Blond Hair and Blue Eyes

By: Hanbun no Tsuki

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto; it belongs to Masashi Kishimoto-sensei.

Warning: Shonen-ai, meaning boy x boy pairing. Maybe OOC…I'm not sure…

Pairings: SasuNaru, NaruSasu, hints of ShikaIno, Naruto and Sakura friendship, Sasuke and Ino friendship. Also hints of KakaIru.

After recovering from her shock, Sakura noticed Naruto was on his knees, still staring at the direction where Sasuke and Ino had just left with his mouth hanging open. Sakura rushed to him, hoping his friend wasn't struck too hard.

'Since when did Sasuke start hanging out with Ino?'

The question repeated itself over and over again in her head, even though she tried to dismiss it and she shook it off and tried to focus on her blond friend instead.

"Naruto… you okay?"

Naruto looked grim. Like he had just realized something. Like…like…like he'd just found out Iruka was dead. That kind of grim.

"…Naruto?" She asked again when he didn't reply to her.

"Ino… She's… Blonde… Blue eyes…" Naruto whispered really quietly, Sakura almost didn't catch that. Almost. And when it dawned to her, it's as if things came crashing down to her. Can't be.

"Naruto, y-you mean… Ino's the one…?" With an affirmative nod from the blond, Sakura's eyes widened. Can't be. Again, it clicked to her. The odd feeling she was getting, right after Naruto told that he got the rumor from Ino. A rumor about a person Sasuke's in love with, who has blond hair and blue eyes, was with no doubt came from Ino herself. And Ino herself got blonde hair and blue eyes…! Is it possible that Ino was making a rumor about herself? If so, is it the truth, or a fake?

'No, it's impossible. As big of a gossiper Ino could be, she's not a person to start a rumor about herself. Especially when it has something to do with Sasuke! But if it is true that she's the person Sasuke likes, she'll most likely just brag about it to everyone! (Seeing, I would've done it when I was still obsessing over him.)' Sakura pondered it over and over, calculating the chances of this being true. No, not a chance.

"Naruto, listen to me." Sakura said firmly as she took hold of Naruto's shoulders. "There's no chance, absolutely no chance that Ino is the one could be true. So don't give up. You can never give up any hope Naruto. You hear me?"

Sakura watched painfully at the dejected Naruto who just hung his head sadly, barely answering her question, "No, Sakura-chan. It's alright, really. I mean, you did say there's a possibility that it could be someone else and not me. I'm okay, truly okay about this Sakura-chan…so…so, let's just drop this, 'kay?"

'How could be okay, looking like that?'

Sakura just couldn't stand watching her currently broken friend. With tears threatening to spill and faltering voice, how could he still gave a smile and said he was okay?

"If you don't trust me in this, then I'll just prove it to you."

A bit surprised by his friend's sudden decision, Naruto just raised his head to face Sakura, clearly showing an obviously confused face. "What do you mean..?" he said weakly.

"We'll just follow their 'Shopping Trip' so I can prove it to you that Ino isn't the one who Sasuke likes. It's the easiest way to solve this mess, don't you think?"

Dragging a hesitant Naruto and ignoring his complaints and buts, Sakura lead themselves to the direction where Sasuke and Ino were headed. She'll show Naruto that what she said was true. It had to be true. 'Or else Naruto will break…'

In the streets of Konoha's Shopping District, people saw a strange combination of a pair. An emo black-haired prodigy who was worshipped by many people in the village and a bubbly blonde flower-girl who was once one of the many worshippers in the village. Usually this kind of pair can only exist when one was 100 meters away from the other, with one always chasing and one always fleeing. So seeing them both together in such close proximity is somewhat a strange and new thing to the villagers.

"You know, I can never understand you." The boy we all know as Sasuke said with annoyance in his voice. "I will never understand why you did that in front of Naruto and Sakura."

His companion just giggled and asked innocently to him, "Did what Sasuke-kun?" And she ended it with another giggle.

"sigh Why did you tell them that it was our date. We know as clear as hell that the date you're going tomorrow is with Shikamaru. Not me. The thought of going on a date with you is making me feel sick…"

SMACK! The rude comment Sasuke made in the end of his sentence earned him a smack on the back of his head. Rubbing his injured head and glaring at his friend, Sasuke just kept quiet.

