Title: Come Back

Chapter: Epilogue
Chapter Title: Ten Years Later

Chapter Summary: Everyone returns to normal, for the most part. Who are the twins dating? Who's flying through the window to point a gun at Shuichi's head?

Play Back:

Shuichi smiled as his eyes slid closed. Eiri tightened his grip on his for an instant before loosening it again. He felt so relaxed; so much more than he had felt in years. He smiled wider as a thought struck him.

He felt that he was finally back home.

It was a peaceful day in Tokyo and people in a certain apartment building were carefully opening their windows. It appeared that today would be a quiet day, other than the birds chirping. The residents heaved a collective sigh of relief. It had been forever since they had heard anything other than yells from the penthouse apartment. Most of the yells happened to be…


Shuichi's loud voice broke the peaceful silence (as well as a couple of windows) and terrified the birds. The few residents of the apartment building who had stayed by their windows after the scream saw bird poop fall and shatter the windshield of a blue Mercedes parked beside a neon green Jeep.

In the penthouse apartment, Shuichi was pounding his fists on the door of Eiri's study. "Eiri!!! Open the door!!" He whined.

"You're a thirty-four year old man with two kids and a husband!" Eiri yelled from inside. "Start acting like it!"

Shuichi's jaw dropped. "No!" He shouted, indignant.

Yuki was also inside the study, working on her own short story on her laptop. She giggled and shut her laptop before walking to the door. In one fluid motion, she undid the lock, opened the door and stepped to the side. "There you go, Mama."

Shuichi squealed happily as he launched himself into the room and curled up on Eiri's lap, practically purring. "Yuki…" Eiri growled, a vein on his forehead throbbing. Yuki skipped over to them and kissed Eiri on the nose.

"I'm just sharing the love, Daddy! Ryu and I have a double date today!"

"Date?" Eiri questioned, eyes narrowed. "What date?" Before he could say any more, Yuki zoomed out of the room and slammed the door. She could hear him yell something after her, but then he suddenly was silent. Tiptoeing back to the room, Yuki cracked the door open to look inside. Shuichi had his arms around Eiri's neck and was kissing him quite passionately. She giggled and ran to the room that she shared with her brother.

When she walked in, Ryu was up on his bed (his "stage") and lip-singing to one of Bad Luck's earliest songs using a hairbrush as a microphone. Yuki snorted; he may look better in a skirt than she did, but she could dance better, something that he was extremely jealous of. He was running his hands through his hair. It was ridiculously long for a boy (to his WAIST, as long as hers!) and he ran his fingers through it way too much when he sang.

As she pulled her hair into a ponytail, Yuki looked out the window to make sure that their dates weren't there yet. She smiled at what she saw.

"Ryu!" She called. He ignored her. "Ryu!!" She sighed and kicked the wall softly three times, each time causing the CD to skip, before slamming her foot into the wall, which made the CD stop. "RYU!!!"


Yuki smiled sweetly. "If a Mercedes is a Jeep and a half, how long will it take bird crap to fall and break your windshield?"

Ryu's eyes widened and he jumped off the bed. Unfortunately, he landed on the edge of the comforter, slipping and somehow managing to get his face cut. Blood gushed out of his head, but both twins ignored it as he scrambled to the window. The bleeding always stopped one it's own. "NO!! Not again!! My poor baby!!" Ryu yelled as he surveyed the damage to his precious car. He turned and glared at his sister. "You're bribing those damn birds to aim at my car, aren't you?" She smiled innocently and he sighed before walking over to the dresser and putting a ponytail holder around his wrist. He soon started to braid his hair. "Mama has got to stop scaring the birds in the morning." As soon as he was done with his hair, he turned to look through the closet that the twins shared. "Can I borrow your halter top? Oh, and I look great in your jeans."

Yuki laughed at him. Sometimes he could be even more girly than her. Eiri had just about had a conniption fit when they came home from Aunt Maiko's house when they were eight and Ryu had his fingernails and toenails painted hot pink. "Just wear what you have on. Usagi-kun won't care."

Ryu sighed. "I know but sometimes it's fun to dress up in cute clothes to show off for somebody." A smirk slowly formed on his face. "Tomboy/Daddy's girl like you wouldn't know anything about that."

