A Waverly Owl doesn't let some big-chested, rosy-cheeked city girl steal all the attention.

From the first moment she saw Jenny, Tinsley Carmichael knew that that girl was ravenous. She could see it in Jenny's big, brown eyes that she hungered for something more than her simple life in the Upper West Side. Jenny wanted to be apart of Tinsley's own exclusive and fabulous world, where you could do whatever you're super wealthy heart desired. Tinsley also knew that Jenny was a walking controversy.

Tinsley sat in a brown, lumpy armchair reading the gory murder stories that can always be found at the very back of Seventeen magazines. Not that she was a sadist or anything, but she found those stories the most fun to read. Oh yea! That's not sadistic!

For some reason that was unfathomable to Tinsley, she had decided to go to the school library. Whether it was to get away from the awkward silence that followed those cursory greetings between Brett, or to get away from her over obsessive kind of, sort of, not really boyfriend, Julian, Tinsley couldn't be sure.

Tinsley put her magazine down feeling especially content with the story she'd just read: some sociopath that killed her mom in her sleep because she wouldn't let her got to prom. She allowed herself to get lost in her thoughts, which she had been trying to avoid because they were all jumbled up and she had never been any good at puzzles.

How could one girl stir up so many emotions in a school of heartless, self-absorbed BITCHES?

Tinsley had found herself repeating that question over and over again in her head for the past week. It was true, though Tinsley didn't like to admit, but Jenny was a walking scandal. That was something Tinsley had worked her whole life to be considered and somehow this little girl had managed to do it all on her own without even trying. Brett revered her, Callie envied her, the rest of the Dumbarton girls were perplexed by her constant optimism and good heartedness, and Tinsley just plain despised her from her frizzy hair to her massive melons. Then again Tinsley despised anyone that stole attention away from her.

How could ONE girl stir up so many emotions in a school filled with spoiled rich brats?

Jenny was average looking at best, and her breasts were just ridiculous! What did she have that Tinsley didn't have? For God's sake she was poor!

"Guess who." A male voice whispered in her ear as a pair of moist hands clamped over her eyes.

"JESUS CHRIST!" Tinsley knew who it was by the sudden wetness she felt. And no, it wasn't the good kind either. Dirty, dirty minds.

She had come to realize that Julian was always spitting on himself due to his retainer. That's what you get for robbing the cradle. It was so gross because every time they were about to make-out, he had to take it out of his mouth and set it on her Five hundred dollar, hand-carved wood nightstand. His saliva was ruining the wood!

Julian pulled his hands away and leaned over the back of the chair so that he could kiss her upside down, just like that scene in Spiderman. Tinsley feigned eagerness to kiss him, which was something she'd grown quite skilled at over the years. Julian's long blonde hair cascaded over her face and blocked her view of the irritated librarian, who didn't like them fornicating in her library. It was like he was dry heaving in her mouth. That's how bad of a kisser he was. His tongue wedged its way between her lips and made small circles on the roof of her mouth. It wasn't the most pleasant of feelings so she gently bit down on his tongue. Then she used her own tongue to push his away. She noticed that he'd already taken his retainer out and now it probably sat moist in his pocket.

"Julian?" She whispered in between clumsy kisses.


"Lets get out of here."

Julian lifted his head and let a big, cocky grin appear on his narrow face.

"Hello, Miss Eager Beaver!"

"No, more like Miss Eileen the librarian is getting pissed off."

Julian looked over at Miss Eileen's agitated expression and nodded in agreement.

"Your place or mine?"

"How about my free period is over and I have to get to World Cultures." She said while she packed up her things. He was trying to be seductive or whatever, and there was nothing cornier then a guy who was trying to hard to get hard.

"Skip it and I'll take you out to lunch instead." He said.

"Love to, but can't."

"Awe, come on sugarlips………"

Tinsley wheeled around and pressed her index finger against his chest.

"One: never give me a pet name because their lame and two: I don't skip class to mess around with my boy toy because that is all you are; a boy toy."

Julian looked hurt and desperate. His eyes were wide and they looked like they were filling up with tears. Oh God, as if he wasn't wet enough!

Tinsley turned on her heal and headed straight for the library door, ignoring Julian's desperate pleas as she went.

She threw the door open and stepped outside to a cold, dreary day and it was only going to get drearier now that she was completely alone and friendless for the first time in her life. Everyone had had it with Tinsley and her cold, hard heart.

Jenny and Callie walked by her as she stepped outside into the cold world. Callie had a consoling arm around her roommate, who looked as though she had been crying, but was laughing now. Watching them laugh together gave Tinsley a paranoid feeling that whatever they were laughing about had something to do with her, but she shook the feeling off and started to walk in the opposite direction of the sight for sore eyes. She decided upon going back to her dorm room and she couldn't give a flying fuck if Brett was in there huffing it up. No body intimidated Tinsley Carmichael.

How could one GIRL stir up so many emotions in me?

So right now I'm on the fence about whether I should give Tinsley a girl crush on Jenny. Idk Tinsley just doesn't seem that much into guys or maybe it's just my imagination. For her they seem more like weapons that she can use against other girls then actual boyfriends. Tell me if you absolutely hate the idea because I'm not exactly sure what I think of it.

That whole retainer wetness thing going on with Julian is a true story. My kind of boyfriendish thing is very wet, hence why he's not entirely my boyfriend. It's muy gross. ;-)

Constructive criticism is appreciated because my language arts teacher tells me I need to improve my writing skills; FAT BITCH! Anyway I know my grammer pretty much sucks too. LOL