Chapter 17

Sasuke couldn't believe what the old woman had told him. Even a few days later he still had trouble believing that his beloved Hinata was with child. She was carrying his child.

Butterflies had taken up residence inside his stomach and every time he let his hands move over Hinata's still flat belly he tried to imagine the life that was growing inside her. The trouble was, they hadn't told the mother to be yet. He was afraid of how her reaction would be. Would she be disgusted that she was carrying a demon's child inside her womb? Anyways, there hadn't been a moment that was appropriate to tell her either. She had been so sick but handing her crackers to eat had helped a bit.

"Sasuke?" Hinata's voice broke through his daze and he looked up from where he was sitting on the sofa. She looked strangely at him and he smiled softly and held out his hands towards her.

"Love, come here," he said and she took his outstretched hands and he gently pulled her down to sit in his lap.

"What's with you?" she asked as she let him cradle her against his strong body. "Why are you acting so strange Sasuke?"

Sasuke's butterflies started to act up again as he looked into Hinata's worried white eyes. He knew he was going to get castrated if he told her. But she deserved to know. Perhaps that would also get her to see a normal doctor, not one that could suffocate you with her bosoms. And he really wanted a second opinion even if Tenten had sworn that this Tsunade woman was the best in the world at supernatural stuff and that she had been a doctor before she started her involvement with said supernatural stuff.

"You remember three days ago? When I said I got help from Tenten to try and figure out what was ailing you?" Sasuke started as he brushed his fingers over Hinata's cheek.

She nodded and looked into those black and red eyes she had come to love so much.

"Well, I did get help but you were out cold when the help came… But there was an old woman here and she checked you over."

Hinata gaped and stiffened in Sasuke's lap. She didn't like the sound of this.

"Don't worry, she was a doctor… or at least she had been a doctor before she started her new profession," the demon continued.

"N-new profession?"

"Yeah, it seems as if she was a researcher and specialist in the supernatural area," Sasuke all but whispered.

"W-what? What does that mean?" Hinata's voice almost cracked.

"Uhm, it looks as if…. Well…."

Hinata grabbed hold of Sasuke's black locks and made him look into her eyes. In her white depths he could see that she promised him pain if he didn't told her.

"You're pregnant!" he gasped out so fast that she barely could catch what he said.

She blinked and let go of his hair.


Sasuke nodded. "Yeah, you're pregnant."

Yep, his nuts were most certainly fried now, he was sure of it.

Hinata blinked again and her hands came down to her stomach. She looked down and then up into Sasuke's handsome face. Pregnant, but it was impossible she hadn't been with anyone… anyone but Sasuke and he was a demon. It was impossible.

"No… I don't believe you…" she said quietly.

"I can't believe it either. But this woman was sure, a hundred percent sure that you are carrying my child in here," Sasuke said and placed on hand on top of hers. "I don't dare to believe it, not until we're certain."

She began to sob softly.

"Hinata?" he asked worriedly.

She shook her head. She suddenly felt very scared. What Sasuke suggested was that they got a second opinion but that meant going to another doctor and doctors were the one thing Hinata hated and feared.

"Please Hinata; we must if we want to be sure…."

She shook her head again. What if they found something strange about her baby? If they saw that it was Sasuke's baby and realized it wasn't a normal human baby? They would lock her away and then they would take her baby. She couldn't risk that.

Hinata gasped softly as her thoughts caught up with her logic. She had already accepted that she could be carrying Sasuke's baby in her womb. She blinked away her tears and looked up in his face again, but this time she was smiling softly.

"Sasuke… please call that woman back here, but this time I want to be awake when she do her check up on me once more," Hinata said with her quiet voice but it was firm.

This time it was Sasuke's turn to blink in confusion and surprise. Then he smiled and hugged her close and kissed her.

"Sure, I will get Tenten to get hold of the Tsunade-woman again."

Sasuke was so happy that he almost could feel the butterflies burst through his stomach. He got up with Hinata in his arms and he spun around and laughed happily.

"Hinata!!" he called out and it made the white eyed woman giggle. "So… you're not mad at me?"

She laughed and shook her head. "Why would I be mad at you?"