"I'll just pretend I didn't hear that. Anyways, didn't you see their expressions?" Insert another giggle here. 'What's with girls and giggles…?' "They're totally stunned! Especially Naruto…"

"Yeah, you're making them misunderstand. Especially Naruto. Great job." Sasuke cut her sentence with sarcasm dropping in each word.

"Humph! But aren't you the least happy that Naruto was jealous of me because I got to take you out on a date? Besides, things should go smoothly between you and him if he took the hint we gave with the rumors."

"And how do you suppose he can take the hint if he's misunderstanding us being together?" Sasuke said, his sentence laced with anger.

Ino grabbed her chin with her two fingers and put her thinking mode on. After a long 'Hmmmm…..' Ino finally let out a weak 'Ahaha!' and a sweatdrop which resulted a vein popping on Sasuke's head.

A long sigh escaped Sasuke's lips as he shook his head at his friend's antics. He knew that she meant good and he's already used to her personality anyway. They've been close for these past few months after all. In a friendship kind of way. Not in a love-love kind of way. Just so no one will misunderstand.

A few months ago, Ino confessed to him formally. Formally like, in a really really serious way. Not like usual where she will scream 'Sasuke-kun! Marry me!' and chase after him like there's no tomorrow. It was like a normal confession. Quiet place, the nervous girl, and the silence of waiting for a reply. Undoubtedly, Sasuke gave his formal rejection. Though there's no difference with his usual rejection. A bit gentler, maybe.

'Ah. I still could remember that day. From that day on, my opinion of her changed. But not by much.'

- Flashback –

Sasuke waited for her to react. She's not going to cry or anything, right…? Ah, hell. She'll probably cry her eyes out then run away or something. She's just like those typical girls. He'll just prepare himself for the worst.

Surprisingly, Ino neither wept nor ran. She just stood there in silence, staring at Sasuke with those ice blue eyes of hers. Sasuke also just waited for her to say something, do something. Anything. The next thing he heard was quite unexpected.

"You like someone else, don't you?"

"It's not Sakura." Sasuke almost instantly replied. Everybody knew about her rivalry with Sakura and he knew Ino would be on a ramping rage if she ever lost to her.

"snort Of course not! But you do like someone, right? 'Cause you're not denying it either."

No reply.

"If you're not gonna say who it is, then I'll guess. I'll probably get it right in one shot though."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. Like there's a chance she'll kno-

"Uzumaki Naruto."

Sasuke's body became rigid, his eyes widened, just hardly noticable, and his face paled just a bit. Jackpot.

"Hahaha! You should've looked at your face Sasuke-kun!" Ino began to laugh but it quickly changed into a knowing smile. "I'm not blind, you know."

-End Flashback-

Since then, they started hanging out quite often. Especially after Ino realized that she likes Shikamaru. They talk about missions, hobbies, anything. But the most often talked topic is Sasuke's feelings for Naruto. They sometimes discuss about it and Ino even urged Sasuke to just go, be a man, and confess to Naruto. It's just that Sasuke thought there was no need to do that. Ino just thought Sasuke is afraid to get rejected.

Sasuke tried to explain to her, again and again, that he will never have a chance with Naruto. Okay, so maybe that counted as being afraid to get rejected. But he will never confess his feelings knowing he will only get rejected. He didn't want to sever the relationship he already had with Naruto. As best friends. As brothers. Nothing more. Even though he wanted that more.

Ino said that he was being silly, that there's no chance that he will get rejected. Naruto liked him back. It was as clear as the day, she said, pointing out again that she wasn't blind. But he wasn't blind either. Also in these past few months, he had been feeling… somehow of being an outcast when he was with Sakura and Naruto. He felt that they've been hiding something from him, whenever they ended their conversations as soon as they saw him coming. He was the only one being left out. They're dating in secret, not wanting you to feel being the odd one out. A small voice in the back of his head whispered. Just thinking of it hurt him.

Hearing his final explanation of 'Why Sasuke Should Never Confess to Naruto', Ino decided to slap some sense into him. Hence, the rumor Ino created. Ino gave a hint in that rumor about Sasuke liking Naruto. Only briefly and not very clear. But even someone like Naruto would understand it, Ino was sure of it. Very doubtful that the hint will be received by Naruto, Sasuke just let her be and watched as the rumor mill ran.

