Sasuke's dreams as of late have been centered around a certain pink-haired teammate. As they become more and more vivid he finds he can no longer hold back. Sakura/Sasuke

Author: SkippingAlice

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Sasuke groaned; something hot ghosted over the tender flesh of his neck. He blinked the sleep from his eyes, trying to identify the outline of his 'ghost.' Fingers slowly traveled down the planes of his chest, he growled tiredly.

"Naruto, you jackass." It wasn't above a whisper, the last thing he wanted was to wake Sakura and have her find them. Naruto was messing around again, and he wouldn't have the girl thinking he was gay.

"No." It was so quiet he almost missed it, the fingers slipped under his shirt, dancing about at his ribs. "Not, Naruto." The whispered words came hot on his neck, his heart quickened its pace and he nearly groaned aloud.


Lips pressed against his throat, tentatively touching the flesh. The hands rose higher, tracing an outline around a hardened nipple. Sasuke gasped as the lips on his neck parted to let out a warm tongue. It trailed slowly up his jaw, leaving a cold moist trail in its wake.

The ghost, he thought to be Sakura, pulled away to blow against the moisture, Sasuke shivered and groaned aloud. Sakura giggled and nipped at his ear. Sasuke reached up and felt around, soft hair was rubbed between his fingers, he savored the feel of it before letting his hand dip lower. Her skin was softer than any silk he knew of, her lashes long and fluttering.

He heard her breath quicken, his finger tips traced lightly of the supple contours of her mouth, memorizing every part.


His name on her lips forced a shiver from him; his hands shook over her lips. Sasuke grasped her head and pulled her down to meet him, he rolled atop her, never once breaking the heated contact of their lips.

He angled her head and forced in his tongue, she moaned and opened for him. Sasuke's hands roamed slowly down her body, taking in everything they felt. He pulled away, his eyes having adjusted to the dark, took in her flushed appearance.

The look of her was enough to make him hard. Sasuke moved forward, grinding into her; she gasped and pushed back down against him.

Sasuke captured her lips again, pulling her tongue into his mouth. She grasped harshly at his hair, their teeth clanked together and tongues swept against the other in hurried movements. Sasuke couldn't think properly, all the blood seemed to be rushing around in his head.

He struggled vainly with her zipper, nearly crying out his frustrations as it refused to come undone. Sasuke growled and ripped, tearing the garment from her body.

Sakura bit his shoulder. "I liked that."

He didn't reply only once more took possession of her mouth. He pushed at the clothes, smirking against her soft lips as they fell away.

Sasuke pulled away from her, looking at her. Sakura blushed, and averted her eyes. Sasuke leaned down and flicked at a nipple. Sakura gasped and thrust up blindly.

Sasuke smirked again, taking the now erect nipple between his fingers. He gave a sharp twist, watching as Sakura's face twisted, her breath seemed to leave her lungs all at once.


Sakura nearly screamed as Sasuke's hot mouth attacked her defenseless nipple...not that she was complaining. Sasuke's hand toyed with its twin, not wanting it to get lonely.

"...Uke!!...Sasuke!!...Hey, Sasuke!"

Sasuke awoke with a start, his hair matted down to his sweaty forehead. Above him was Naruto's smiling visage, the sun colored his hair gold. Sasuke sighed in annoyance, knowing full well the affects his dream had left him with. They had been coming more often than not, up until this week they had only come once a month at most. Now they were every night.

Her haunting image taunted his body in ways that were almost shameful. But before he could ever find release, or even get anywhere he was always awoken. Sasuke began to curse, shoving a clueless Naruto aside.

"Eh, hey Sasuke!! Where are you going?!"

"To take a bath." And a little more.

Naruto shrugged, watching his dark companion slink away. Rolling his eyes skyward Naruto leaned over the small fire he had finally gotten started, placing the sad looking fish he had caught above it.


Sasuke sighed as he slowly walked back to the small clearing where they had made camp, he came to an abrupt halt however as he stepped into the clearing. Sakura was bent over her tent, her round rump raised high in the air, screaming for his hands to lovingly...Sasuke turned and rushed back towards the river, a hand holding his nose.

Blood ran in a thin stream, a sure sign his little Sakura was no longer so little. He groaned and tried to think of anything but her body pressed flush to his, her name on his lips.

Naruto naked was the worst he could come up with on such short notice. But soon sharp male angles became soft curves, flat chest become round and large. Sasuke felt the blood leave his head, rushing straight to his hardening groin. This was a nightmare.


Sakura frowned as Sasuke refused to meet her gaze, she wondered what she had done to anger him this time; he seemed to get annoyed with her more easily as of late. Sighing Sakura passed him is bowl of ramen, which Naruto had so conveniently brought, so lucky since all their food had been mysteriously misplaced.

Electric shock ran up the tips of her fingers as he hand met with Sasuke's', they both looked down at the small steaming cup they held, Sasuke's hand placed over her own. Sakura looked up hesitantly; Sasuke's eyes caught her own, trapping her within their dark depths. Was it just her or were they slowly getting closer?

No, they were. Slowly, but surely their bodies seemed to be being pulled together, as if they were puppets on the master's strings.

"Hey!" Naruto loudly interrupted, "Sasuke are you gonna eat that?!"

Sasuke pulled back rapidly, snatching the ramen cup from her hands. "Shut up, idiot."

"Is that a challenge, Sasuke-bastard?!"

"Naruto!" Sakura admonished, grasping her own ramen cup, "honestly. Can you two not fight for one minuet?" Naruto looked sheepishly down at her, apologizing rapidly before settling down beside her. Sasuke pointedly avoided her gaze letting his eyes anywhere but her lovely face. Brushing his strange behavior as his usual 'I am a cube of ice' attitude, Sakura began to eat, whispering her thanks over the steaming noodles.

Sasuke ate quickly, rising and dropping the small cup into the bag they were using as a trash can, without saying anything he walked back down towards the river. Sakura watched him go, her lips pressed together in a thin line, her brows furrowed.

"Sakura-chan," Naruto murmured quietly, watching her face.

"Hm?" She faced her, a small smile tugging at her lips.

He shook his head, "nothing." She shrugged it off and returned her attention to her cooling noodles. After she had eaten Sakura sent out her sleeping bag, wishing Naruto a goodnight, with no sign of Sasuke she let sleep over take her.


Sasuke stared out over the calm water, wishing his own life were as peaceful. Soon he'd have to sleep, and he knew what came with sleep. The dreams. Every night the same thing; her haunting visage above his, her hot breath fanning over his neck.

When he looked at Sakura it took all his will power not to pounce; to take her where she stood. Sasuke released the breath he had been holding, it went with a loud whoosh, disrupting the silence that h been. Rubbing his temples Sasuke stood moving back to the small clearing, praying that somehow he might not have dreams.


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