Warning- Um, well this is the end. Lily acts really girlly in the beginning, which is different for her. Thier is some unneceesay fluff in their. This was hrad to write so it may seemed forced at times, but I like the end.


"I look horrible!"

"No, no you don't," replied Kaila wearily.

"Yes, I do," retorted Lily. "My atrocious hair is frizzy, my face is splotchy, nothing looks good on me…"

"First off all, you hair is gorgeous and it isn't frizzy, it's wavy. You're face isn't splotchy, they're called freckles and they are adorable. Thirdly, everything looks good on you."

"And fourthly," added Miranda, coming in the door and already observing what was happening, "James didn't fall in love with how you look, he fell in love with you."

"Ahh, you guys are so nice," said Lily softly, breaking out of her panicked state for just a moment. "But that doesn't change the fact I have nothing to wear." And now she's right back.

"Wear that green number you have," suggested Kaila.

"Really?" asked Lily, pulling the fancy shirt out of her closet and holding it up to herself. "I don't green is really my color."

"Darling, green is so your color."

"It brings out your eyes," added Miranda.

"If you say so…"

"We say so," replied Miranda and Kaila simultaneously. Lily pulled the shirt on and busied herself in front of the mirror.

"Why is tonight such a big deal again?" asked Miranda in a whisper to Kaila and she sat down next to her.

"Three month anniversary."

"Didn't they just have an anniversary like a few weeks ago?"

"That was the two month anniversary of their first kiss. This is the three month anniversary of their first date."

"Oh….well that's stupid."

"Don't tell her that," replied Kaila, nodding her head towards the frantic Lily.

Lily looked great as she descended the stares to the common room, James staring up at her. The sides of her wavy red hair was pulled back off her face, the rest falling far down her back. Her shirt was a marble green that matched her eyes, with a plunging neckline, flowy sleeves, and fit that showed off her figure. She smiled tentatively at her boyfriend, he beamed back.

"You look amazing," he whispered into her ear as she met him at the bottom of the steps.

"You don't look to shabby yourself," she replied with a grin. Totally caught up in each other, the couple exited Gryffindor Tower, unaware of their friends' stares and whispers.

"I don't think I've ever seen James that happy," commented Remus to Sirius.

"The same goes for Lily," said a voice from behind them. It was Kaila, Miranda by her side.

"How long do you think they will go?" asked Miranda, nodding her head toward the portrait hole which James and Lily had disappeared through.

"Them? Oh, they're going all the way," answered Sirius.

Kaila raised an eyebrow. "I thought you doubted?"

"I did a bit, until I saw them together. They deserve each other."

"They deserve to be happy," added Remus.

Kaila and Miranda both nodded in agreement.

"I guess they have the kind of romance that every girl wishes to have someday," said Miranda, sitting down on a couch.

"They have the kind of romance," added Sirius, "That makes you believe the world can't be all bad…"

"Think they're talking about us?" asked Lily casually as her and James wondered about the almost empty castle.

"Of course, I mean, who won't?" replied James in mock vainness. "We are pretty amazing."

"Well, I am, but I'm not quite sure about you yet," retorted Lily with a playful smirk.

"You hurt me!"

"Anything to deflate that head," Lily teased, ruffling her boyfriend's hair.

He glared at her, but was not actually angry.

"So where are we going?" asked Lily after a moment.

"It's a surprise."

"I think our relationship has had enough surprises so far to last the rest of our lives," pouted Lily.

"Good point," observed James. "So I tell you we are going to watch the sunset."

"Like on our first date?" questioned Lily keenly.

"Exactly," James replied.

"How unoriginal," Lily teased with a fake yawn.

"Oh, you know you love it," retorted James cheekily as he offered a hand to lead Lily up the tower steps to the balcony they shared the sunset together three months ago.

They walked in silence, reveling in how safe they felt in each other's company, how content they were holding each others' hands.

Lily gasped when she reached the balcony.

"What?" asked James casually, unable to hide his triumphant smile.


"It's just a little something I like to call a picnic," said James, leading Lily over to a red and gold blanket lain on the stone floor, which had a small simple meal laid out on it, including a candle and flower for ambiance.

"This view is beautiful too," whispered Lily, looking over the edge of the balcony. "I was so wrapped up in trying to not like you last time we were here that I didn't really appreciate it."

"It is amazing isn't it?"

"I know, you can see on forever."

"That's not what I was talking about."

"What were you talking about?" asked Lily, breaking her eyes away from the horizon to look at James.

"I was talking about how much had changed since we were up here last."

"Like the fact that I am in presence willingly?" suggested Lily as an example, a joke in her voice, but seriousness in her eyes.

"That and other things that you admitted to that you wouldn't have admitted to four months ago."

"I know exactly what you mean. I've thought about it myself some….Some meaning a lot."

"What exactly?" asked James.

"It just amazes me how much changed in twenty-four hours. At the beginning I could hardly stand to be in your company. I had convinced myself to despise you…but by the end of the day I was fighting with myself over how strongly I felt about you."

"You can learn a whole lot about someone in a single day," agreed James. "Enough to change your perspective on the world, on life."

"What did you learn?" asked Lily curiously. "You liked me from the start."

"Yes, I liked you, but I— I guess I didn't know how much. I flirted with the idea of love, but after I really spent time with you I— I really knew what love was."

"See, twenty-four has changed so much. It changed how we feel about each other. It's changed how we thought about probably a million things. For you-it's love, for me, knowing that you know who someone is until you take the chance. That day could have changed the rest of our lives. Heck, it could even change the world."

James chuckled.

"What?" asked Lily, almost indignantly.

"That's just a little dramatic, isn't it?Change the world."

"Watch it buddy," said Lily, pointing a threatening finger at him. "You just wait until something we do changes the world and I will point and laugh and tell you 'I told you so.'… Stop laughing!"

James stopped, but couldn't hide his smile. "Whatever you say, Lily."

"Don't patronize me, James Potter," she replied in a small voice, her resolve weakening under her boyfriend's intense gaze.

Pulling his girlfriend closer to himself, James rested his chin on top of Lily's head.

"I should thank Remus and Sirius for giving me the whole 'one day' idea," James mumbled.

Lily turned her head slightly so she was able to look up at him. "Do you really want to talk about Remus and Sirius right now?"

"No," said James, taking the chance to kiss her.

Although Lily hadn't meant it seriously, although James thought it too dramatic, and although it had become a joke… the changes made in twenty-four hours not only altered two people's lives, it changed, no, saved the world.

Aki- OKay, that is the end. I want to thank all of my readers, my reviewers, and my wonderful beta, sweetsouthrngal. I don't know when I will write my next HP story, but I have acouple oneshot ideas so keep your eyes open for those.