"I thought that you might… might not believed me…. That I was trying to fool you in any way…" Sasuke said with low voice.

He put Hinata down to stand in front of him. He looked at her and couldn't help warm inside as he saw her lightly flushed face. He cupped her cheeks and leaned down and kissed her red lips.

"I will never let you go now Hinata," whispered Sasuke with husky voice. "You're mine forever!"

Hinata blushed even darker.

He picked her up bridal style and carried her to the bedroom and once there he put her down on her bed. He laid down beside her and cradled her close to him, hugging her tightly.

"I love you Hinata."

She smiled at him and closed her eyes. "I love you too, Sasuke," she answered him before she felt the sleep overcome her.

Sasuke however was still awake, watching her sleep. His hand came down to her stomach once again and he smiled. Nope, he still could barely believe that she was pregnant.

For the second time that week Tsunade found herself at Hinata's apartment. She knocked on the door and as it opened she came eye to eye with the young woman. Tsunade felt her stomach tighten when she noticed the white eyes.

'Now this will turn interesting. Not only does this woman carry a demon's child, she is herself a child of one of the old families in this country… She's a Hyuuga!' Tsunade thought as she smiled and walked through the door that was held open for her.

"Thank you for inviting me in," Tsunade said as she removed her shoes and stepped into the living room.

Hinata bowed and smiled as she followed Tsunade into the living room. Sasuke was sitting against the window sill and he bowed his head to the honey eyed older woman.

"Sasuke, we meet again," Tsunade said and smirked.

"Yes, and thank you for coming again," Sasuke said.

Tsunade sat down on the sofa and looked at the shy Hyuuga girl.

"And why am I here again? Didn't you believe me the first time?" Tsunade asked with a raised eyebrow and an amused look in her honey colored eyes. "Or is it that the little butterfly here didn't really believed you when you told her that you knocked her up?"

Sasuke was ready to punch that amused smile the old lady had on her face. But he nodded slightly. It was almost the truth.

"Well little lady, let me put it this way," Tsunade started and looked at the beet red young woman. "you boy demon here have wandered the earth for thousands of years, he can only be human again if he meets a woman that can see him and he can plant his seed inside her womb and thus creating a baby."

Hinata blushed even darker but she nodded, that was what Sasuke had told her as well. She began to fiddle with her fingers and Sasuke took her in his arms to calm her down as he nodded towards Tsunade to continue.

"And then one day not so long ago he realizes as he watches the humans from a rooftop that there is one little young woman that stares right at him. He knows that it could be just a coincidence but he needs to be sure so he follows this woman and finds that she really can see him. That you can see him. Even if the second stage cannot be fulfilled you were a living breathing person that he could connect to, and surely he did connect with you." Tsunade laughed softly and pointed towards Hinata's lower stomach. "I know that you are pregnant Hinata-san and I know that you are of the Hyuuga-bloodline too."

Hinata blinked and stared at the woman. What did she mean by that? What was so special about her family except that they were powerful and always had white eyes?

"I have known the Hyuuga family for a very long time. I know they possess a very powerful skill that enables them to see things that nobody else can see."

Sasuke felt his heart clench when Tsunade began to tell them the story about the Hyuuga. 'Who is this woman? How can she know so much about me and about Hinata's family?' he silently wondered as he moved to sit down with Hinata in his lap.

But Hinata was nervous when she heard this and she wiggled herself from Sasuke's grip and walked towards the kitchen.

"I'm going to put on some tea," she mumbled nervously and she could see that Sasuke frowned a bit. But she couldn't help it. She wasn't sure she wanted to hear what the older woman had to say about her family but at the same time she wanted to know. It was so confusing. She needed to do something to keep her mind clear.

When Hinata disappeared Sasuke looked at Tsunade. He wanted answers and he wanted them now!

Tsunade chuckled and nodded at the unspoken order.

"I've been around for a very long time Sasuke. I was there when the curse was placed upon you. We were three deities that placed that curse upon you."

Sasuke's breath was caught in his throat. His hands fisted and he was so close to attack her but he held back, wanting to know the rest.

