"Ace, Frank and I are leaving in ten seconds whether you are in the car or not!" Logan Huntzberger said into his cell phone.

"I'm coming! I'm coming!" Rory Gilmore rushed outside the apartment building, her shoes still in her hand. She jumped into the awaiting limousine. "Are you happy?"

"What in the world could've possibly made you take so long to get ready for a trip to Stars Hollow?" he asked scooting over.

Rory looked at him as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "I couldn't find my shoes."

"Why didn't you just grab a different pair?"

"Because I wanted these."

"But if you were in a hurry, isn't wearing the right shoes the least important thing?"

She sighed. "Who is your favorite girl in the world?"

"You." He said with out missing a beat.

She smiled. "And if you were in a hurry and you couldn't find me you wouldn't just settle for another girl, would you?"

"Of course not."

"Same thing with my shoes."

"Not the same thing."

"Yes so the same thing."


"How come?"

"Because not being able to find someone I love and care for very much and not being able to find a pair of shoes are two different things."

"These aren't a pair of shoes. These are the shoes."

Logan snorted. "You're hopeless."

"Does that mean I win the argument?"

"Yes, you win."

"Victory!" she cried raising her hand in the air. "Um, Logan?" she looked at him sweetly.

"We're already stopping at Starbucks on the way." He informed her.

Rory grinned and snuggled up to him. "You are the perfect man."

"And don't forget rich and handsome, too."

"You're also very cocky."

"We all have faults, Ace. Mine is being so damn irresistible."

"You forgot cocky again."

"Can't heeear you." He said in a sing-song voice.

"Can't kiiiiss you."

"All of a sudden I've realized how cocky I am."

Rory laughed and patted his head. "Good boy."


"Offspring!" Lorelai cried opening the door and hugging her daughter.

"Parental unit!" Rory cried back.

"Parental unit? What about 'Oh Great One' or 'Give of Life' or 'Ravishing Queen' or even 'Coffee Mistress'?"

"You seriously want me to call you Coffee Mistress?"

"Okay, take that one off the list."

"Will do."

Lorelai turned to Logan, as if just noticing he was there. "Hi!" she said grabbing him in a hug.

"Hi Lorelai"

"Okay, happy reunion over; who's hungry?"

"Me!" Logan and Rory cried in unison.

"To Luke's!"

Rory slipped one arm through her mother's and one through Logan's and the trio set off, stopping every now and then to greet passers by. By the time they had got to Luke's Logan had met Babbette and Morey, Patty, Gypsy, and Andrew.

"Oh, sexy diner man!" Lorelai cried walking into Luke's.

Luke emerged. "How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that?"

"How many times have I told you I can't hear you?" she shot back.

"Hi Rory" he said giving her a hug.

"Hi Luke!"

"Hi Logan." He said gruffly.

"How's it going Luke?"

"Okay. So, burgers all around?"

"And chili cheese fries!" Lorelai added.

The trio sat down at a table and began discussing. "So how's Yale?" Lorelai wanted to know.

"Senior year is hard. But Paris is keeping me on track and making sure I'm not crammed at home too much."

"How is she doing that?"

"She lives there."

"I see. And Logan how's life as a big newspaper man?"

"It's peachy."

"Daddy dearest still a pain in the ass?"

"More than ever."

"Ah, well you can always get out of it like I did."

"Mom, I seriously don't think Logan's going to be able to get pregnant and run away."

"Well, science is getting more and more advanced these days…."

"Hot off the grill." Luke announced setting three plates of burgers and fries down.

"Now Luke, I told you save that for the bedroom!" Lorelai said playfully.




Lorelai grinned proudly. "I know."

"Lorelai, did you know that 95 of hamburgers come from cows?" Kirk asked turning around from his seat at the counter.

"Well, um, I knew a lot of burgers came from cows, yes Kirk."

"Who's that?" Logan whispered.

"Oh! Sorry!" Rory said. "Kirk, this is my boyfriend Logan Huntzberger. Logan, this is Kirk Gleason."

"Nice to meet you." Logan said offering his hand.

"I have a girlfriend." Kirk informed him.

"…..Congratulations." Logan said slowly. "You must be very happy."

"We are. My mother is very happy as well. She says it's good because now she can finally watch 'The Young and the Restless' in the evenings with out locking me in my room."

"Well…. It sounds like everyone's happy."

"Kirk, I heard Taylor say that they're having another town reenactment soon and they're looking for another town whore." Lorelai said finally.

"Really?" Kirk said, eyes going wide.

Lorelai nodded. "Yeah, and he said the audition spots are going fast."

"Oh my god. I have to talk to Taylor. Lulu's been the town whore for two years running!" he jumped up and ran out the door.

"Do I want to know?" Logan asked after a minute.

Lorelai and Rory looked at each other and then turned to him in unison. "No."

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