Summary: Yami Zeus discovers that being the king of the gods is tough. And not all problems can be dealt with a lightning bolt.

Parings: Greek gods, or at least most of them, are known for their chastise nature when it comes to lovers. So there will be multiple, carefree pairing at first. The solid ones will enter the story later, definite future Jou/Uke Seto (Joey gets to be dominating!). Will most likely end up with my usual pairings actually…

Note: Not all of the myths will be historically correct, even though there are many variations already. Also, the Greeks seems rather flippant about love making so there will be quite a few casual comments regarding that. You have been warned.

Aside from that, please enjoy and be sure to REVIEW!!!

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Mt. Olympus

Chapter 1: King Yami Zeus

Yami Zeus was a mighty king. He was the peacemaker amongst gods and mortals alike. He had control over lightning, he ruled the entire earth, he…


…fell off his throne.

Yugi Dionysus skidded into the chamber and barely regaining his footing before shooting off to throw himself into Yami's arms. "Nii-san!" he yelled exitedly, bouncing on the king's stomach and causing Yami to grunt from pain. "The wine is ready, the wine is ready!"

Yami coughed as he pushed Yugi off him, wheezing hard. "I thought I told you to stop jumping onto me," he said as soon as he got his breath back.

"But the wine is ready!" Yugi wined. "Don't you want to try it?"

"Of course I want to try it," Yami said calmly. "But I'm working. I have to stay here in case someone has a problem."

"I know I know," Yugi waved him off. "I'll bring the wine up right now!" With that said, Yugi spun around, nearly slipping on the marble floor.

Thankfully, Yami caught him, "you really should be more careful. You'll fall into your tubs of wine one day."

Yugi rolled his eyes, "I'm not the one who has a problem with grass and plain earth for a floor. If you didn't insist to have marble, people wouldn't trip over so much."

"You're the only one who falls, Yugi," Yami chuckled. Yugi stuck his tongue out.

"YAMI!" a new voice yelled.

This time, Yugi did slip. And Yami, in an attempt to catch his brother, fell on top of him.

Mokuba chose at that moment to fly in.

"AHHH! INCEST!!!" the young god yelled, hurriedly turning away.

The siblings rolled their eyes simultaneously. "Mokuba Hermes!" Yami reprimanded, getting to his feet, "if you don't have anything better to do than yell at the top of your lungs, go away."

"But, Yami, the Trojan prince is in trouble!"

The king blinked, "…so?"

"So, he's calling you for help," Mokuba rolled his eyes. "Honestly, call yourself a king."

Yami sighed, Mokuba is one of the only people, aside from Yugi, brave enough to be this disrespectful. Most likely because of his time with Yugi, his brother had such an influence on people.

"Sorry, Yugi," the king said, "but I should probably see what's going on."

"No problem," Yugi smiled. "Tell you what. I'll get some lunch ready and we can have the wine during your lunch break."

"That would be wonderful," Yami replied as he clasped his travel cloak on and vanished.


Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Yami, Mai Artemis was growling angrily. How dare he? That mortal was so going to pay. She was the one who saw him first, she was the one who invited him to lunch. He was meant to fall in love with her. Afterall, she was the most beautiful goddess, for Zeus's sake, the one men would die for. The god of the hunt and protector of childbirth.

But no, he chose to fall for her twin brother, Malik Apollo.

And there they sat right now, under a laurel tree as Malik laughed and sang for Orion. Mai growled again. Orion would so pay, seducing her innocent twin brother. She would make sure of it. With that in mind, Mai vanished from the earth, for that was how gods travelled, by vanishing and appearing without a trace, as quick and silent as the blink of an eye.


Following Mokuba, Yami appeared on the land of Troy, or more specifically, a mountain of Troy. Looking around, the king of the gods couldn't see anything amiss. Shopkeepers were yelling themselves hoarse whilst they sold their goods; maids wandered around doing chores; a group of rough burly men was chasing a young and absolutely gorgeous boy whilst throwing stones at him…wait, what?

"There he is," Mokuba said pointing to the group of men. "The one being killed is the prince."

"I see," Yami said, his heart going out to the boy. He haven't seen anyone so beautiful for such a long time, soft skin, silky hair and the most lithe body he had ever laid eyes on. Yami felt that he could stare at the prince all day.

"Well?" Mokuba asked, looking over to the king as he hovered in mid-air, winged shoes flapping silently.

"Well what?" Yami asked. I want him, I want him in my collection.

"Are you going to save him?"

"Huh? Oh right," Yami nodded and casting his eyes about him. Spotting an eagle, Yami called it over. "You see that boy there, I want you to pick him up and put him in my bedchamber."

"What are you doing?" Mokuba asked in surprise, as the eagle flew towards the prince. "Why do you want him in your bedchamber?"

"I'm placing him in my collection. He shall be," Yami frowned as he thought of a suitable job for the young prince, "he shall be my cupbearer."

Mokuba slapped his forehead, "you can't just take prince Shogo!"

