercups never represented illness to the Gryffindor before.

At the moment, buttercups and anything yellow had become a source of his strong dislike. Which was rather annoying considering being a Gryffindor meant Harry was stuck wearing at least one piece of golden colored clothing.

He glanced at his reflection again, eyes grim.

Harry knew something was wrong- just like his dream voice had said- and it wasn't about to get any better before it got any worse. It was pure hell trying to keep the attacks a secret ever since they had begun back in March. Draco was hardly ever gone from his side- they simply enjoyed each other's company to be honest- and with Voldemort gone and Remus de-wolfed things were almost normal-like.

Until this.

It had started as dreams of that hated yellow color- Harry's dream world had changed from colored to complete amber. Everything was covered in the color. Then the nightmares had begun- flashes of his worst memories and feelings. His parents' death. His time at the Dursleys. Qurriel. The Chamber. Dementors. The Third Task. Sirius and the Veil. Draco rejecting him last summer. Draco being kidnapped. Luna's death.

The lack of sleep had made the Elemental Veela feel unfocused and drained. Cracks in his control began to appear. Little things like extra frost on his glass or Draco complained that sleeping in the same bed as Harry was like sleeping with a blast-end skrewt some nights.

Now he could barely stop himself from destroying a room.

With a tired sigh, the Gryffindor ran a hand through his damp hair before heading back to bed on weak knees. His feet were silent on the carpet but Draco stirred as the bed dipped with his weight.

"'Arry?" He muttered crankily. "What are you doing now? What's wrong?"

The Elemental Veela smiled at his mate's mood, stroking the other boy's jaw softly.

"Nothing, Draco. Go back to sleep."

The Slytherin was gone before he had finished his sentence, one arm thrown over his head and onto the silvery pillow behind him.

Harry swallowed back his jerk-reaction to fibbing before settling down on his mate's side and willing himself back to sleep.

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