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He looked at the bunch of papers in front of the paper-booth. The date was 21st of December 2006. 'One thousand years this evening…,' he thought as he averted his eyes from the papers and looked up into the sky. 'Will I ever find her? The woman that will be able to see me and at the same time be able to carry my offspring?' He growled darkly as his wings reached out and with a few flaps he was sitting on a nearby roof.

He had learned one lesson over the one thousand years he had lived. And that was – do not piss off the gods because they can punish you severely.

Uchiha, Sasuke – punished because he became too arrogant in the eyes of the gods so they punished him by turning him into an Incubus. A male demon that lived and thrived off women's wet dreams. The only chance he had to become a human again was if he met a woman that could see him and at the same time was able to accept his incubus-seed into her womb and create a child.

And as the years, decades and later on, centuries passed, Sasuke realized one thing – the gods were a bunch of cruel beings. No woman would be able to accept an Incubus seed. Such cross breeding was not allowed in Mother Nature's realm. Sasuke, the once proud heir to the Sharingan, was reduced to ride sleeping woman until they had come and then wake up…. But none of them would be able to carry his offspring so the curse could be released. So the human turned demon was cursed to forever walk this earth until the end of time or who knows, perhaps even longer.

Now the year had reached 2006 according to the western tradition and he still had to find a female that could help him get away from this curse. He had become more picky over the years. The first one and two century he had "raided" every catholic monastery you could find in hope of finding a woman that could carry his offspring, but they all blamed the "devil" for riding them at night.

Then he the black eyed "demon" became bored. He stopped trying impregnating every female he found. Instead he became "peckish", and just humped on those who looked good. But after 200 years that too was old and he stopped with that too. Now he just picked one out of the crowd that he found interesting but he knew that none of the females would be able to release him from his curse.

Sasuke would forever be cursed to ride a female just to survive his incubus-existence.

"Midwinter Solstice…" Sasuke said as he looked up towards the oncoming day. "Tonight will be the longest night of the year…. And this will be the 1000 year of being an incubus, I should celebrate."

He snorted and curled up under the notch hoping to catch a few hours of sleep later on in this new place he'd found. He would stay here in this town for a couple of days; watch the females, and if he didn't find anyone that suited his taste he would move on again. Like he always did.

The black eyed "youth" decided to watch the paper stand for now on. Paper stands had a lot of visiting people and perhaps he could find a woman that suited his tastes. And it had been awhile since he was "fed". He needed energy. But he knew that "starve to death" was not an option to get away from his imprisonment. Oh no, the Gods had seen to that. He was immortal, but he needed those wet dreams to feel somewhat "alive". But he wouldn't die from not riding the females. He would just grow weak and feel miserable.

The sun came over the horizon and flooded the city with its radiating light. Life began to pulsate on the streets and Sasuke watched it all with indifference. He had seen it so many times now that it was just… plain boring.

He looked at the paper stand again and saw the man there sell some papers to the stressed out people that practically rushed passed him. 'Like little ants they are…' he thought as he began to close his eyes when he noticed a woman that walked a lot slower than the normal rushed speed of the other people. At least he thought it was a woman.

Black hair with a short bob-cut, dressed in a pair of loose black pants and a hooded jacket that surely looked as if she was going to travel to Eskimo land any minute. And by her side was a small white dog. But it was not her appearance that made Sasuke look twice on her – it was the fact that she was looking at him – right at him.

But before he could react or even comprehend the fact that she had been staring right at him, she had turned around and put some money into the paper-stand-man's hand and grabbed a paper and hurried away from Sasuke's line of vision.

'She saw me???' Sasuke couldn't believe it but then his mind played up the scenario again. Yes, the young woman had seen him. There was no doubt about it. Her eyes had slightly widened.

'Her eyes… they were completely white… was she blind or…?' Sasuke's heart began to thump hard inside his chest as he took off from the notch where he had been sitting in order to find the girl again.

No, she couldn't have been blind… if she had – she wouldn't have seen him. And she had seen him, Sasuke was sure.

"But where the fuck did she go?" he growled out as he searched the streets for the woman but without any luck.

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