However, if Sasuke ever had the little bit of hope that the hint will reach Naruto, that hope had disappeared completely right now. There's nothing more to hope when Naruto already misunderstood him being together with Ino. Naruto would probably think that this person with blond hair and blue eyes person is Ino. He let out a tired sigh.

"What's up with the sighing, Sasuke? Cheer up! Come on, you still have to help me choose a dress to buy for my date tomorrow!"

Another sigh.

"I thought your date is supposed to be the day after tomorrow?"

"Shikamaru said he has an urgent thing to do tomorrow. Family business or something like that." Ino rolled her eyes and accidentally captured a mop of blond and pink hair peeking out from a nearby alley.

'Ohoho… This is getting interesting… It's a good thing Sasuke didn't notice them.'

"Hey, Sasuke-kun! Let's try this store! They have so many nice dresses!" Ino pointed to a clothing store with her other hand latching to Sasuke's, dragging him into the store.

Sasuke only sighed at this, already used to her sudden dragging whenever he had to accompany her shopping. Boy, does he sigh a lot when spending time with her or what. And she didn't really have to grip his hand like that. Some people could get the wrong idea and mistake them as a couple. What he didn't know was, one of the some people, namely a boy with blond hair who's hiding in an alley, already got the wrong idea and was near to fuming, spitting words that sounded like hand, leech, off NOW, with venom. His pink haired friend only told him to keep it down and to quickly move into that same store.

Uzumaki Naruto already recovered from his previous shock. His shock quickly transformed into anger right after he saw Ino talking a bit too friendly with his Sasuke. What's more is that Sasuke seemed relaxed enough with Ino. Shouldn't he be…like, annoyed or something? Angry? Desperate to escape? But nooo… He just had to relax in front of somebody he should be annoyed at when he had to be uneasy in front of his best friends.

His anger flared when he saw that offending hand of Ino's gripped Sasuke's, calling his Sasuke with the prefix kun. 'Aghhh…. You usually would've been annoyed when you were called like that, Sasuke! What happened to you!'

"That offending hand…. Don't she know she's touching Sasuke like a leech! If that hand doesn't get off NOW, I swear…." Naruto growled, venom dropping heavily in his voice.

"Shush, Naruto! Quiet! Come on, let's follow them into the store."

They moved together discreetly and entered the shop. The shop was big and full of clothes everywhere that they could hide between them without being caught while still eavesdropping on Sasuke and Ino. Unfortunately for them, Ino already knew of their hiding place and was already thinking of something to carry out her plan.

"Sasuke-kun! Here, look at this dress, what do you think?"

Both Naruto and Sakura peeked from behind the line of clothes to take a look of the dress Ino was showing Sasuke.

It's very…

"It's orange." Sasuke boredly said.



"Soooo… Do you think it will look good on me?"

Thump. Naruto's heart suddenly started beating really fast. Sasuke often made comments about how his orange coloured outfit always made him look ridiculous. He always thought that Sasuke hated the colour orange. But he knew that wasn't the case. And somehow, in Naruto's thought, this situation decided whether Sasuke really liked Ino or not. He knew that it didn't make sense, but he still listened closely when Sasuke gave his opinion.

"…It'll bring out your personality more. Bright, that is."


'…He never said anything like that to me.' Naruto sadly thought.

"Can I take that as a compliment? That you're saying this orange dress will look good on me?"

'He never gave me any compliments…Not even one..'

"Yeah, whatever." Sasuke answered offhandedly with a hint in it.

'So, the person Sasuke actually likes is Ino... What a fool I am for even considering that it could've been me.. It was an empty hope all along.. I.. I…'

Naruto's mind was suddenly filled with anger. The anger was incredibly overwhelming that he did what he really shouldn't do. He stepped out of his hiding place, knocking off a few pieces of clothes onto the floor. His glare was out full on.

"Naruto, you idiot! Get back here!" Sakura hissed and tried to get him back into hiding but to no avail.

Naruto himself couldn't understand the sudden anger that he felt. It was jealousy, frustation, sadness and pure anger combined into one. All of this directed to Sasuke. Why to Sasuke? Don't ask.