"Is that his name," Yami smiled, then took on a more stern tone, "I am the king of the gods, Mokuba, I shall do what I wish." Mokuba only rolled his eyes in response.


Everything was once again peaceful, the Trojan prince had been taken to the bedchambers and told of his duties. Yami was glad that he could finally relax on his throne, until the next problem appears.

"Yami!" a voice that sounded suspiciously like Joey yelled.

Damn, I thought the peace would last longer than 2 seconds.

Yami sighed. Joey Eos had such a temper on him. Last time he had entered the palace he had asked Yami to grant his sister's newest lover, Tithonus, immortality. When Yami had refused, arguing that he did not agree with their relationship, Joey had pulled Malik out of his chariot to prevent the sun from rising. Thankfully, Bakura had been near at the time and Malik survived without much damage.

Although Mariku did threaten to start a civil war within Joey's main worshippers and that was chaos in itself.

"Yami," the shout brought Yami back to the present, unfortunately.

The king sighed again, "yes, Joey? What is it this time?"

"Tithonus," Joey yelled, stomping across the vast throne room, "is growing OLD."

Yami blinked. Tithonus again? I thought we were through with that.

Joey growled dangerously. "You said you'd grant him immortality."

"And I did. However, you never asked me to keep him young." Yami shrugged, struggling to keep the smile off his face as realisation dawned on the dawn god.

"Oh…" he said, "damn!"

"You should be more careful in the future, Joey," Yami advised, allowing a small smile to grace his lips and completely ignoring the look of indignation on the other's face.

"Yeah yeah, whatever," Joey said. "Serenity is gonna be pissed."

Yami laughed, "I doubt Serenity is capable of 'being pissed' as you so call it.

Joey mumbled something incoherent and stalked off, cursing all the while. He may have a temper but Joey is also quite forgiving and accepts inevitabilities when he sees them.

Yami shook his head as Joey uttered a curse particularly loudly. Just because Joey accepted inevitabilities doesn't mean he has to like them. Still, Yami would prefer it if Joey don't cause any trouble.

"Don't pull Malik off his chariot this time!" the king called out as the god exited the throne room. "Heavens knows we've had enough of that."


Rishid Orion was fishing. He was fishing because he has run out of fish. Therefore, he was fishing to get more fish. But the fishes seem to know that he has run out of fish and must go fishing to fish some more fish, because they have moved further out into the sea.

Of course, it might have been due to the shiny glowing thing Mai had put on the bottom of the ocean to attract the fishes but Rishid didn't know that.

All Rishid knows is that the fishes are further out into the sea so he must go further out into the sea to catch the fishes. So…he went further out into the sea...


"Malik," Mai said. She was walking with her brother along the beach. Usually she would cherish these moments, especially after Orion entered the scene and stole her brother from her. But today was not a usual day.

"Yes, Mai?" inquired Malik.

"You're spending so much time with Orion," she said, "I'm getting rather worried."

"Worried about what?" Malik laughed, "it's not like he could ever do anything to me."

"No, not that kind of worried," said Mai, placing on a mask of deep sorrow and anxiety. "I'm worried that you'd forget about your duties."

"Don't be ridiculous, the sun is still rising every morning isn't it?"

"I guess," Mai sighed dramatically, "but you haven't been practising your archery. What if you get rusty?"

"I will not get rusty," was the calm reply.

Mai continued, "what if you're already rusty?"

"I am not rusty!" Malik said indignantly. "I bet you I can still shoot any target within my sights, and some without."

"Okay then," Mai turned towards the ocean where a tiny dot could be seen bobbing up and down. Little did Malik know, that was Rishid's head as he pulled the fishing net into his boat. "Can you shoot that?" She challenged, pointing at the small mark.

"Of course," Malik replied confidently.

The sun god took out his bow and notched an arrow. Carefully, Malik pulled the string back and took aim at the little target so far out. The arrow was released and it shot through the air in a streak of light, hitting the target right in the centre.

The dot disappeared beneath the sea level.

"Did I get it?" Malik asked excitedly as he jumped into his chariot, making sure that the sun wasn't still attached to it.

"I think so," Mai replied, getting into her own chariot, "I hope so," she mumbled.

Together, the siblings raced towards the target.


"Finally, lunch!" Yami exclaimed happily. It had been a tiring day and Yami was glad to take a break. Aside from the Trojan prince and Joey there had been various other issues he had to see to, all of them regarding mortals. Sometimes, Yami wished he didn't have to look after them, life would be so much simpler if they would all just disappear.

Shaking such insensitive thoughts from his head, Yami headed towards the lunchroom where Yugi had promised to set out his lunch (along with the wine) for him.

"Yami!" a voice yelled.

"What?" Yami growled back, turning just in time to see Mokuba land right on top of him. Stupid Yugi and his influences. "Mokuba, don't jump on me." Mokuba pouted, but got off him. "Now if it's another message, tell whoever sent it to screw themselves because I'm on my lunchbreak."

"Me too," Mokuba smiled, "that's why I'm here, Yugi-chan said that I can have lunch with him."

