All right, this is the first chapter in my first real attempt at an actual Zelda fic. I wrote it about five years ago when I was a sophomore, and the main reason I never put it up here was I couldn't think of a decent title. (Okay, so it's almost entirely revamped so it doesn't stink too much.) About a month ago I was playing Twilight Princess and editing the third chapter when I thought of a title. So here it is.It takes place after Ocarina of Time when Link goes to search for Navi. I hope it's even slightly enjoyable.

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Prelude to Adventure

Deep in the vastness of the green Kokiri Forest sleeps a boy whose destiny, not decided by him but rather by the great Goddesses above, was fulfilled twofold thus far. Each time it taxed his very soul, and each time he came out victorious against his enemy, the great king of evil, Ganondorf himself. No being in this still bright world knows of his exploits for each time he returned to his home in the past all memories were erased by the regal Princess Zelda at her own guilt and desire to give the young hero of time the childhood that was ripped from his fingertips.

Because of a reason no one knows both he and the charming young lady retained every memory, and with it they kept all the horrifying details no ten-year child should even hear about let alone remember experiencing. Perhaps, as he has mused on many an occasion, it is to remind him of the hardships of life and make him appreciate the existence that every other Goron, Zora, and Hylian takes for granted. Either that, or the Goddesses above sure love a cruel joke. Maybe it's both, but no matter the reason he accepts this, and while more mature than the other Kokiri children he plays with from time to time he does love his life.

What hurts most, however, is knowing he does not belong here. While the young ones that live in their tree houses will never age, Link will grow up like every Hylian does. His heritage was perhaps the most surprising thing revealed to him on his quest. A small sprout that is least confusingly called the offspring of the Great Deku Tree who once presided over the Forest and its children informed the adolescent hero after he defeated the phantom of the greater enemy he was to face later on and saved his best friend Saria that his mother was a Hylian. Fatally injured during the fires and battles of the Great War she escaped and fled to the safe haven of these woods.

Though it was forbidden to allow outsiders entrance she was allowed in because the guardian spirit sensed within the boy his potential and knew he was the fabled Hero of Time who would prove to be the greatest savoir this world had ever known in seventeen year's time. The mother, after her pleading had gained her son's safety, soon passed on to the next life to be with the Goddesses in the Golden Land. The boy was then entrusted to his new caretaker who would later become his best friend and shield him from everything as a big sister does, even the boss of the small village Mido.

His father always remained an enigma. Somehow Link suspected he was royalty or at least a noble high in status, but there was no way to confirm this. It was a small disappointment in his life as most things were. Being alone as he was growing up (minus Saria of course) he learned to accept that some things just don't work out and not everything ends in happy ever after like the stories mothers tell their children before bedtime. His ending was happy as it possibly could have been, and with the second chance now given to him by his companion in all this he hopes and dreams of a real future, one that will end happily ever after with the knight riding into the sunset with his true love in a world where no smoke and ash cover the bright shining sun and choke all life. Until then he was to be a wanderer, one who had no true home and instead was seeking it. Searching the globe far and wide. Alone.

Awakened from his dream with a start, the ten-year old boy looks around his room in somewhat of a haze. It's the same place he left when he entered world of the unconscious a few hours ago. His small sink made of wood as is everything in the forest sits on the right side of his small quarters with a mirror on the table to make sure he looks decent when venturing outside. Across from the seat on the opposite side is a small table from a tree stump cut in half and turned upside to be flat decorated only with a small bowl perhaps containing fruit though he has no recollection of ever filling it with that. The brown walls are still the same, textured like the inside of a tree, and his records posting is still on the wall even though technically since the future was erased he did not make them.

He remembers the biggest fish he ever caught as it is listed second on the list. The evening was setting in as the sun streaked across the sky to sink and release the moon from its daily prison. He had heard the best fish bite then, and with his last battle at the Water Temple so close to the pond he decided to stop by and see what he could catch while relaxing. What he never thought was he'd get a bite, but suddenly a tug on his line snapped him out of his reverie and forced him to pay attention. He stood up to gain ground and not lose the fish as it was tugging violently and splashing up water in every direction.

