Title: In these Shoes?
Author: Sheankelor
Theme: Starlights (4 inch heels)
Genre: Comedy
Version: Manga - Pre-stars on Kinmoku
Rating: G

Starlights and Kakyuu are of course Takeuchi Naoko's. I just requested them to spill their guts for a while and tell their story.

A/N: In my universe I have create 2 more Sailor Stars - StarProtector (Maya) and StarDestroyer (Celene)

Taiki stared at the henshin stick in her hands. Trembling she held it up and called out "Maker Star Power, Make-Up! ".

She felt the power course over her. She couldn't believe how wonderful it felt. When the transformation was complete she looked down at the long black gloves and boots. Slowly raising her eyes, she saw four Sailor Stars.

"What? How? When?"

StarProtector laughed. "What question do you want answered first?"

StarHealer reached out to their newest member while shooting the tall brown haired Sailor Star a quelling look. "You are Sailor StarMaker, the newest member of our group."

Taiki looked at her in amazement. "I'm a Sailor Star?" She looked back down at the outfit she wore, and then smiled. "I am a Sailor Star!"

She took a step forward and would have fell flat on her face, but StarFighter caught her. While holding on StarFighter's arm she lifted up her foot to look at the heel on her boot.

"Four inches? How can I fight and protect out Princess in four inch heels!!??" The exclamation burst from her.

StarDestroyer laughed harder than StarProtector had. Between laughs she said, "You get used to it."