Okay, y'all. This is my first Prince of Tennis/ Tennis no Oujisama Fanfiction, so please don't send too many flames. But I think this is a good idea to support my favorite female character – Sakuno!

P.S. Sakuno is a Freshman in high school and so is Ryoma, Horio, and the other two whose names I can't remember. If you know them, please tell me. Tezuka is a Junior, and any 9th graders are also Juniors. Momoshiro and any other 8th graders from the series are Sophomores in high school. Get it? The guys still have never seen Sakuno with her hair down, by the way. But now, she just wears it in one longer braid. Get it? Got it? Good. Now, on with the story!

Sumire Ryuzaki took another glance over at her granddaughter. Sakuno was very nervous about the fact that she was about to give a recital at the school. Her secret hobby would be revealed to everyone!

"Sakuno, you have nothing to worry about. No one is going to laugh at you." She tried, once again, to console her.

"No one was supposed to know!" Sakuno cried out. "This was just supposed to be a hobby!" Ryuzaki-sensei just sighed and kept driving.

Soon, they arrived at the school and got out of the car. Sakuno shot off like a rocked to the auditorium. Soon, the Regulars came into view.

"Hey, Ryuzaki-sensei!" Eiji called. She nodded to them, smiling. Tezuka was silent, but he nodded to his teacher, and she did the same. Momo looked around.

"Ne, where's Sakuno-chan?" Ryuzaki-sensei smiled.

"You'll see her at some point. We're in the front row, right?" She asked, changing the subject. She lead them to their seats at Oishi's nod.

Soon, the music began, and a spotlight shone on a white-clad figure. Sitting on one bent leg, she leaned out with her arms toward the ballet-slipper-covered feet on her extended leg. Suddenly, the voice of a narrator came out of the darkness. The audience listened intently to the story as the girl danced.

"Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved nature. She loved laying on the sun-warmed grass and picking the flowers the earth gave her..." the narrators voice droned on as the white-clad girl raised her head and arms to the sky, a joyful expression on her face. Quickly, she was up on her feet, moving around gracefully in her white Pointe shoes. Then, they took a good look at her face, and went into shock. Eiji leaned to his right and whispered to his sensei.

"Sensei, is that Sakuno-chan?" At Ryuzaki-sensei's nod, he continued watching. As soon as the curtain lifted again, they saw Sakuno in a knee-length red outfit with Victorian sleeves. On her feet were deep red Pointe slippers, and her brown hair was in a mass of thick curls on the top of her head.

This time, she was with a male dancer, and they were dancing a fabulous pas de deux. As the final scene, it was very dramatic, and finally, as the music ended, Sakuno threw her arms around her partner's neck. His forehead leaned down to touch hers and his arms pulled her to him by her waist. Then, the spotlight on them went out.

The Seigaku Regulars pushed their way through the throng of people backstage, trying to find their friend. When they found her, she was with a woman they didn't recognize. It appeared as though the woman was congratulating her. Sakuno was smiling widely, her honey brown eyes were warm and enthusiastic as she nodded her thanks. When she turned towards them, she looked a bit startled. But then she smiled at them and came towards them.

"I hope you enjoyed the show." She said, fiddling with her water bottle. The smiled at her and nodded. They then proceeded to tell her their favorite parts.

They were still doing this as they walked Sakuno to her grandmother's car. She had changed into Seigaku blue velveteen sweatpants and her Nikes.

"...I really loved the ending though." Eiji said.

"The pas de deux?" Sakuno asked him. He got a confused look on his face. "It's French." He nodded. "It means 'partner dance' or something." He nodded again.

"You and your partner made them look really easy." Sakuno laughed.

"It was probably one of the most difficult things in the ballet to learn. Do you remember that day I came to school limping?" Oishi came in, his part as the "Mother of Seigaku" taking over.

"Yes, you had your ankle all wrapped up."

"Well, we were already practicing for this ballet at the time. He dropped me once during practice. It was an accident!" She said defensively as she saw the anger on their faces.

As they bid her farewell, they all felt a similar feeling wash over them. They no longer had an innocent someone they had to protect.

Oh how wrong they were...