Using all his strength he fought back against the silver monster in a struggle he would later remark with humor as being similar to his last fight Ganon. Ganon was the one on the line once he realized the Hero of Time had come to banish him to the Scared Realm where he would remain sealed in darkness for eternity. He fought hard, but in the end Link won both battles. The master of the pond was impressed so much so that he gave Link a gold scale to allow him to dive deeper, and he kept the fish in a tank with the catcher's name on display.

That was his first fish. What luck it must have been for him to catch it on his first try. The prize was a nice gesture, but what the man didn't know was Link had no use for it. He could simply slap on his blue tunic given to him from King Zora himself and change into his iron boots acquired in the ice cavern after defeating a white wolfos. He thanked the guy to be polite and went on his way. The memory brings up some good thoughts and feelings. Afterwards, Navi, his fairy partner assigned to him at the beginning of his quest, congratulated him in her small squeaky voice that would sometimes annoy him. At times he wanted to shove her into a bottle to avoid hearing, "Hey," "Listen," or "Watch out!" In the end, though, she came to be one of the most important people in his life. She was always watching out for his welfare, sacrificing herself to get close to the enemies so he could beat them. The aid and information she gave was also useful as it led to the downfall of many a foe.

Then one day she flew out of the window of the Temple of Time never to be seen again. All he could do was watch in helplessness as she left without so much as a good-bye. Her duty was done: she had aided the One, and now it was her time to move on because he was not supposed to have a fairy. They were meant only for the forest children, of which he learned he wasn't. Again, he lost something important to him. It wasn't the same as his parents because he never knew them anyway. Sure, there was the longing for the people who gave him life and were taken from his before he could remember, but all they were in the end were people he made up. Navi was there by his side through thick and thin. When he had doubts, she reassured him. When he feared he would not succeed, she told him he had to because the Book of Mudora was never wrong in its prophecies. When he was lost, she would direct him in the way to go. She never let him down, and after he destroyed Ganon and saved Zelda, she told him she knew he would never let her down. He was returned to the past as per Zelda's wishes and his own really, but when the Master Sword was laid to rest for the final time, his support went literally out the window. Too shocked for words, he simply watched. He returned to the forest to live the life he left behind, and since then he has missed her dearly and wished she was back with him though he knows that can never be.

With another yawn, he stands up and stretches, the green tunic he has on riding up a bit. He pulls it back down to his boots, wondering why if this outfit grows with him he is not allowed to put on the blue Zora tunic and the red one from the Gorons. In the corner of his room sits his Deku shield, and next to it sits his borrowed Kokiri sword. Mido told him to put it back when he was done with it, but since everyone forgot the future he never technically borrowed it. Besides, he thinks to himself with a smile, he could always use the blade against the boss. The short redheaded boy is all talk really. Link learned that after seven years when he ran into the bully again as a teenager. Mido did not recognize his former personal tormenting project now that he was in a seventeen year old body. With sorrow he confessed to the tall stranger that he felt bad about everything he did to Link and asked if he ever saw him if he would tell him Mido was sorry. Link walked away with a faint smile and headed to go save Saria from the evil-infested Forest Temple.

After taking a look in the mirror to make sure the green cap sits on his blonde head correctly he walks outside and lets the warm sunshine hit his face and warm his limbs. His tree house is located on the edge of the small village and down a hill. Saria always used to run up to him in greeting, but now that she has taken her rightful place among the other Sages he only sees her when she sometimes comes to the Sacred Forest Meadow to play her ocarina. Almost smiling at the memory of when she taught him Saria's Song he moves and begins to climb down the ladder to go explore since his restless nature rarely allows him to sit and relax.

The small stream flowing through the middle of the village bars the way to the shop, and he easily hops across to the other side. Above the entrance on the ledge is the little girl, Mali, who first taught him how to use a fairy to z-target faraway people and talk to them. Again, he is reminded of his lost fairy friend, but before he muses any further he walks inside to perhaps buy a refill of Deku Seeds. Sure, he could wander into the Lost Woods and find some for free beneath a bush, but he has some extra Rupees on him to blow on pointless merchandise so why not take advantage? Suppressing the look of sadness is his blue eyes he walks into the store. Upon recognition by Niko, the shop owner, he greets the boy dressed in a similar outfit and moves over to the counter.