"What did you say, you little Cross-dressing Mama's boy?"

Before Ryu could answer, they hear Eiri talking in the living room. "God damnit. I thought that I locked all the doors and windows so you freaks couldn't get back into my apartment."

"You forgot to lock the air vents." A calm, quiet voice reminded him.

Yuki gasped happily. "Tsuki!" She screeched, throwing open the door to pounce on the younger, short-haired girl and begin showering her with kisses. She, and Ryu who followed her, failed to notice that Tatsuha was also sitting on the couch.

"So, this is your date?" Shuichi asked, with arms crossed over his chest.

"Yep!" Yuki chirped.

Eiri growled quietly until Shuichi hit him in the back of the head with a pillow. "At least it's someone we know."

Suddenly, a boy with shoulder-length, shaggy, dirty-blonde hair dropped out of the air vent in the ceiling. "Hello, Aunt Shuichi, Uncle Eiri. I was parking the car for Dad." On the couch, Tatsuha smiled.

Ryuichi and Tatsuha had adopted the boy six years ago, when he was ten, from an orphanage in America on one of their trips together. Ryuichi had fallen in love with him as soon as he saw him ("cute as a button", he said) and begged Tatsuha to let him take him with him. After three seconds of the Puppy Dog Eyes of DOOM! (yes, it requires capital letters), he had given in and suddenly they had a son. However, when Ryu and Usagi, as he was named, started expressing interest in one another, both families had agreed that they would allow them to date since they weren't biologically cousins.

"Usagi!!!" Ryu cried happily, jumping into the boy's arms. Usagi smiled and wrapped his arms around the boy tightly. "'Gi, you're crushing me!!" He whined, wiggling in the taller boy's embrace. Usagi chuckled, but let him go. Ryu immediately kissed him on the cheek.

"Come on; you can drive my Jeep." Yuki said, tugging on Usagi's sleeve.

Usagi looked disappointed. "Why can't we ever take the Mercedes?"

Yuki rolled her eyes and muttered something about boys and cars. "The windshield's broken."



Tsukiko followed the group out the door, laughing loudly at them.

After the door slammed shut, Tatsuha glanced at Eiri and Shuichi with a smile on his face. "Like they say:/ It's in your DNA./ You're gay…" He sang softly. "Shall we have a Poker Night?"

"It's the middle of the day." Eiri argued.

"Okay; shall we have a Poker Night in the middle of the day?"

Shuichi smiled. "I'll call Hiro and Suguru!" He called before running into the kitchen.

Eiri picked his cell phone up off the table and started dialing. "I'll invite Tohma over. That bastard owes me money."

After only a few minutes, they heard Shuichi hang up the phone and start back toward the kitchen when they heard a loud crash and Shuichi screaming, followed by a thud.

Eiri growled loudly. "I am going to kill those two." He jumped out of his chair and stalked into the kitchen, Tatsuha on his heals. Inside, they saw two blonde boys holding guns to Shuichi's head; Shuichi was passed out on the floor.

"Michael!! Jacob!!" Eiri screamed at them. "Get out of my house!!!" The boys looked at him with wide eyes before quickly jumping back out the window they had broken.

"Who are those guys?" Tatsuha questioned.

"His manager's (K or Claude or something) kids; Michael's twenty and Jacob's only ten. They want to be like their dad and he used to pull this shit all the time." Eiri picked Shuichi up and shook him until he woke up.

"Uh… Thanks, Eiri… I think."

Eiri smirked. "Not a problem."

Shuichi smiled. "Isn't it weird how everything can be totally different, but still kind of the same?"

Eiri shook his head. "I think you finally hit your head too hard."

Shuichi laughed. "Maybe." He stared into Eiri's eyes, sighing deeply. "I love you."

Eiri stroked his hair and planted a kiss on his forehead. "I love you, too."

"Aww, get a room you two!" Tatsuha shouted.

Eiri threw a spatula at him before turning back to Shuichi. "I'll always love you." They kissed deeply while Tatsuha ran around, trying to get the egg that had been on the spatula out of his hair.

After they pulled apart, Shuichi watched him for a moment before bursting out laughing. "Yes; so different, but still totally the same."

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