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Chapter 10: Eight Years and Instincts

"Toph, one second. Let me check on Katara." Sokka and Toph were loading their stuff on Appa to travel to a village Toph said she had felt was near by.

"Sokka wait." Toph hit her heel on the ground beneath her and a rock wall jutted up in front of Sokka.

"What?" he turned.

"Sokka, I can feel her. She's with Aang."

"Yeah but." Sokka put his hand on the back of his neck.

"I just want to see where and what their doing."

He started walking again but was stopped again by Toph.

"Sokka, can't you see your sister is in love with him. Just leave them be." She was speaking very soft. Too soft.

"Toph, you ok?"


­Pond O' Love:

Katara slowly moved her hand in wavelike movement, attempting to bend the water she was standing in. Aang was sitting on the bank watching her intently. Katara turned to look at him with solemn eyes. "It's no use."

She waded out of the pond and slumped on the ground next to Aang. "My hand is still useless." Aang took her hand in his as she laid her head on his shoulder. "It just takes time." He soothed. "I can't bend at the moment either." Katara looked up into his stormy eyes with her azure ones. "I know, but I just really want to teach you again! And fight! And carry stuff." Aang laughed.

"Katara, I've been meaning to tell you something for about eight years." Katara pulled away and straightened up, a glowing light rested in her beautiful eyes. "Yes Aang?" He pulled his collar. "I—I—" This was going to be harder than he had thought.

Aang took a deep breath.

"IthinkIamreadytoloveyounotjustasafriendbutmore!" He blurted out.

Katara laughed and moved a strand of sienna colored hair behind her ear. "What was that? All I caught was 'think' 'ready' 'friend' and 'more'."

Aang sighed. Maybe he could pull one of those lame 'always gets the girl' lines. "I can't say it again but I can show you." He said lamely ('very lamely' added the author).

Katara stared at him strangely, that only made him more nervous. Aang closed his eyes and quickly plunged his head forward, hoping his lips would clash with Katara's.

Out of pure luck, they did.

It was an awkward kiss, but it was still a kiss. It seemed to last forever. Until Katara pulled away that is.

She was blushing madly and staring at Aang. The shock that clouded her eyes was being taken over by a warm ray of joy.

"Oh Aang." She whispered.

Aang smiled as he realized his kiss want not taken for granted. "Katara—" he stammered. But he didn't get to finish his sentence for she pulled him in for another kiss.

Katara and Aang walked back to Appa holding hands just as they had eight years ago.

As they neared camp, Aang felt Katara stiffen.

"Katara, you ok?" He asked.

"Aang, do you think Sokka'll freak out like he did last time?" As Katara spoke she glanced around as though she expected Sokka to come clambering through the bushes and wrench them apart.

"I hope not." Was all Aang could say.

Toph was acting very strange. She was talking soft to Sokka, Dragging herself around the camp, and kept sighing.

As Aang and Katara came into view and out from the woods, a wave of relief, and confusion, swept over Sokka.

He marched over to them. "Ok, two things!" He started his short rant. "One, you go out to bend and after about half and hour come back holding hands, and blushing like idiots. Two, Katara can you talk to Toph? I think something bothering her." "Sure." Katara turned to Aang and was just about to kiss him but she seemed to remember Sokka so she turned tail over to where Toph was moping under a tree.

"Hey Toph." She said brightly.

"Hey Katara." Toph moved to make room for Katara.

"Toph, is something bothering you?" Katara hoped she started the conversation right.


Katara was a little surprised by Toph's openness.

"Katara, how do you feel about Aang? Truthfully." She added. "I know when you're lying."

Katara felt the blood rush up to tint her cheeks.

"Well, honestly, I think I love him."

Toph nodded and sighed.

"I know, I felt you two the whole time. Katara, will I ever be able to experience love?"

"Of course you will!" Katara soothed. "You just have to find the right boy." Katara noticed Toph glance over at Sokka who seemed to be giving Aang a lecture and blush.

"How will I know who is right?" Toph asked, turning her head to face Katara.

Katara looked over at Aang.

A wonderful bubbling sensation erupted in her stomach at once.


As Katara walked away to Toph, Sokka turned to Aang. "Ok Airboy, lets talk about Katara."

Aang felt his cheeks grow hot. "Ok, what about her?" he fidgeted.

"You know what about." Sokka's voice was almost calm. "Aang, if your involved with my sister in any way say so now."

Aang took a deep breath. "I am."

"You've kissed her? In the past ten minuets?"


"Will you treat her with the respect she deserves?"

"Of course."

"You will never cheat, hurt, attack, burn, yell at—" Aang cut him off with an exasperated gasp.

"Sokka! I would never do any of that to Katara!!" Aang pleaded. "I will treat her with the utmost respect and love her to the fullest." Sokka seemed to flinch at the word "love".


"Really that's it?" Aang was surprised that the rant wasn't any longer.

"Yes, but one more thing. Aang if I ever hear or see you do ANYTHING to her that she's uncomfortable with. I will kill you."

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