"Sasuke you idiot!"

By now, all heads have turned to Naruto's direction, including Sasuke's and Ino's.

"Stupid! Baka! Aho! Dai-aho! (all of these simply mean stupid)" After screaming on top of his lungs, Naruto rushed off out of the shop, leaving a hitting-head-on-the-floor Sakura, a surprised Ino, and an even more surprised and confused Sasuke.

'Naruto…? What is he doing here..?'

"Why are you still standing here, Sasuke! Go chase him!" Ino ordered to Sasuke, giving him a slight push.

Unfortunately, Sasuke's mind was still trying to make out the reasons of why Naruto could be here and only managed to give a weak "Huh?"

"Don't 'huh?' me, you big idiot! Go! NOW!" Giving him a hard push, Ino managed to send Sasuke out of the shop. When his brain was finally able to process the situation, Sasuke quickly made his way to the direction Naruto ran off to.

And damn, the dobe was fast.

Naruto couldn't see, hear, or think of anything. All he felt was the wind, passing through his body, as he dashed along the street, trying to reach his escape Sasuke.

His panic began to build up as he heard his name being shouted over and over again by a voice he never got tired of listening to. But as soon as the fondness spread warmly in his chest, pain quickly came and almost cut his heart into two. Screwing his eyes tightly, Naruto willed the ache away.

'Stop pining over him, baka Naruto! You're just hurting yourself! Argh!'

Naruto tried to make a shortcut over the roofs, hoping to lose Sasuke in the midst of the confusing pathways. His unstable mind made his usual graceless motion even more graceless and he lost his foothold and slipped with a small 'ah' sound escaping his lips. He closed his eyes and braced for the coming rough impact.

But he never reached the ground. Instead, he found himself being held against a warm body, a fast heartbeat so close it required no effort to hear it. Naruto opened his eyes and found himself staring straight to those obsidian orbs he loved so much. Memories of the last few hours started to flood into him and he jerkily averted his eyes to the side. He would never forgive Sasuke the bastard. Playing such cruel jokes on him.

'What jokes? All Sasuke did was..was..liking someone other than him. It's just me rampaging out of jealousness. How embarrassing, to get so worked up over this.'

Feeling relief that he managed to catch Naruto just in time, Sasuke released a huge sigh. Seriously, the dobe have to watch where he goes next time, or Sasuke's heart won't be able to take it anymore.

"Oi, Usuratonkachi. Can't even manage to run properly, can you-"

Sasuke stopped mid-sentence when he noticed the tears rolling down Naruto's cheeks. He was so speechless that all he could do was put Naruto back on his feet. Moments passed without any of them saying anything, Naruto still crying silently. Awkwardly, Sasuke scratched his cheek and managed to start the conversation.

"Che. Stop being a crybaby. Why are you so upset, anyway? What the hell did I do to you to deserve those insults you hurled at me, huh? What were you doing sneaking around anyway-"

"Are you seriously asking me that! Why don't you ask yourself, you bastard!" Naruto glowered and practically bared his fangs to Sasuke.

Sasuke almost got riled up to the point of snapping but caught himself and heaved mouthful of air out of his lungs.

"It's because I don't know that I'm asking, idiot."


Again, came the awkward silence. The tension was so thick, someone can cut it with just a ruler. Sasuke crossed his hands and adopted his, what Naruto nicknamed, Holier-Than-Thou attitude and tilted his head a bit.

"So. Are you going to explain the reason why you stormed off like that?" Ah. Never forget the cocking of an eyebrow move.

Blushing out of his previous feeling of embarrassment, Naruto just turned his head to the side and mumbled a soft "nothing much" with a pout.

Sasuke managed to repress another sigh. Seriously, first Ino now Naruto. People with blond hair are just out there to make him sigh the life out of him. So troublesome. Now he understood why Shikamaru liked to use the word troublesome so much. One word which explains too much is just so convenient to use.

"I won't get mad so just spill it."

Sparing a shy glance to Sasuke who looked somewhat peaceful, Naruto finally gathered his courage and, 'Ah hell, let's just cut to the chase'. This kind of sidestepping the issue and tiptoeing is not Naruto's style at all.

