A/N: I was laughing for ages when I came up with this. Hope you find it as amusing as I did. :P

The further West the group traveled the more and more new foods they came across. Some good, some bad, some they didn't even touch when presented to them. Tonight though, Hakkai had ordered them all a special Chicken Herb Curry (without reading the warning label) as a treat. With the exception of Sanzo, they'd enjoyed it. Goku had snatched up Sanzo's share just three seconds after downing his own. His words were warbled, but with a disgusted grunt, Sanzo handed over the dish to the monkey who'd asked for it.

However, the Curry had a not-so-pleasant after effect.

Goku effortlessly farted for what seemed to be the fifth time in two minutes, followed closely by Gojyo. The red-head waved his hand in front of his face, fanning the smell away from him with a cheeky grin. "Beat that one, monkey."

Goku let one rip again, "Hah!"

Goku: 1 Gojyo: 0

Gojyo laid back on the bed and cut the cheese, "Once again, monkey."

Goku: 1 Gojyo: 1

"Right!" The bed vibrated under the force of it, "Wahoo! Two to me!"

Goku: 2 Gojyo: 1

Hakkai stepped out of the bathroom, closing the door behind him. However, he wasn't ready for the smell that he was bombarded with upon entering the room again.

Gojyo let out a particularly loud fart, "Again monkey," he said, "You can't beat me."

Goku: 2 Gojyo: 2

"Oh my . . ." Hakkai commented sheepishly as Goku let another rip.

Goku: 3 Gojyo: 2

"Hey Hakkai, pull my finger!" Gojyo said, sitting up and holding out his index finger.

"Gojyo, please . . ."

"Huh? Why would you want him to pull your finger you pervy water-sprite?"

"Don't call me that monkey! But here, pull my finger!"

Goku did so.


Goku: 3 Gojyo: 3

"Uh, gentlemen? If I may?" Hakkai interrupted. Both looked at him, just as confused as the other. However, all Hakkai did was stand in the same spot for several moments, Hakuryuu sitting comfortably on his shoulder. Suddenly the dragon made a choking noise and dived for the open window. Goku dropped to the ground next, laughing and struggling to breathe at the same time while Gojyo had to wait for it to waft over.

However, once it did, He dropped to the ground with his hands covering his nose; "Oh, God! What the hell 'Kai!"

Hakkai chuckled sheepishly, "I win, then?"