Yami grimaced. Great, two tiny bundles of joy. Well, there was nothing he could do about it so Yami just sighed self-pityingly and went into the lunchroom. Mokuba happily followed him and squealed at the sight of the room.

The entire floor was filled with platters of various food. From crisp bread to roasted pork and a large jug of wine in the corner. Three long chairs, covered with cushions, surrounded the food, one already taken by Yugi.

Yami took a seat next to the wine, his younger brother did make amazingly delicious wine, hurriedly poured himself a goblet.


Yami jumped for the third time that day. Can't I eat without being interrupted?

He sighed and placed the red wine back onto the table. "Sorry, Yugi, duty calls."

Yugi giggled. "I really feel sorry for you, Yami, you never seem to sit down. And to show my support, I'll sit here and guard your lunch for you whilst you sort out whatever problem there is this time."

Yami rolled his eyes as he clasped his travelling cloak on. "You'd better not eat all of it," the king grumbled quietly as he vanished from the throne room.


Upon his arrival, Yami saw Malik crying his eyes out as he cradled a dead man's head on his lap. Mai was off to the side, inspecting her nails nonchalantly.

Yami groaned, a crying Malik means that an angry Malik was not far way. An angry Malik means that all hell is going to break loose.

"Mai, what have you done this time?" the king inquired exasperatedly, although he knew it was best not to judge before understanding the situation. For all he knows, Malik could be crying because he doesn't know how to retrieve his arrow from the dead man's head.

"Me?" Mai looked up, "I haven't done anything."

"Liar!" Malik cried, "you killed him!"

"You killed him," Mai retorted, "you're the one who shot an arrow through his head."

"Poor Rishid," Malik sobbed, stroking the face with utmost care. "Poor poor Rishid."

Ah yes, Rishid Orion. The only mortal man to have successfully wooed the impassive Malik Apollo.

Yami sighed, "Mai, just tell me what you did."

"I didn't do anything!" Mai said. "It wasn't my fault that the dot Malik used for target practice was Orion's head."

"You tricked me!" Malik shrieked, jabbing an accusing finger at his sister. "You knew it was him! You knew!"

For the second time in as many minutes, Yami sighed as he watched the siblings throwing accusations at each other. From experience, Yami knew it was going to take quite a while so he looked around leisurely to see if there was anything else to preoccupy himself with. Damn, why is it that every time I have a job to do, there is never anyone to have sex with?


As soon as Malik had got back on his chariot and began to pull the sun across the sky, Yami headed back towards the lunchroom. Sorting out them two had taken longer than he had hoped. Or maybe it was because there was no one to have a quick one with. It was only until Mai had started feeling guilty that the sun god started to calm down. Mai had offered to turn Rishid into a star and the twins could pick a place in the sky for Orion the star to rest forever.

At least now I can eat, Yami thought wearily.

As he entered the lunchroom however, he was greeted not by a table of food and wine, but by his younger brother and his messenger grinning in that innocent yet mischievous way of theirs.

"What?" Yami asked, looking between the two midget gods. "What is it?"

"I've decided," Yugi announced brightly, "that you are going to have a party tonight!"

Yami sighed exasperatedly, "Yugi, when are you going to stop planning out my life?"

"Well you spend everyday planning out everyone else's life so someone has to plan yours," Mokuba chipped it. Yugi nodded in agreement.

"You, shut your trap," Yami ordered, pointing at Mokuba. "And, Yugi…what do you mean I'm having a party tonight?"

"I mean that you're having a party," Yugi replied sarcastically, "you know, a big gathering? With music and dancing?"

"And food," Mokuba added happily, "can't forget the food."

"I thought I told you to hush," Yami said.

Mokuba pouted but didn't speak for the rest of the conversation. However, with the amount that Yugi was talking, it didn't make much difference. So, Yami, the great king of the gods, controller of lightning, ruler of the earth, resigned himself to this random event his brother had planned…again.

To be continued…


Joey: Wha? I thought you said definite Jou/Uke Seto. There wasn't even any Jou/Seto!

Seto: At least you were in it.

Yami: I appear to have a sudden obsession with sexual intercourse.

Joey: Damn it, why does he get some?

Yaoiness: Because Zeus was known for sleeping around. And he had a hell of a lot of children because of it.

Yami: So…I'm going to have a lot of children.

Yaoiness: No.

Yami: But, you just said-/frowns as he thinks/

Joey: Hello? Can we get back to the main problem? The Jou/Seto?

Seto: Or lack thereof.

Yaoiness: Well, I did say future Jou/Seto…

Seto: Why does the mutt get to be the dominant one anyway? I'm taller, smarter, stronger and generally better than him. There's no way he'd be able to dominate me.

Joey: /wraps his arms around Seto from behind and nips at his neck/

Seto: ah…no…stop, not in pub-mm, do that again.

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Joey: Tell her you want her to continue, I need my manly dominance!

Seto: Hey, why did you stop? Get back here and start kissing me senseless you stupid mutt.

Joey: Yes, love.