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The Furniture Guy

Chapter 1: Moving In

Today, I was asked by my wonderful boyfriend of five years, Sai, to move in with him since we are now an engaged couple. Both of our parents are deceased, but I'm over it now. I lost my parents when I turned nineteen. Sai lost his parents when he was a child. Although he grew up by himself with the aid of his best friend/brother, he is so famous now for his skills in The Arts. I however, am a professional singer and dancer. We're just two famous people living their glorious lives.

At the age of sixteen, I was discovered by Kunoichi Records for a deal with the manager Tsunade. I agreed and now I'm twenty-two and living large with my boyfriend. My friends are really important to me as well. I mean, without Hinata, Ino, and Tenten, I'd be so terrified of dancing and singing on stage by myself. They're my back up vocals and dancers, but together, we're the best of friends!

Sai and I actually met when he came to one of my concerts. He was a photographer at the time and asked to take a few shots of me. I said yes to him only because he wasn't all over me like some fan boy. We got to know each other and soon enough he asked me out when I turned seventeen. He's been with me through a lot of drama and obstacles but I love Sai and now we're getting married.

"Sakura, let's hurry and pack your stuff!" Sai yelled through my house. Even if I was now wealthy, I lived in a house where I did not require any maids or servants. People do not need to tend to my every need like I'm some goddess. I'm only human you know.

"I already am Sai!" I yelled back to him. I placed pictures of my family and friends in a brown cardboard box and smiled at one last picture. It was a picture of my family. Me, my mother, my father, and my older sister. My older sister had left us when she was accepted to a boarding school.

She always felt unwanted by our parents so that's why she accepted to go to the school. I loved my older sister, and I knew she loved me too. I knew she loved our parents, but they just always focused their attention on me when I didn't even want it. I never felt lonely really because I always had Sai, my family, or friends to stay by my side.

True loneliness is only a fairytale for me.


"Did you call the guy to come pick up your stuff?" Sai asked as he snuck up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Sai, it's not like I can read your mind and know who this 'guy' is." I replied and smirked at him. He chuckled.

"The furniture moving guy." Sai whispered into my ear. His hot breath against my ear felt wonderful. My spine shivered as I spun around to wrap my arms around his neck.

We held each other's gaze until he leaned forward. I also leaned forward and the two of us shared a sweet kiss. We departed after a minute to get some air. Somehow, we could never kiss long, but they were all enjoyable kisses.

I smiled at my fiancée and unwrapped my arms around him. He smirked back at me and winked. I giggled and walked down to my kitchen. He trailed behind me like a little puppy following its mother.

As we got into the kitchen, I grabbed a cordless telephone from off the wall as Sai raided my cookie jar. I dialed in the moving company's phone number and waited for an answer.

I looked over at Sai and saw him nibbling on an oreo cookie. I grinned at him and he grinned back. Finally, someone answered the phone.

"This is We-Haul moving company, Sasuke speaking. How may I help you?" A gruff voice answered on the other line of the phone. He may have sounded polite but really, I think he sounded annoyed.

"Yes, This is Sakura Haruno, and I was wondering when you guys will come over to my house to pick up my stuff?" Sakura replied sweetly.

"Is two o' clock good for you lady?" Sasuke replied. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was one thirty.

"Two o' clock sounds perfect Mr.-" "Sasuke is just fine ma'am." He cut me off.

"Okay, Sasuke, two o'clock sounds like a good time. See you later." I said politely as he said hung up the phone.

"Rude much?" I shouted into the phone where no one replied back. I sighed and hung up the phone. Sai looked at me and raised his eyebrow.

"What happened?" He asked. I walked over to him and also grabbed an oreo out of the cookie jar.

"That guy is so rude! I bet he's old, alone, and fat!" I told my boyfriend. He laughed and shook his head at me.

"You don't even know the guy. For all we know, he could be the opposites of all those things you said about him." Sai told me. I pouted at him and ate my cookie.

Sai saw me not speaking and lifted my chin up with his hand. As much as I refused to look into his eyes, I couldn't. We locked eyes and soon enough he kissed me for about the tenth time today!

I think he's just happy that I'm finally moving in with him though.


Two o'clock came really fast and the moving guys came. One guy with brown short messy hair came with a small white dog on his head. Another guy that looked kind of plus sized came next with a strange looking man with a bowl haired cut. His eye lashes were what crept me out the most. Lastly, a man with jet black hair, which stuck up in the back came. His eyes, hair, and face were just like Sai's, and maybe he was just a little bit more handsome than Sai.

"You Sakura Haruno?" He asked me. I was kind of shocked that he didn't know me from t.v. or magazines before. I mean, my long pink hair and green eyes are really noticeable. The three other men behind him had hearts in their eyes.

'Great, more fan boys…' I thought.

"Yes, I'm Sakura. Please come in. I don't have that many boxes, but it's just the furniture that needs to move in the trucks." I said. The jet black haired man looked at me with a blank expression. Each of them had a name tag on heir white polo's. The brown haired one with the dog was named Kiba, the plus sized man was named Chouji, the bowl haired man was named Lee, and the jet black haired man was named Sasuke.