"It was I and my two partners, or brothers or whatever you want to call them. Orochimaru and Jiraiya, we saw how cruel you treated your family, your friends and everybody else that came close to you. You do remember how much of a bastard you were. So we decided that you needed to be taught a lesson so we placed the incubus-curse upon you. What we really didn't count on was that it would go so long. We had actually counted around five hundred years or so, not two thousand years."

Tsunade paused a bit as she watched the now very strained incubus-demon in front of her. He was ready to kill her, she could see it in his eyes.

"I am not sorry that we put the curse upon you, you needed to be taught a lesson for being a bastard. What we didn't know was that the one woman that could see you and carry your child was a woman of the Hyuuga bloodline. That alone will make up for those two thousand years wouldn't you say?"

Sasuke grinded his teeth together. He was seething with anger but he agreed on the part of waiting so long just to meet and love Hinata. So he swallowed and looked deeply into Tsunade's brown eyes.

"So what is so special about the Hyuuga? Her father and cousin are pricks, real assholes, they kept Hinata locked up in a mental institution for years just because she sees spirits!"

This made Tsunade gap in confusion. All Hyuuga could see spirits so why lock up one girl when she can do it too? That was just twisted, weird even.

"What? Are you sure?" Tsunade asked.

"Sure I'm sure! Hinata thought I was one of the demons that she could see in her childhood, demons that caused her father to lock her up, they fed her drugs so she wouldn't see them anymore. So of course I'm sure!"

"But that is just plain ridiculous. Every Hyuuga with white eyes can see spirits." Tsunade said as she dragged her hands through her hair.

Hinata clenched around the cup she held in her hand as she overheard what the woman said to Sasuke. She could barely grasp what she heard but then it hit her hard. Her father, her cousin, her little sister and everyone else in the family had white eyes and all of them could see spirits?? That was just too much for Hinata. She sunk down on the floor as tears began to well up in her eyes. Why had they done this to her? What was wrong with her? Did they hate her so much that they had to put her up in a mental institution under false pretenses?

As the sorrow was digging a deeper hole inside her heart, there was an anger building up as well. She rose to her feet and put the cup on the table and she snuck out to the hallway and put on her shoes. Then she opened the front door and slipped out. She was going to confront her father and cousin and she was going to… she wasn't sure what she was going to do but it would hurt them deeply!

"So why did they put her in a mental hospital when she wasn't delusional?" Sasuke asked with a frown. It didn't make any sense what so ever.

"From the little I have seen of Hinata and from what you have told me and what Tenten have said about the girl, she's a very soft spoken, gentle and timid girl. Right?"

Sasuke nodded.

"And almost every Hyuuga I have know of, they are all hard asses. They hate the weak. And Hinata would seem as weak in their eyes. Is she her father's oldest child?"

Again Sasuke nodded, not liking what he was hearing.

"And her little sister how is she?"

Sasuke thought about what Hinata had said about her sister and he swallowed hard before answering.

"She's a tough little girl. She trains at her father's dojo almost every day. According to Hinata – Hanabi, her sister, have won a lot of martial art contests."

"So she would be a better heir to the Hyuuga household than Hinata, correct?"

"Maybe, but from what I've heard from Hinata, this Hanabi is a bitch, not that Hinata ever called her that, but she really sound as if she is on. She doesn't care about anything else then win every contest she applies to."

Tsunade nodded. This was getting ugly. She needed to teach these asses a lesson. She made a hand-sign and suddenly two more figures appeared in Hinata's living room.

"Sasuke, meet Orochimaru and Jiraiya, my team mates."

Hinata walked briskly to the bus stop but decided to take a cab instead. She wanted to get to her father's house as fast as possible. She saw a cab turn around the corner and she ran out and waved at him. She handed him a hundred dollar bill and said to take her to her father's estate as quick as possible. The cab driver nodded and shifted gear and drove off.

'The bastards, they will pay for doing this to me. They destroyed my childhood!' Hinata thought as her fingers fiddled in her usual manners. If the cab driver could read her mind he would probably have stopped and run for his life.

Sasuke stared at the two newcomers. One man had long black hair, yellow snake like eyes and alabaster white skin. The other man had white bushy long hair, some strange tear like red tattoos under his eyes. He was more burly build than the first man.

