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C. "Sparky" Read

Chapter Eleven

"Here they come!" announced Tuskernini. "Get ready!"

"I'm afraid I am still not entirely clear on the plan," Moliarty piped in, his hand on the gear shift.

Tuskernini humphed. "When they draw near, we hijack them," the walrus explained. "It's a very crude plan. How lucky of us our small friend here had the brainpower to think of it."

"Whoo-ee!" agreed Jake. "You boys can thank me later. Right now, we've got us some supersecretthingamajugger to catch!"

"All right gentlemen," Tuskernini said to his three helpers, "be sure to get this on tape. I'm sure we can find some uncultured audience to view it."

"Oh fellows," said Moliarty to the others, "they aren't stopping."

"What's that you say?" asked Jake.

"I said, they're not stopping." Moliarty switched the sedan into Reverse and hit the gas.

"What are those insane asylum rejects doing?" cried Tuskernini. Gumbo and the penguins yelped in terror and clutched at what was left of the upholstery.

In the truck, Megavolt and Quackerjack weren't nearly as panicked.

"We can run right over that little car, right?' Quackerjack asked.

"I think so," answered Megavolt, right before impact.

The sedan proved to be more difficult an obstacle than Quackerjack and Megavolt had thought. When the truck hit it, it came to an abrupt stop and bucked violently, causing the large device in its back to rip right through the roof of the truck and go sailing straight up into the air.

Shaken, Moliarty put the sedan in Park.

"That's a take," whispered Tuskernini.

"Say boys," began Jake, "what's that whistling sound?"

The whistling turned out to be the device, which landed squarely on top of the sedan.

"What is that thing, a gigantic washing machine?" wondered Megavolt as he and Quackerjack got out of the truck.

"That's what the brochure says," answered the clown, waving a folded piece of paper. "Says it can wash up to one thousand secret agent uniforms in under twenty minutes."

The washing machine filled up with soapy water. Moliarty, Tuskernini, Jake and the animals floated into view, looking very much like fish in an aquarium.

"Well well well," droned Negaduck, stepping out of the factory. "Looks like you boys came through." He regarded the washing machine. "Although with what, I have no idea."

Quackerjack clasped his hands together excitedly. "So we're back in the Five?" he asked eagerly.

Negaduck rolled his eyes. "Ugh," he said. Finally he looked back at the two villains. "All right," he said at last. "Lucky for you the only other big villains in town are that thing." He motioned towards the device. "Now go get cleaned up and regroup back here tomorrow night." He marched back into the factory and slammed the door.

Megavolt stretched. "Well it's about time. I'm wiped out."

"Yeah," agreed Quackerjack. "Hey, want to go get some coffee?"


They headed down the road.

"I hope their coffee is better than what that machine of yours makes," Megavolt remarked.

"You mean my top-of-the-line Italian cappuccino machine?" Quackerjack became a bit irritated. "You mean the one you ruined?"

"Hey I didn't ruin it, that cheap foreign thing just busted."

"Busted? Busted? I'll show you bustedCome here!"

"Back off, Quacky, you'll feel better after a triple espresso Mochalatte."

"You think so?"

"Yeah. Only, keep your tongue away from that thing that makes the frothIt kinda hurts."

"Thanks for the warning."

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Darkwing hauled himself out of the Bay with great difficulty. He collapsed and lay there, panting.

"There he is!" A reporter's microphone was thrust under Darkwing's bill. "Darkwing Duck, can you tell our viewers who is responsible for the tragedy on the Audobon Bay Bridge tonight?" Don Lockjaw insisted, grinning widely.

Darkwing picked himself up tiredly. He looked around. On the edge of the bridge was Gizmoduck, posing heroically for the cameras.

"He did it," he said.

Story copyright 1998 C. "Sparky" Read.