Undercover Lovers
Chapter 23

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Sam walked around Phil's apartment while he showered. She had never been to his place before and she was pleasantly surprised by it, it wasn't the bachelor pad she had been expecting either. She couldn't quite describe it but it just seemed so 'Phil'. He emerged from the bathroom a while later and disappeared into his bedroom. Sam felt a surge of anxiety over the previous night but the sight of Phil wearing nothing but a white towel around his waist was also a contributing factor to her increased heart rate. Even as she tried to divert her thoughts, Sam kept getting flashes of the previous night and she hated how terrified it left her feeling. Still, she was determined to go to the pub tonight, regardless of whether Liam Blunt was there or not. At least she knew she had Phil to look out for her tonight.

"You ready to go?" Phil said from behind her, making her jump. She turned around and took in his black jeans and dark blue striped shirt. For a moment she was distracted again from her anxious thoughts by Phil's appearance because he looked good; really good.

"Uh, yeah, I am." She replied, feeling a little flustered.

Phil smiled kindly down at her. "We don't have to go, not if you don't want to." He told her, looking deep into her green eyes.

"We're going." Sam replied with grim determination and in a voice she knew Phil wouldn't dare argue with. He pulled her into a quic but reassuring hug before reaching for his keys. Sam forced herself to put one foot in front of the other and followed Phil out of his homely apartment.

Kerry smiled up at Smithy before snuggling down into his warm arms. It had been a long time coming but she finally felt happy and complete. Smithy tightened his arms around her and pulled her further into his embrace. He felt truly contented and sated in a way that he had never been when he was with Corinne. He knew he should feel guilty for cheating on his girlfriend but being here with Kerry felt so right that he just could not allow those feelings in. It was Kerry who was first to shatter the peaceful silence.

"What happened with Corinne?" She asked, propping herself up on one elbow, her blonde hair falling around her bare shoulders.

Smithy looked at her with his piercing green eyes, slightly narrowed in confusion. "Unloading stock with Tom, why?" He asked.

Kerry flinched at the sound of Tom's name, she really did not want Smithy to know about the affair. "I mean," She looked away from him. "What happened between the two of you?"

It was Smithy's turn to look away. "I don't love her."

Kerry took a breath, gaining more from what he hadn't said. Could he still love her?

Before she went back to work, Philippa Manson went back home. She went straight inside, not removing her coat or her shoes. Her first stop was the cabinet where she and Neil stored their alcohol. She selected a snifter of bourbon and poured a healthy measure into a heavy glass tumbler. She took a long swallow, savouring the slow burn of the liquid as the alcohol made its way into her system. As if the whole ordeal with Jake hadn't been enough for her to cope with, now she knew that her husband would rather seek comfort with his bit on the side rather than with his wife and the mother of his only child. Neil may think that his affair with the dark haired woman he worked with was a secret but Philippa had been suspicious for a while now. She downed the rest of the bourbon in one mouthful and debated a second glass but using all the self-control she could muster, Philippa replaced the stopper and locked the cabinet. She had to keep a clear head now, for Jake's sake at least.

Suzie got out of her car and slung her bag containing her costume and shoes over her shoulder. She headed towards the club, the usual sense of dread and anxiety playing havoc with her nervous system. However, doing this as part of the undercover operation had improved her confidence and the buzz she got every night when her shift ended with incredible. It was all worth it for Tom too. Suzie had all but given up hope of ever getting together with Zain when Tom had entered her life. As she approached the club she looked at her watch, she was early but it meant she could practice the new routine before the other girls arrived. Suzie keyed in the security code and pushed open the heavy door that led to the dressing rooms and changing area. As the door whoosed shut after her she could hear the sound of raised voices, one male and one female. Suddenly there was silence followed by a soft thump. Suzie could feel her heartbeat gaining in speed as she crept through the corridors in the direction of where she thought she had heard the voices. As she approached the doorway she let out a gasp and covered her mouth with her hand. She could not believe what she was seeing.

Andrea had already left her apartment door open for when Neil arrived. She was worried about Jake too, she had never properly met her lover's son before but from what Neil had told her, he seemed like a great kid. She looked up as she saw Neil cross the threshold into her flat and shut the door behind him. Andrea got up and rushed over to him, throwing her arms around him and holding him tightly. Neil buried his face in Andrea's thick, dark curls.

"God, I was so worried." He whispered.

"I know, I know." Andrea soothed, willingly followed Neil's lead as he roughly removed her blouse and pushed her towards her bedroom, buttons scattering the floor which would soon be littered with their clothes. Unlike usually, Andrea allowed Neil to have all the power and allowed him to bring her to her climax with little input. As Neil collapsed onto the bed beside her she heard him whisper the words she had never imagined he would say to her.

"I love you."

"Suzie! What the hell are you doing here?" The male voice demanded, looking shocked and angry in equal measure until he regained his composure.

Suzie had to fight to keep her voice even. "I came here to practice the routine before tonight." She fought to keep her eyes on Tom and not at the crumpled woman at his feet.

Tom advanced towards her, the knife hidden behind his back, ignoring the whimpers from the woman on the floor.

"Debbie?" Suzie asked, gesturing to the woman. "What happened?" She saw a way out of this. "Who did this to her, Tom? Did you see them?"

A cruel grin spread around his mouth. "You know exactly what happened her Suze." He pushed her roughly back against the doorframe. "And you'll be next."

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