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Simple and Clean

"I don't know why we are here, but I'm pretty sure that it is not in order to enjoy ourselves."

-Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951)

"I've been feeling... some strange things lately... like... is any of it... true? Or all lies?"

I sat here on a slanted palm tree, at the miniature plateau, basking in my peaceful surroundings.

My aquamarine eyes fixated its gaze upon the vast ocean, the broad sky, and the golden sun, which all created the tropical atmosphere. The island winds caressed my shoulder-length silver hair, causing them to brush across my lax shoulders.

The days continued to pass, as did the nights without change. I felt agonized of the constancy.

Yet lately, I found my dreams beginning to merge together with reality. To the point I was convinced I lived in a world of both.

I took a deep breath, then pushed my weight against the tree trunk and leapt off. The moment my shoe-clad feet connected to the flat ground, the whole scenery had changed.

Soft sand lay cushioned beneath my feet as the ocean tidal waves flowed to and fro, allowing the lukewarm water to seep through my baggy blue pants. My eyes never faltered from the incredible sight of the endless body of water, awed by how the blinding rays of sunlight poured over the crystal clear, watery surface and made it glow lethargic warmth.

However... I felt something, or rather someone... who called out to me far greater than this. On intuition, I casually swerved around to find my brunette, spiky-haired friend standing at the edge of the seashore.

Sora… My best friend.

Fondness swept over me in an instant, thus I failed to discern the flash of alarm from his sky-colored eyes.

The tides began to pick up from the shoreline, the oceanic water soon coming to retreat ominously toward my direction. I could sense it, the towering wave, which loomed behind me threatening to crash down - eager to drop the almighty weight of its emotional build-up and physical endeavors back into the ocean. Calmness and composure seized my nerves, because somehow it didn't scare me. There was no reason for a dream to scare me.

I held my hand out impassively to Sora, urging him to take it.

Sora made no time to hesitate. He immediately dashed into the slushy water and sprinted toward me in desperation. To reach me in time to save me from the monstrous tsunami wave before it could crush me under its powerful weight. It was practically slow motion in my eyes, as though I were watching a movie. A movie I watched with calm anticipation, in which this scene left me in dire suspense, making me wait and wonder what would happen next.

The scene reverted, the colors relapsed - as if somebody pressed on rewind.

Sora charged at me again, except this time - he gripped a key-like blade in his hands that I could not identify.

I couldn't identify myself either. I felt stronger, I looked different, and I was dangerous. Morbid darkness coursed throughout my body, my heart, my very soul. A smirk danced along my face, betraying an ever-present malice, which didn't suit me in the least.

Such power... I almost couldn't breathe.

Now the whole scene replayed itself once again.

Sora finally reached me and frantically grasped my held out hand. Simultaneously, the humungous wave collided back into the ocean, engulfing the both of us within its overwhelming currents. Next, I witnessed the both of us drifting apart, the overpowering currents wishing to carry Sora out of my reach - to separate he and I permanently. He was dazed, rebuffed by the collision until noticing the distance between us rapidly increasing.

This obstacle did not daunt me. There's no way this dream could defeat us. I extended my gloved hand out to him again; unfazed by the conflict we were unwillingly thrust upon.

If I had to go somewhere, anywhere but here, I would like Sora to be there with me and by my side.

Catching the assurance in my eyes, Sora lunged forward and swung his skinny arms to fight against the force of the currents. His face was contorted in serious concentration, his limbs straining to swim against the relentless currents, our fingers a mere few centimeters apart to make the slightest contact. Without warning, water currents violently swished and swayed to suffocate my form, simultaneously pulling Sora away from my reach.

Before I believed my breath would escape me and I'd drown... before I could register Sora disappearing before my very eyes... the ocean water swept around me in a powerful motion until it exploded outwards.

Water darted forth from all directions, away from where I now stood in the midst of a secret place. A secret cave where the indigo liquid droplets had magically altered to solidify into dark blue boulders, all wedged together to form the walls that surrounded me.

Ah, there it was - the wooden, oval door that couldn't be opened through something as simple as a doorknob no matter how I desired to see the other side. Through its dark mystery, the door remained ever closed.

And there she was.


A girl bred from the purest darkness who sought my companionship.

She had long sepia-colored hair tied firmly in a high ponytail, deep black eyes staring unflinchingly into my own, and warm-colored skin. Stray hair strands rested softly beside her cheeks, framing her face rather delicately despite the mature expression she seemed to portray. She wore all black - a two-quarter sleeved shirt, which exposed her collarbone and flat stomach, form-fitting trousers with a single white streak on either pant leg, and slim ankle-length boots.

Chalk drawings from where Sora, Kairi, and I drew as kids marked the boulders all around, yet I only wanted to indulge myself with her eyes. Maybe if I looked in far enough for a long set period of time, I might be able to spot the faintest of a flicker, maybe even a glow if I was able to trace it. There was none.

Without warning, what appeared to be ink darkness oozed out from behind the cracks of the door, snaking its way toward us. Koi didn't appear to look afraid of the rapidly approaching threat, and I sought no reason to steel myself against it.

So I did nothing but watch the dark tendrils weave throughout the sandy ground and solid walls to smother the whole cave, soon coming to shroud around our feet. I wanted to tug my feet out of this substance, but then I began to lose the energy for it. No, not the energy; what I lost was the will - to want - to move. The dark tendrils began wrapping around our legs, and we were inflexibly rooted to our spots. I felt as though I just lost my only chance of escape.

As I struggled throughout this whole ordeal, she didn't even budge an inch. By the time I figured out it was no use; I could not even see my chest because everything else was slowly being swallowed up in darkness. What's happening? How come everything was beginning to disappear right before my very eyes?

Now, I couldn't find anything, which stood out. The cave, the drawings, the door, Koi… They were all gone. Now I was alone...

The ground had abandoned me, too for there was nothing to support me in standing. I began to free-fall into the shelter of darkness's empty embrace. It soothed me with invisible fingers, coaxing my eyelids to drift shut, using its aesthetic coldness to cajole me in some sort of comatose protection.

Fending off my future inner demons by numbing all of my emotions-

Why... what's happening to me...?

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