It was a cold morning of December.

Chase and Cameron were in a room and they were having a check on the vitals of a new patient, a young man with cramps at every muscle of his body. They have calmed down him some minutes ago.

"It's nearly Christmas." Cameron said.

Chase lifted his sparkling blue eyes from the medical record of Matthew and stared at her without say anything.

"I will be alone even this Christmas." She sighed.

"What are you saying, Cameron?" Chase exclaimed amazed.

"I am 27 and I spend alone every day, every weekend, every Christmas… It's not normal! All the girls at my age are married… or at least engaged."

"Please, Cameron…"

"I'm serious, Chase!" She exclaimed.

House went into the room limping as usual.

"I want some test. Blood, urine, bone marrow, and everything came over your mind."

House went away and Cameron sighed. Then she bent down and took a test-tube of urine. Chase took a syringe and took the blood for the test.

"Cameron, we're having a conversation, before House…"

"It doesn't matter, don't worry Chase." She said smiling.

Chase smiled at her, but he wasn't really reassured.

Some minutes later, Cameron was doing the tests for House. She was alone in the test lab and she was thinking.

'It's not right. I'm alone. I'm always alone. I loved my husband, and he died, I fell in love with House, but he doesn't return my love. And now, I have to spend another Christmas with my parents and my younger sister… she will come with his current boyfriend, and I will be alone… and my parents will ask me 'oh, Allison, you're such a beautiful girl, why you aren't engaged?' and I will try to invent another excuse… I invented nearly 10 excuses in the latest 10 years…'

Her thoughts were interrupted by the noise of the door.

"Hey, Cameron."


Cameron thought that, among all the people that should come into that room, Chase was the worst one.

"Are you ok?" He asked.

"Yes, I am." She answered.

"This morning you were saying something about this Christmas. Are you sure that it's always ok?"

"Yes, it's always ok, if you exclude the fact that I'll spend Christmas' day with my parents that will embarrass me in front of the eyes of my younger sister!"

Chase stared at her with his eyes wide opened.

"Why you'll feel embarrassed?" He asked.

Cameron lifted her eyes from the microscope and stared at him. Chase was leaning against the desk, close to her. His blue eyes were staring at her with a strange look: he wasn't curious, he was worried. But the sweet smile on his lips was irresistible.

"They ask me why I'm all alone. They do that every year. My sister is always dating with someone, and she like to put me in embarrassment. This morning my mother asked me if I'll be with them on Christmas."

"And will you go there?"

"I will. Alone. As usual." Cameron admitted.

"I'll spend Christmas' day alone, like you." Chase said.

"Your mother?" She asked.

"She will spend the day with the rest of the family in Sydney. I prefer to watch a film and go out for a walk… but I'll be alone." Chase said, shrugging.

"Would you… You know, if you want… It'll be only… well, it will be like acting…" Cameron didn't know why these words had come over her mouth. She stopped suddenly and she concentrated again on the test.

"Are you asking me if I would come with you at your parents' house on Christmas' day?"

"Oh my God, Chase, I'm really stupid, don't worry… I don't know what I was saying…"

"It's ok for me." Chase said.

"It is… what?" Cameron asked, lifting again her head from the microscope.

"It is just a lunch, right? And we'll play the role of the 'happy couple'. It will be funny. And you won't feel embarrassed." Chase said amused.

"Do… do you think so?"

"Yes, I do." Chase answered quietly. "Let me know when I'll have to fetch you."

"Do you come here only to know why I was worried?"

"I was so worried that I couldn't even drink my coffee!"

Cameron had a look at him with an amused look.

"You're a liar. I know that House wants me for a differential diagnosis."

"You're right. Have you finished with that?" Chase asked, indicating at the microscope.

"Yes, of course. Let's go." Cameron said.

Chase reached the door and opened it for her. Cameron came out of the lab with a smile on her lips and Chase by her side.