"Orochimaru, Jiraiya, you heard the conversation?" Tsunade asked.

They nodded.

"Sounds as if we're needed again," Orochimaru said with a voice that made Sasuke's skin curl up in disgust.

"Oh, this sounds like fun," Jiraiya said and reached inside his robes and picked out a small pipe and put it in his mouth. "It's been a long time since we messed around with the mortals."

Sasuke gaped. "Mortals?"

Tsunade chuckled.

"And here I thought you would have understood that we're not ordinary humans."

"Where is the little mouse anyway? It would be nice to meet a Hyuuga-girl that was able to make Sasuke-kun here turn around and be a loving and devoted man." Orochimaru said with his sleazy voice.

That made Sasuke fly up from his place and he ran out to the kitchen only to find it empty. Horror gripped his heart and he ran to the bedroom, it was empty. Her study was empty and the bathroom too. She wasn't in the flat at all. He ran to the hallway and saw her shoes and cape gone. Her keys and wallet was gone too.

"She's gone," he said with choked voice.

Tsunade frowned.

"She must have heard us talk about her family. Then there would be only one place she's going to."

Sasuke nodded. "She's going to her father's estate."

The incubus demon didn't waste any time, he ran towards the window and opened it and was getting ready to fly outside when someone grabbed his loincloth and dragged him back inside the apartment. He turned around and saw the white haired man grin at him as he shook his shrub of a head.

"Sorry boy, but for each day the baby grows inside your little woman, the more human you become and if you didn't notice – you don't have any wings now."

Sasuke's mouth hung open as he looked over his shoulders to find his wings gone. They were gone as in not there anymore.

"You'll have to find some clothes and follow us," Orochimaru said. "Not that I don't enjoy your half naked body, but I think you might scare the hell out of the people you meet if you go around naked."

That comment earned Orochimaru a nasty bump on the head from Tsunade.

"You creep, haven't I told you not to come on to humans?" snarled Tsunade and gave him another swap over the head for good measure.

Orochimaru whined like a kicked puppy and rubbed his sore head. He had forgotten how much Tsunade's punches could sting.

"Well, don't just stand there, go get some clothes little boy!" Jiraiya ordered and Sasuke disappeared into Hinata's bedroom in order to find some clothes.

Sasuke was glad that Hinata had bought him some clothes and he found a pair of jeans, a white shirt and a pair of socks. He dressed quickly and went to the hallway and put on his boots. He looked at the three and they nodded and two minutes later they drove off in a car that could be described as a limo.

Sasuke wondered which of the three owned this kind of car but he decided he really didn't need to know that. If they were deities that were immortals, then they probably had both money or perhaps magic to make it possible to own a limo.

"I don't think you should worry too much, Sasuke-kun," Orochimaru said eerily as he watched the incubus turning human. "If I've understood Tsunade-hime correct this girl can take care of herself even if she seems soft and timid."

"She's carrying our child!" Sasuke growled.

"That alone might be a source of strength for her right now. Pregnant females are full of hormones and the Gods knows that females pumped with hormones can be real bitches." It was Jiraiya that spoke.

"Talking from experiences Jiraiya-san?" Sasuke asked gleefully and he saw the white haired man flinch noticeable. Yes, the man had experienced just that.

Tsunade laughed and patted Jiraiya on his head. "Poor little Jiraiya have been slapped around to last him an eternity, isn't that right Jiraiya-chan?"

"Shut up!" Jiraiya pouted.

"When do we get there?" asked Sasuke as his stomach began to tie itself up in knots.

Tsunade smiled softly and grabbed his hand and tried to comfort him.

"Don't worry. I am sure that Hinata is alright."

Hinata was alright and she was fuming as she stepped out of the cab and marched inside her father's grand estate. She was going to skin them alive and drown their bodies in lemonade. Or hang them upside down and dip their heads in cooking oil and then torch them up. She had multiple scenarios of horrors in her head right now.

She almost ripped the door of its hinges as she walked inside her father's main house. She looked around and saw her father sit in his study.

"Father!" she said with a voice that did not belong to her.

Hiashi looked up and saw his oldest daughter but there was something off with her.

"Hinata?? What are you doing here?" he asked as he rose to his feet.