I widened my emerald eyes. Was this guy actually Sasuke!? Sai was right, I was totally wrong about his appearance, but he's only young and not fat but really muscular. That doesn't mean he's dating anyone though, he could still be alone for the rest of his life. I smirked.

"Ms. Haruno, could you please hurry and tell us what we are to move? I have a date with my girlfriend later and you're holding me back." Sasuke said. I wanted to smack him for the rudeness but instead I showed them my music room where my equipment will have to be taken to Sai's mansion. I wondered how in the world, could his 'girlfriend' put up with his rudeness. The four men started taking my stuff into the big white truck and carefully loaded it. Sai came down from upstairs where he was still helping me pack some of my clothes. The question is, which of my clothes did my sly boyfriend pack?

I smirked once more as he came downstairs. "Did you have fun raiding my clothes sweetie?" I asked innocently. Sai smirked back and nodded his head. I was currently in the living room were I looked out the window and saw the men loading my belongings.

Sai wrapped his arms around my waist from behind me as he kissed my neck. Just when we were about to kiss once again, Sasuke came into the living room.

"Do you want us to move the-oh sorry, I'll come back later." He grunted. I looked at him and told him that it was okay.

"What do you need Sasuke?" I asked as Sai still had his arms around me.

"Do you want us to move your bed?" He said. He stuffed his hands into his pockets.

"Yes please." I replied as Sai started making small circles on my stomach. I laughed and Sasuke looked at me. He saw my boyfriend tickling me and sighed. Sai stopped his tickle attack and I looked at Sasuke. He was probably thinking of his girlfriend.

"Um you should get a move on there, Sasuke." Sai interrupted. Sasuke glared at him but headed upstairs into my bedroom where the other guys probably waited.

I looked at Sai and gave him a smile. "I guess you were right about him Sai, but I still think he's rude!" Sai chuckled and ran hands hand up and down my bare arms. I shivered at his touch.

Why me. Why did I have to wear a pink tank top with off white tight jeans! My boyfriend is like a total perv, and now I believe my friends when they say 'All Men are somewhat Perverted!'


Once all of my stuff was packed neatly into the van, Sai and I wanted to give the guys a treat so we let them take a break before moving the truck to Sai's mansion. Kiba, Lee, and Chouji were grateful for the break, but I could tell Sasuke really didn't want a break right now.

I offered them some lemonade and each man took one. Sai brought them into my empty living room where they sat on the floor. Sasuke chose to lean against the wall with his lemonade in hand. Sai did the same thing as well but he was on the opposite wall. I sat in front of Sai with a pink lemonade iced drink in my hands.

Soon we started talking.

"Miss Haruno-" "Sakura is fine Lee." I interrupted. When I spoke, I could have sworn he had hearts in his eyes. Creepy!

"Sakura, are you interested into guys with brown hair or black hair?" Kiba asked. I secretly smirked. Kiba and Chouji had brown hair and Lee had black hair. I wonder if they knew I was happily dating Sai yet.

"I prefer men with raven black hair." I said with a smile. Kiba and Chouji looked sad while Lee jumped up and yipped with joy. Sai and Sasuke stared at Lee annoyingly.

"Lee, calm the hell down." Sasuke commanded. "If you didn't notice yet Lee, she already has a boyfriend."

Lee stopped his leaps and looked at me and Sai. I guess he thought Sai was just a friend. Poor dude.

Sai smirked as he picked me up by the waist and kissed my neck. Lee, Kiba, and Chouji all had big bug eyes. I laughed a little and Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"Sorry guys, but she's mine and well, I don't plan on sharing." Sai said. The three men dropped their heads and sighed.

"Can we get back to work now? Nina is waiting for me guys." Sasuke muttered. Lee, Kiba, and Chouji gave me their empty glasses and rushed back outside. Sasuke gave Sai his glass and glared at him. I wondered why Sasuke glared at Sai though…


Sai and I rode in his black 2007 sports car while the We-Haul company truck followed behind us. As Sai drove, I looked in the front view mirror and saw that Sasuke was driving and Kiba was in the passenger seat. Lee and Chouji were in another car driving.

Soon, we reached Red Oak Street where Sai lived. His mansion was of course very spacious and I knew I could happily live there.

Sai parked his car in the long drive way as the truck pulled up in front of the home. Sasuke, Lee, Chouji, and Kiba jumped out of the truck and said that they'd be back tomorrow. Sasuke didn't really say much, but he took Lee's car and hustled for the rest of them to hurry up. The three men bid me a goodbye and I waved to them as Sai scowled. The four moving truck guys left the street as Sai and I hugged.

"Sakura, you're finally living with me now…what should we do first?" He playfully asked. I wasn't in the mood for his make-out sessions today, so I told him; "let's go sleep on the couch."

Sai pouted like a little child as I giggled. I grabbed his hand and kissed his cheek. I went into his large living room where I laid him down on the black leather couch and I laid on top of him. He looked into my eyes and I did the same. He weakly smiled at me and kissed my nose. I smiled and closed my emerald eyes.

Tomorrow, while Sai would be directing where the guys should move my stuff, I'd be recording my new album. I drifted off to a sweet slumber along with my future husband, but one thing wasn't right. I dreamt of a man with the same features as Sai except his hair was much longer and spikier…


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