A shattered mask makes a new beginning.

Summary: Draco's sister arrives at Hogwarts, but people soon realise she's not what they think.

Description: This story is in Sally's Point of view though that might change in future chapters.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Harry potter universe. All I own is this plot and any characters I might have made up myself.

Chapter 1: A Blank canvas.

"Sally?" Lucius Malfoy yelled up the stairs trying desperately to wake his daughter up "What do you want?" she replied sleepily "GET UP YOU UNWORTHY PEACE OF…" Sally shut the door before he could say the last bit of his sentence. She reluctantly got dressed and went downstairs. The family were supposed to be going to diagon alley to buy all the equipment for her and her twin brother Draco who had been going to Hogwarts for four years whereas she was only just starting there after being expelled from The Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. "I really shouldn't have been expelled" she thought to herself "if mum hadn't turned up and started an argument with me then I'd never have snapped at that first year girl and knocked her out, I'd be going back there and not to stupid Hogwarts"" Ahh well, can't get much worse can it?" she though out loud.

Breakfast was a quiet time in the Malfoy household. Mainly because father was too busy stuffing his mouth with food to insult any one or hit mother. As they arrived in diagon alley the usual smell of pastry and sweets came from various shops, drawing them in. After half an hour Sally and Draco had stuffed their arms with anything from bags of sherbet lemons to chocolate croissants and were searching for a quiet corner to eat them in where their parents wouldn't find them.

When they finally found one though it was already taken "Potty, Weasel and Mud blood" Draco sneered, she couldn't believe her brother was being so evil to these people, hang on, "potty" wasn't that how he referred to Harry Potter? Yes, she could see it now, the lightening shaped scar on his forehead. Harry potter. What kind of git did she have for a brother, calling him potty when he (Draco) was probably just jealous that he was ten times the man that Draco would ever be and then to be horrible to his friends because of their backgrounds. The red head, well because he was a Weasley and the girl, because her parents happened to be muggles. How sad was her brother?

She'd never believed in discrimination because of background, it wasn't fair or right. She had to say they were being very resilient and hadn't insulted him once where as she'd have punched in the face and kicked him in the balls by now. But they seemed to ignore him as though they were used to it. They actually seemed quite bored, which annoyed her brother very much "Come on Sally, let get out of here before we get contaminated with their disease."

That was it, he'd gone over board now and she lost control, she whacked him around the face as hard as she could. "You pompous, self important, git" she yelled. Draco stood there open-mouthed as his sister yelled insults at him. The other three stood there gaping and watching the fight progress. "Sis, what was that for?" he shouted "it was your prize for being the worlds biggest btd"

"What did I do?" he asked, "you took the Mickey out of them because of their backgrounds" she yelled "they're scum" he retorted, "Is it his fault he's a weasley? And anyway here's a question I've always wanted an answer to, what's so wrong with being a weasley anyway? They're no different from our family apart from the fact that they're poorer and a higher standard of human being" she screamed, Draco was shocked and disgusted that his twin sister was standing up for the weasels. However the other three were stood there wide-eyed with shock, especially Ron. This was history in the making.

"PLUS, is it his fault that his parents were murdered by lord Mouldy-butt when he was one and he happened to drain lord mouldy-butt of all his powers when the wand was turned on him?" "NO, IT ISN'T". "And as for her, what right do you have to bully her for having muggle parents when our parents have murdered hundreds of people? And any way, there's nothing wrong with being muggle born" she screeched.

All the years of resentment were seeping out through her façade like a river. She'd dishonoured her family and was in a lot of trouble now. She ran, as fast as she could. Leaving her angry and humiliated brother behind to stare after in shock.

She couldn't go home, but where would she stay? The leaky cauldron? No, with her family name they wouldn't allow her to walk through the door let alone stay there.

Suddenly she heard some one calling her from behind. "Oy, malfoy's sis?" she turned to see three people running towards her. "Look, thanks for sticking up for us back there" they said "it's ok," she replied and started to turn away "no wait", they called

She turned back "we realise that after saying all that stuff your parent's will probably disown you and deny your existence so we were wondering if you'd like to come and stay with us at the burrow?" "I'm Ron Weasley" "I'm Harry potter" "and I'm Hermionie Granger" "err… hi, I'm Sally Malfoy" she said shyly "it's great to meat you Sally" they smiled "anyway, I'd have to talk to my parents about it obviously, I don't think they will mind, but what do you think about staying with us?" Ron asked,

"erm… thanks, that would be great. As long as your family don't mind" "well I can see my mum over there so I'll go and ask now".

"Well, if what you've said is correct then I would be delighted to have her in my house" said Mrs Weasley and the rest of the family agreed "thanks mum, I'll go and get her". "Mum says it's fine for you to stay" Ron grinned. "Thank you so much" sally squealed. As of this moment, she was no longer the girl malfoy, she was a blank canvas.