She clenched her fists trying to hold in the anger that was flowing around her like black flames.

"You lied to me! You all lied to me!" she whispered harshly.

Hiashi frowned. He looked at his daughter trying to figure out what was wrong with the picture she displayed. Then he realized, her cape did hide it quite good but his special eyes gave him a clue. She was pregnant. He began to feel anger. She had gotten herself pregnant without being married.

"You have slept with someone and now you're carrying a bastard child?" Hiashi spat.

"As if you care father? I carry the child of a man that I love beyond life and you father, and the rest of your damn family lied to me!!"

'Lied about what? She can't possible know about our ability. They had all sworn not to tell Hinata anything and nobody outside the Hyuuga family knew about their ability. So she can't know about it.' Hiashi thought but as he watched his daughter he knew that she knew that they had lied to her, they had called her delusional and put her away. But that was because she was so weak. A weak and pathetic creature that didn't deserve to carry the Hyuuga name. She had to go away.

"What on earth are you talking about child? And who is the man that knocked you up?" Hiashi demanded to know.

"Don't you dare change the subject dear father; I want to know why you lied to me! Why did you make me think I was mentally ill when I in fact was just like you? Do you have any idea how much I have suffered because of your lies?"

But before Hinata could throw herself at the man that had caused her so much pain she was picked up in a pair of strong arms and carried outside. She blinked and saw Sasuke's determined face.

"What are you doing?" Hinata snarled viciously and Sasuke remembered what Jiraiya had told him about pregnant females. They were bitches.

"I am saving you from killing you bastard father," he said honestly.

"Let me down I need to punish him for what he did to me!"

"Don't worry love, I am sure he will be regretting his crimes against you. And be sure to know he will be really punished," Sasuke whispered as he gently kissed her lips.

Hinata frowned but the anger seemed to melt away as Sasuke kissed her. She sighed and leaned into the kiss, forgetting her bastard father for just a few moments.

Inside the house Hiashi was faced with three people he didn't recognized. The woman looked at him with malice in her honey brown eyes.

"Hyuuga-san, you have been a very bad boy," Tsunade said as she pointed a red painted finger at him.

"A very bad boy," Orochimaru repeated and let a snake-like tongue lick his lips. "And we need to punish boys that have been bad like you have."

Hiashi's white eyes blinked and widened.

"Too bad you never knew just how strong Hinata-chan is. That girl will give birth to a baby six months from now. And that baby will grow up and be a very powerful person. Too bad you won't be around to meet your grandchild." It was Jiraiya who spoke as he lit his pipe and inhaled before blowing out a cloud of smoke.

"W-who are you people?" Hiashi demanded to know. "You have no right to b-barge in like this. I will call on security!!"

"You do that and they will think you're crazy since they will not be able to see us unless we want them too. And once they realize that you're talking to a wall they will seize you and put you away in a mental hospital, and you could be staying there for years. Just like you did with Hinata. Then perhaps you will understand what you made her go through." Tsunade said as she walked towards the trembling man. She raised her hand and flicked the man right on his forehead and he flew backwards.

"Ouch, that got to hurt," Jiraiya laughed. "Tsunade-hime, you're still as strong as ever."

"Thank you, and now, what shall we do with this bastard?"

The three looked at each other and then they smiled mercilessly at Hiashi.

"Twenty years as a little fly that lives on the stench of shit would probably do the trick," Orochimaru said and began to laugh hysterically.

Hiashi's white eyes widened and he screamed and then everything turned black for him. The house became eerily silent.

"What is happening?" Hinata asked as the scream of her father died out.

"I don't know and I am not sure I want to know," Sasuke answered truthfully. What was happening to Hinata's father was probably cruel and inhumane.

"Please, tell me!!" Hinata ordered.

"I don't know, all I do know is that Tsunade and her two friends swore that they would make your father pay for what he did to you."

A small gasp was heard and Hinata turned around in Sasuke's arms and she saw her cousin Neji stand there.

"Hinata-sama!! What are you doing here? Are you ill? Have something happened to you? Who is this man??" the worry in his voice made Hinata frown. This was so unlike her cousin.


"Tell me, has this man hurt you in anyway?"

