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"Hey, Kitty!" Dean smiled, waving at her.

"Hi, Dean! Sorry, I am a little bit late. Had a quarrel with my sister. She thinks that meeting with guys I barely know is a very bad idea!" she smiled apologetically.

"Oh. Don't worry. What a dragon do you have for a sister?" he laughed.

"She's not a dragon", Kitty laughed shaking her head. "She's just worried and all. She loves me too much. She is two years older than me and she feels responsible. Mum was always telling her to keep an eye on me when I was little. Mum stopped doing that a long time ago but my sister's still on it".

The movie turned out to be detective story.

"Well, would your sister approve of this movie?" Dean joked.

"My sister wouldn't have liked the way it ended", Kitty laughed when the movie finished.

"Why, for God's sake?" Dean rolled his eyes.

"Well, she'd say that the main character is a bad guy, that he's girlfriend ended up in prison because of him… Stuff like that. She'd say that he, at least, should feel guilty about it", Kitty replied with a shrug.

"Well, he didn't have a say in the matter", Dean frowned.

"My sister is very idealistic", Kitty explained.

Dean mentally frowned. An a idealistic sister who thinks that guilt is good? That had to be put in consideration.

"Em. What did you tell her about me, by the way?" he asked as casually as he could.

"Not much", Kitty shrugged. "I told her what you told me about your job."

"Oh, right", He smiled.

"Actually, I phoned her after I met you in the hotel. I was so excited about your job", she added. "Though, unfortunately, it didn't excite her in the least".

Dean laughed but said nothing. It meant that there was one more person who knew about there interest in those deaths.

The rest of the evening went smoothly. They dined at a café, then went for a walk, and at about 11 in the evening Dean walked Kitty home.

It was Kitty's mother who opened the door, so Dean didn't get a chance to see Kitty's sister, Deborah.

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