"So, Link, what will it be for you today?" he asks in a professional manner, as this is a business. If the Kokiri children could grow up and leave the forest there is no doubt that he would be a formidable entrepreneur.

"Just some Deku Seeds is all. My slingshot ran out yesterday when I was using that Deku Scrub's target for practice."

"I still can't believe you go in there. If anyone else wandered into the Lost Woods they'd turn into one of those Stalchildren Mido and the Great Deku Tree always warned us about." Link laughs silently to himself because he has encountered one of those little skeleton kids in the woods playing an ocarina and dancing on a tree stump. The two played Saria's Song together, and because Link knew this song it was concluded Link was a nice person, and he received a heart piece to further along his attack tolerance.

"Yeah, well I'm different than you guys." Little does the kid know just exactly how different he is. With a smile he hands Link the bag of seeds, and in turn Link hands him the payment-thirty rupees for thirty seeds. After a thank you, he leaves the small shop with the intent of going back to that same target for some more practice. He doesn't need it, but there really is nothing else to do. Besides, shooting stuff always takes his mind off of his missing friend.

Through the log tunnels he journeys by following the music that plays louder each time a person approaches the one that leads in the correct direction. In each plot of land there are four to choose from, and after making a right he sees the fence barring one from jumping off the small ledge and the ladder on the very left that lets you climb down instead. The tall tree beyond this grows with very few leaves, and the target made from a slice of a tree trunk hangs from the longest branch that sticks out from the side. Lines are drawn on it for the range, and he stops and pulls out his slingshot. Taking very little time to aim he releases the first seed, and it hits right on the hundred mark. He shoots another and then another and a few more after that until it becomes boring and uninteresting. Life has been that way since the end of his adventures. With a sigh he puts the slingshot back in his pocket and turns around to leave and go back to the forest. On the way he kicks a small rock in despondency and watches as it bounces along slowly with little sound. The sun has barely made its way halfway through the sky, and he thinks about maybe heading to the Deku Tree Meadow to release some more boredom and pent up anger. First he must stop by his tree house and pick up his sword and shield, so he heads back there.

After walking into his tree house and strapping back on his gear, he suddenly longs for those days he has been remembering and brooding about alone on the roof of the Mido's house at night. It's only been a few days, and yet it feels so much more like an eternity. Each time he remembers it chokes him even more. Not exactly the most common ten-year old, he thinks to himself almost bitterly. For a second he hates the Three up above for giving to him the destiny of the Hero of Time and taking away his mom and dad, but just as quickly as the ire fills his mind does it disperse into the air as the breeze picks up and ruffles the bangs hanging out of his hat up front. He tucks a strand behind one of his pointed ears and wipes his forehead. Silently he looks to the sky apologizing to the Goddesses for his thoughts because no matter what has happened to him it is truly a small price to pay for the sake of the rest of Hyrule and the world beyond.

The world beyond…he trails off in his head. That's where Navi went, he is almost certain. No one speaks much of the world beyond mainly because not many have been to it. Most that leave do not return, and those that do are almost always explorers like him. Maybe his fairy went to explore. Maybe she had a new charge to attend to. Maybe she was called to a higher duty by the powers that be. Maybe he should go out and see. He is an explorer, after all. No, he's a Hero. He can handle the big bad world like it was nothing. The sun is still low in the sky, indicating it is midmorning. The day is young, and if he wanted he could even leave today. Actually, now that he thinks about it, leaving today sounds like the best idea he has had in a long time. With this new mission in mind he begins to gather up all the other equipment he may need on his quest to find Navi and adventure.

