I was to become sixteen soon. I would have to leave all my childish things behind and be ready for what would be my future. I have always been able to live my life as I choose. No problems or worries. Just living carefree until the day my freedom is gone. Others have always envied the life I've lived. My freedom will soon be gone, and my true side will be revealed. We all have sides of two. One side to me is always cheerful and selfish. My other is cold and caring. Both sides have one thing in common that is to just live carefree with felling for another. That can never happen. There will be rules I will have to obey. Just braking could be worth my head. Life as a spiritualist is never what it seems to the young ones once u become sixteen and learn the truth yourself. Three more days and the life I will soon know will be revealed and the one now will become just a disappearing dream.I will have changed and wonder who am I.

" Kagome", the young monk yelled. He slushed through the mud to find his cousin.

"Over here", a voice called.

" Kagome, where are you", Miroku yelled. He looked around , but he couldn't see her. On a tree branch he saw her clothes.

"Kagome, what if a demon came."

"Come find me cousin".

Miroku soon heard running water. In a lake he saw Kagome under the water and suddenly looked away.

"I see you have found me."

" Hurry out and get dressed. Your audience with the queen will be soon. Miroku walked back to where they first were waiting for Kagome to come.

Kagome put her long flowy white dress on. When she became sixteen she would be given new robes. She walked to find her cousin.

"Miroku, you can never wait, can you."

"You have to stop this childishness",Miroku said.

"I only have three days left. I still get to spend them as I choose. After those three days who will I be."

Kagome's face came to a frown. She stared at her cousin with a deep gaze.

"It happens to everyone. You'll still be you. There's nothing wrong. Just look at me."

"It only happens to the chosen. You' ve changed. Your not the Miroku I use to know. Your only familiar by your pervert ways. So don't tell me anything. Just let me enjoy my life while I can.

"Just until you can Kagome. I envy you."

"We all do", a voice came from behind a tree."

"Kagome, you need to hurry your audience with the queen will begin soon. "

"I better hurry than. Bye Sango. Bye Miroku. Kagome soon ran off.

"Miroku, Do wish life could be like it was before it was our time." Sango askes.

"I do. Kagome just better cherish everything before it is her time", he replied.

There was a long silence for awhile.

"Come on we better go"

Miroku took sango hand in his as the walked back to the palace.