She shook her head and untangled herself from Sasuke's arms. There was something in Neji's voice that told her that he really wasn't bad like her father. He was concerned about her.

"Neji-niisan, I know everything," she said softly. "I know I am not crazy, you can see the spirits too."

Neji drew a breath of relief and he walked up to Hinata and embraced her in his arms.

"I'm so sorry Hinata-sama, I wished I could have told you but your father forbid all of us to say anything. He said that if we told you he would make sure that you would disappear and you know how powerful your father is. We didn't dare because we didn't want you to be hurt."

Sasuke growled darkly as he took Hinata and dragged her back in his arms. He really didn't like other men hugging his little flower.

"So, who is this man?" Neji asked as he eyed the black haired man that so possessively hugged his younger cousin.

"I am her mate," Sasuke answered.

It was then Hinata realized that Neji could see Sasuke.

"Ehh, you can see him too cousin?" she asked confused.

"Of course the young man can see Sasuke," Tsunade's voice echoed from behind them. "Sasuke is human now thanks to you Hinata-chan."

"W-what are you people talking about?" Neji asked.

"Sasuke was a demon and he was saved thanks to your little cousin here. She do have a heart of gold," smiled a white haired man that came up behind Tsunade.

"And Sasuke-kun is a stud and with the help of Hinata he broke his own curse and now he's going to be a daddy!" A third voice hissed behind the white haired man.

Neji's eyes widened and he looked at his cousin again and she was blushing and hid her face in Sasuke's neck.

"Y-you're pregnant Hinata-sama?" he choked out.

"Yes, I am." Hinata whispered.

"H-how?? When… I mean, how..?" Neji sputtered.

Jiraiya came down and put an arm around Neji's shoulders and began to move away from the couple.

"When a man loves a woman very much they wants to.." Jiraiya didn't come any further because he was knocked down to the ground.

Tsunade grinned evilly and cracked her knuckles.

"I am sure you know how babies are made, and Hinata-chan is around three months pregnant. That is all you will have to know. Ohh and since Hiashi is out of order at the moment and twenty years from now, you will be the head of the Hyuugas. And do make sure not to be a bastard like Hiashi. You really don't want to be like that."


"Let's just say he will be flying around shit for the next twenty or so years, or until Hinata-chan here give him her forgiveness." Orochimaru said with an evil smile that made both Sasuke and Neji to shiver.

"O-ok.. I believe you," mumbled Neji and looked at his cousin again. She was smiling softly and he walked up to her and he placed a hand on her shoulder. "I am so sorry Hinata-sama, I really am."

"I'm sorry too Neji-niisan, can you please tell the rest of the family of this? Tell them that they don't have to be afraid anymore?"

"Of course dear cousin but what about your sister?"

"I am sure that she will not do anything now that her father is out of the picture. Now she can grow up without having all that "I must be stronger all the time", hanging over her head." Jiraiya said as he puffed on his pipe.

Hinata nodded at that.

"Alright, I will take care of her Hinata-sama, but promise me one thing… Come and visit us often. And I will visit you too, I want to make sure you're doing ok, with the p-pregnancy and all that," Neji said and made a motion towards Hinata's stomach.

"I will Neji-niisan," Hinata said smiling.

"And you," Neji said and pointed towards Sasuke. "Hurt her and I will shred you to a thousand tiny pieces!"

What was it with everyone wanting to hurt him so much? Sasuke wondered as his arms tightened around Hinata.

"Don't worry; I will take good care of Hinata-chan. I would die first before hurting her in anyway," he promised Neji.

"Good, then I'm glad."

Hinata laughed softly and burrowed her face deep in Sasuke's neck trying to hide her blush. But she was happy now.

"Can we go home now? I am hungry," she whispered to Sasuke.

"Anything for you Hinata," Sasuke answered and picked her up and carried her to Jiraiya's limo. "Come on old man, drive us home!"

Jiraiya huffed not wanting to comply but he was smacked over the head by Tsunade and he hurried over to the car and opened the door to the limo so Sasuke and Hinata could get inside and then he sat behind the wheel and drove the couple home.


I hope you all liked it so far… and poor Hiashi – having been transformed into a fly…