First off he opens his drawer and grabs his bomb bag made especially from the stomach if a Dodongo. He found it when he was making his way through Dodongo's Cavern trying to save all the Gorons from the food shortage caused by their precious cavern being shut up. The rocks they eat are from this cave, and when Darunia, big boss of the Goron race, refused to give into his demands and hand over the Spiritual Stone of Fire also known as the Goron's Ruby he put a massive rock and blocked the entrance, and then he filled the cave with monsters to keep anyone who might somehow find a way in out. Link needed that stone and thus braved the cavern with his newly acquired Hylian shield though it was too large for him and looked utterly ridiculous. The only reason he used it was because his Deku one was made of wood, and if he used that in a fire cave it just lacks all common sense. Plus it was free. He found it beneath the only grave in the graveyard of Kakariko Village with flowers on it. He had to wait until nighttime because the little boy who patrolled the burial ground in the day was always threatening to tell Dampé. The grave keeper was generally a nice guy, and his Heart-Pounding Grave-Digging Tour was pretty cool, especially when it yielded a few rupees. Anyway, he grabs his bomb bag and shoves it behind his shield where he mysteriously has enough capacity to fit everything. He also grabs a few Deku Nuts and Sticks, his boomerang from beating Jabu-Jabu, the guardian spirit of Zora's Domain, and a few bottles.

At the bottles he snickers because of what he was tempted to use them for. Already he has his wallet, and he looks around to make certain he has not forgotten anything. He reaches the conclusion that indeed he has not, and thus it is time to head on out. Almost reluctantly does he climb down the ladder, and once at the bottom he stares at the tree trunk. At the base a mysterious carving decorates it. The image depicts a boy facing a large monster, and above his head a small speck hovers. The boy has his sword raised, apparently in challenge. All his life he wondered where it came from, but now he knows. It's him, and the monster was a symbol for Ganondorf most likely. The little speck above his head represents Navi. At that thought his resolve is renewed, and he walks up the small hill and turns toward the entrance on his left at the far end of the Forest. Hopefully he won't get too many questions on the way out like he did when he left the first time. The kid guarding the entrance, Zolon, questioned his motives, and he even warned Link that any Kokiri who ventured outside of the forest would surely not survive. That was, of course, proved untrue by the destined one's entire adventure.

On the way, near the slightly steeper slope that leads to the Know-It-All Brother's house, the blonde girl also clad in green stops him when she sees all of his equipment. Reluctantly he walks over to her. Her big blue eyes gaze upon in curiosity and wonder.

Where are you going?" That question is exactly what he was wishing to avoid because he wanted to also avoid giving the answer.

"To the castle," he replies with ease as if it was no big deal. She blinks in confusion.

"Castle? What's a castle?" Mentally he smacks himself. Last time he told her this when he was first leaving she said the same thing.

"It's a big place made of stones and protected by guards who are watching out for a princess." Anticipating her next question he informs her of what a princess is. "A princess is someone who is the daughter of a king, who is a very important and powerful person, kind of like the Great Deku Tree." She pauses a moment to take in what he said, then smiles widely at him.

"Okay. Have fun, Link. Tee-hee." With a wave good-bye, he continues his path unimpeded and finally arrives at the giant log tunnel that resembles the ones in the Lost Woods. Sure enough, Zolon stands there or rather he's sitting down and reclining leisurely on the grass. His sandy hair sticks out from under his green cap in chunks most likely the result of not grooming. His fairy appears above his head, catching his attention and making him look up. His freckles seem accented now by the sunlight shining on his face.

"Where are you headed with all that stuff?" he asks. Link sighs. Here we go again.

"Just to do a little exploring. This place is too small for me anymore. I've been everywhere already."

"Well, where did you get all that stuff? Niko doesn't sell it." Caught off guard by that question he remains silent. How did he get all of it if he went back in time? After all, nothing else happened, so all of the events that led to him to having these items were erased. The shield is sold over there but his sword and the items he knows can be seen behind it are not available.

"They were a gift," he replies. Technically it's true because they were gifts for beating different bad guys.

"Weird presents. Oh well. But you know you can't leave the Forest. You'll turn into a Stalchild."

"That's if you go into the Lost Woods, Zolon, not if you leave the Forest. If you leave the Forest you just never come back."

"I'm not sure if that's better or worse." He scratches his head and stands up. "Well, I guess you'll find out, won't you?"

"That's one of the things I plan on doing. If you let me leave, I mean." Zolon realizes that he is referring to as he is currently standing in the way of the tunnel. Sheepishly he rubs the back of his neck and grins.

"Sorry. I'd hate to stand between you and your thirst for adventure." He moves to the side and gives Link a salute with his right hand. Link simply waves and tells him good-bye before walking through the darkness that will lead him to a new adventure. Happily he steps through it and out into the real world where unknown adventures and trials await him.

End of chapter one...

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