"Sasuke do you like Ino?", he blurted out with a bit of accusation lacing the latter's name.

"Huh?" Is Ino's plan actually working after all? Is Naruto jealous? "Well..she's a nice friend and all.."

"No, no no! I mean not as a friend. I mean, you know, do you like like her. As in, are you going to make her Mrs. Uchiha?"

Under Naruto's intense stare, somehow all Sasuke wanted to do was to shout in glee and congratulate Ino. Perhaps her idea is brilliant after all! Not resisting his sudden itch to tease Naruto, Sasuke let out a smirk.

"Why do you care dobe, I thought you liked Sakura."

Naruto was about to deny the statement, if he didn't notice Sasuke's ever-present irritating smirk. 'What the, he's just playing with me! Well, I'll show him..'

"Just answer the damn question, bastard."

Sasuke decided to let Naruto off the hook for once and replied properly, "No. I don't like her that way."

"So why the hell are you going on dates with her?"

'Somehow, I understand the feeling of husbands who are getting interrogated by their wives. No wonder some people said marriages are the end of men.'

"She's just fooling around. She got a date with Shikamaru, not me."

A bit appeased, Naruto continued on with his questioning. "Why did you compliment her when she was wearing that orange dress? The whole bringing out her personality shit and everything." He waved his hands while saying the last sentence.

"…she'll kick me if I said it didn't. She'll hit me if I just said 'hn'. Women can never be pleased. Never accompany them shopping ever. It's a pain." Sasuke shivered when he remembered how he got beaten up in the middle of another of Ino's shopping session. He was making a serious comment when he said neon green was not Ino's colour. Or anyone elses', for that matter.

Naruto, who has gone on a shopping session on his own with Sakura, completely shared the sentiment and nodded fervently. He really doesn't get girls. Why do they bring guys to shopping if they just beat us up when we share our opinion? It was like a new form of torture.

"Okay, then. No more questions." Naruto then turned around and was starting to walk away.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow at that, "Oi dobe, wait. We're not done yet. You haven't told me the reason why you called me an idiot."

Naruto stopped at his track and looked back at Sasuke. Sasuke swore he saw the usual glint of mischief sparkled in Naruto's eyes. If it wasn't directed at him, he would contemplate how beautiful it made him look.

"Ah, that?" Naruto took several wide strides and grabbed Sasuke by the collar. "It's 'cause I like you, you bastard. Like like you."

Hands moving swiftly to push Sasuke's head to his, Naruto crashed his lips to Sasuke's with a smack and they left as quickly as they came. With a grin, Naruto released his hold on Sasuke and took a step back, licking his lips all the while.

Sasuke blanked dumbfoundedly before finally broke out of his stupor. That Naruto had the bipolarity of a girl, sometimes. He was crying one moment, all annoyed the other, than playful and a bit..seductive? Perhaps the Sexy no Jutsu had that side effect on him.

"So, Sasuke, you like like me too, right?"

It was not a question. It was a demand. No more intricate plans or second guessing, their feelings were bared out in the open. They should have just did this in the first place. Why in the world did they mix the girls into this, anyway? Nothing good could come up if you put a girl in the equation, no matter if it's only as a supporting role. Their role is just to make everything complicated. Period. Guys always go straight to the issue.

With a small quirk of mouth, Sasuke gave Naruto a soft smile, "Yeah, I do."

Emitting small bursts of laughter (not giggles. Naruto is a man), Naruto leaned in for another kiss. And Sasuke met him halfway.

Not quite far away, behind a suspicious-looking bush, two girls were gushing on how cute the new couple looked.

"Awww! They made up! And they got together thanks to me!" Ino squealed her happiness away, not caring whether the aforementioned boys heard her or not. The two were too wrapped up with each other anyway.

"Stupid Ino-pig. They got into a fight because of you anyways." Sakura tried to sound angry but her delight for her two friends was too much that the scolding came out as a contented statement instead.

"Heh! If not, they would stay as only friends for God knows how long. Really, do girls need to do everything to get things done here?"

"I actually agree with you. Seriously, they can be so dense sometimes."

"Boys." Sakura just laughed and nodded her agreement to Ino's matter-of-factly statement.

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