SUMMARY: Cameron Mitchell spends a week in Atlantis, and learns a lot about his old buddy, John Sheppard.

WARNING: This story is more or less based on Cameron Mitchell's observations, so I had to cut out the feelings of others. Cam's never struck me as the touchy-feely type; so there isn't much character development. I also apologize in advance for the spots where this story will break from canon. I realize this whole story line is a stretch… but hey, what isn't!

TIMELINE: Just imagine it takes place toward the end of Atlantis season 2, during a break in the action from the Ori back in the Milky Way. (Sorry, if I screw up the SG-1 pieces, I'm more of an Atlantis watcher.)

DISCLAIMER: I don't own the characters/ story plots of Stargate SG-1 or Stargate Atlantis.

APOLOGY: I only heard about the concept of Fanfic for the first time about two months ago. Since then, I've gotten completely hooked, and sucked into the amazing stories I've found. This is my first stab, and I'm just writing this for fun. No one needs to feel obligated to leave any sort of feedback. Honestly, I'm probably too lazy to reply-- still can't believe I'm actually posting this!


Prologue- Conversation with Jack

It all started when Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell broke his arm in a fluke accident on a cake recon mission. Predictably, he was restless within days of being removed from the active duty rooster. He was even bored enough not to be suspicious when he received a summons to Washington DC for a meeting with General Jack O'Neill….

But his renewed doubts are pounding full-force when he steps into the office of the intimidating man himself. The General sits scowling at a stack of reports with such intensity, that Mitchell half expects the paperwork to burst into flames. Nervously, he stands to attention inside the wooden doorway.

Without looking up, Jack barks, "What can you tell me about John Sheppard?"

Taken off his guard, Mitchell briefly stutters and chokes before regaining his usual composure. Aware that O'Neill has no interest in formalities, he answers directly, "Sheppard and I went through training together, Sir. We haven't really kept in touch, but I know he's the current military commander of the Atlantis outpost."

Jack nods. Hoping to avoid rehashing information he already knows, he waves his hand impatiently. "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Listen. With the Ori threat managed for the short term, the military's turned their attention back to Atlantis. I'm under serious pressure over Sheppard's command. I don't know the guy that well, but I still think he's the right man for the job. What I need right now is information- so I can deal with the bureaucratic jackasses when they come scrounging around again. That means knowing the good and the bad."

Still confused about why he'd been contacted, Mitchell begins rambling, "I'd love to help Sir, but like I said it's been years since I've even seen Sheppard… You should also know that General Landry's made it a policy to prevent my team access to the Atlantis mission reports. From what little I know, they've gotten themselves into some pretty creative messes. I think Landry's worried that we'll get ideas- especially Jackson. That means aside from the most important details, I have no idea what's going on in the Pegasus galaxy. There are probably desk jockeys in this building that know more than me or the rest of SG-1."

Struck by a flash of nostalgia for his old team, O'Neill changes tacts, "Look, I've already read the mission reports. What I need is the real story behind them. Sheppard's impressed me so far, but I want to know what makes him tick... I'm asking you to go to Atlantis."

Mitchell feels his jaw drop open. His only lucid thought is that Daniel's going to kill him.

Mistaking his silence, Jack continues, "Look, I know you were in training together, and used to be friends with the guy. I'm not sending you in to be a spy. But, you haven't seen him in a while and I'd like to get your impressions."

Jack pauses, but doesn't give the other officer time to respond, "Besides, I know you've got to be bored. From what I hear, you're driving the SGC crazy. Even Teal'c seemed flustered, and that's almost impossible... So, pack your bags for a trip to the Pegasus galaxy."

Pulling himself out of his daze, Mitchell asks, "Are you sure I'm right for this?"

Reading his expression, O'Neill fires back, "Hey, forget about Landry's policy. This gives you the opportunity to find out what your old buddy's been up to, without breaking orders. Anyway, for the record this is off-radar. As far as everyone outside this room knows, you're going to Atlantis for R & R and to catch up with a friend. No need to make the man paranoid. The Daedalus leaves in a few days for a supply and personnel run. You'll make the return trip with them, which gives you a full week in the city."

Clearing his throat, Mitchell flushes, "Uh Sir, I don't mean to sound like a wimp… But, if Atlantis finds out about this, during or after my visit, won't I be seen as a mole?"

Jack sighs and drags his palm across his brow, "I hope not Colonel. I'm on Sheppard's side… if he proves to be the right man for the job."